1. Tom in long beach says

    Oh my God, Jimmey is right. Either that or perhaps the world will continue to overpopulate, just at a slower rate, because Gays have to really want to have kids and don’t just pop out “accidents”

  2. Jake says

    It wasn’t really funny… But the thing that keeps me wondering is that why the hell it would end humanity cause not every single human being is gay! Duh don’t even get me started on Catholics and we just reached what 7 billion people I THINK we r ok on humanity

  3. kpo5 says

    I have a hypothesis about these individuals who claim, “if we allowed gay marriage, the world would end because gays can’t procreate.”

    Though social conservatives are strongly opposed to LGTB equality, only a select few resort to using this statement.

    My hypothesis from the perspective of these select social conservatives: You’re born gay into a very conservative family. You grow up hating yourself, perhaps going through conversion therapy, and either live life as celibate or marry the opposite sex to please your family. Of course you’re self-centered enough to believe everyone has been faced with these same troubles (though perhaps yours are even more difficult than most) and you are in the strong majority that has defeated them. The out gays are the weak ones. So now, your logic is, well, I may have a same-sex attraction, but I overcame it. Everyone must have gone through this because everyone is like me. And since everyone originally had a same-sex attraction to overcome, allowing LGBT marriage will convince everyone to act on their urges and get gay married. No babies. The world ends.

    In other words, people with this logic are truly, honestly, gay. Most of our opponents are not gay, but these people are.

  4. Caliban says

    As someone very astutely pointed out elsewhere, if all men became priests it would end humanity. (Unless of course altar boys started having babies.)

    There is a subtext to such arguments that being gay is SO attractive that if proscriptions and prejudices against it were removed then EVERYONE would be gay. It says far more about the speaker than it does about gays.

  5. peterparker says

    I remember Jimmy Kimmel as a kind of pudgy guy when he was married to Sarah Silverman. But lately, he’s looking mighty svelte and totally HOT. Does anyone else have this same response to Kimmel, or is it just me?

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