Lady Gaga Sees ‘a Champion’ in Evangelical Quarterback Tim Tebow


Lady Gaga called Tim Tebow a "champion" last night after last night's OT victory over the Steelers. Said Gaga on Twitter: "Giants fan but wow. #Tebow Thats what the f**k a champion looks like."

An athlete, perhaps. But a champion? Most "little monsters" would probably beg to differ…

Last year about this time, you may recall, Tebow was embroiled in controversy over his participation in a Super Bowl ad for the virulently anti-gay, anti-choice Evangelical group Focus on the Family.

The Denver Broncos flat-out rejected a petition in December to create an "It Gets Better" video.

Tebow has been muzzled by his publicist from answering any questions about same-sex marriage, though he is free to pray on the field and go on about his love for Jesus.

Lady Gaga will condemn the bullying that leads to LGBT suicides, but does she realize that Tim Tebow and his evangelical ilk at Focus on the Family are part of that problem?


  1. Adam says

    I dig GaGa and don’t like Tebow’s ridiculous displays, but seriously…it was an awesome game. I guess we’re supposed to ignore reality now because it interferes with our idea that homophobes can’t be good at anything, ever, even if it’s totally unrelated (like football??)

  2. says

    Let me preface this by saying I am not a huge fan of Football, Tebow, or Gaga…

    I really think we need to take a step back and look at the context of her tweet. I highly doubt she was speaking of Tebow in regards to his beliefs or what not. She made the statement (I am assuming here) purely based on his athletic prowess and performance during the game. So before we make snap judgments, lets take a moment and really look at what’s going on.

  3. says

    i think we all need to realize that most straight people, including celebrities, do not follow gay news like we all do. just like we do not follow the same things they do and would be ignorant on some of those topics.

  4. Landon says

    Broncos just beat the Steelers in an upset yesterday to stay in the playoffs. Lady Gaga saw a “champion” in Broncos quarterback Tebow meaning that he has the makings of a Superbowl-quality quarterback. It has nothing to do with Tebow personally or LGBT people specifically. Does this site really want to replicate Fox News by generating controversy out of thin air?

  5. says

    I know what you mean, but I think it’s fair to say he performed like a champion in the apolitical realm of sports without endorsing his beliefs. Though I do expect the gays (not you, Andy) who loathe her will decide they’re highly offended by this so they have another reason to attack her as a false gay ally, etc. She could self-immolate in the name of gay rights and those people will still say it was a PR stunt.

  6. BEAHBEAH says

    He did a great job in the game last night. And that’s what the tweet is referring to. I was rooting for the Steelers, but even I have to give him credit.

    Tebow has yet to say anything homophobic or anti-gay and outside of doing an anti-abortion ad for a homophobic group… I think this site is stretching in constantly trying to paint him as a bigot. Just drop it and wait for him to say something stupid, I’m sure it will happen at some point or another.

  7. LJames says

    F-ing relax, people and stop queening out. Last night’s OT win for Denver was AMAZING. I’m sure that’s all she was referencing. She’s done enough for gay rights – give her a break and STFU.

  8. Tony says

    you guys need to chill out. it was an amazing game. the broncos upset the steelers and tebow was great. would people freak out if she tweeted about big ben and say she was anti-women?

    anyways the pats will take the broncos out in the next game.

  9. 99% says

    Considering the rape and assault charges against Rothlesberger… I think she picked right.

    Tim Tebow made his arguments for why he supported his beliefs, and I respect him for those. They were quite valid. So what, he thanks Jesus for every touchdown. At least he’s not beating up women or engaging in dogfights in his off-time. Which role model would you prefer? He’s actually taking that LOVE message to his followers. You know, that message we wish all Reicht Wing-nuts seem to have forgotten? How about not glomming all Christians into one category?

    Personally, I am a Pats fan. Go, Tom!

    As for Gaga; I still don’t get her or her music, other than it’s the 2010 equivalent of circ. 1970’s Elton John, i.e. bubble gum pop for today’s masses.

  10. Bobby says

    Oh please. She made the comment about football, and you, Andy, spinned it into a comment about his character. This is not like you, but I’ll give you slack since it’s Monday.

  11. Rick says

    She is the ultimate fag hag and he is the ultimate closet case……so why should it be surprising that she would fall all over him?

    Love the cognitive dissonance this will create for all the gay male diva-worshipers, though…..revealing yet again that the diva’s affinity for them is entirely a figment of their imaginations, as has been demonstrated time after time with diva after diva.

    You are their tools and nothing more…..they prey on your twisted tendency to live vicariously through women and use it to advance their careers; that is really all it is about….a pretty sad spectacle, all the way around.

  12. Rick says

    And by the way, Eli Manning’s performance (and Drew Brees’ performance the day before) were far more impressive than Tebow’s……so I doubt seriously that her salivating over Tebow is strictly about football…..for those of you trying to “find an excuse” for her….

  13. says

    Your points are well taken. I watched the game last night as well and don’t have any argument with praise for Tebow as an athlete. As someone who has written extensively about Gaga and Tebow (during the Super Bowl ad controversy) I felt some irony in the strong perspectives of these two people, and thought it merited pointing out. Take from it what you will. Tebow is a talented athlete, but not imho, a role model.

  14. says

    How could GaGa’s shocking use of a superlative for an avowed and practicing heterosexual-supremacist NOT be very offensive to a huge segment of her fan base who live their lives every day severely oppressed on Planet Heterosexual-Supremacy?

  15. cranky1 says

    Make no mistake, Tebow and his family are key players in the radical right and their agenda to create a theocracy in the United States. He is being used to put a winning face on the ugliness that is festering in the backrooms of the hate organizations like Focus on the Family that become more strident and bolder by the day. The Broncos organization and team supporters have now been turned into a virtual evangelical mob chanting in the name of Jesus. No, it’s not just a football game because Tim Tebow and his followers and turned it into something much more.

  16. Jesus says

    Thank you, Andy, for responding in-line. I thought it was extremely interesting that you posted this for a number of reasons, but I find it also extremely disheartening that people are again just resorting to the same old tired derailing tactics that they go to whenever they feel challenged.

    The way I see it, Lady Gaga has her monsters, many of whom are young and impressionable LGBT folk. Some of those folk are probably more than aware of Tebow’s teaming with Focus on the Family, his stances on abortion and marriage equality, and what Focus on the Family actually stands for in the most explicit of terms.

    So, if I were on of those little monsters and I saw my hero tweet something like that about a person who morally opposes my right to reproductive autonomy and/or legal equality as an LGBT individual, I would probably feel a little slighted (okay, probably more than a LITTLE slighted. Probably a lot).

    Is it that hard for others to understand this? Everyone was cooing over Gaga’s previous campaigning to end bullying and shouting praises because Born This Way was a new LGBT empowering anthem, but when someone calls Ms. Germanotta on something a little ironic, then all of a sudden we have to have abstract conversations about how we are only talking about Tebow as an athlete and we remove all context, bending over backwards to preemptively dismiss any conversation.

    That is some derailing BS, and this stuff does NOT happen in a vacuum.

  17. BEAHBEAH says

    Tebow has never expressed his opinions on marriage equality, so no, that is not a factor in why people should be angry. The assumption that he’s anti-gay is probably correct, but it’s just an assumption.

    As for his personal opinions on abortion… I doubt that’s why people are upset. And given his history and personal experience with abortion, can’t say I blame him for his viewpoint. Do I agree with it? Certainly not, but people being pro-life or pro-choice has never been a dealbreaker for me. I can respect both points of view within reason.

  18. Gregv says

    @Howard: I’m pretty sure that your memory on this is incorrect. Tebow and his mother did do a spot reminding pregnant women to think about the fact his mother was advised to abort him. He wanted them to keep their babies. It was paid for by FOTF, and the logo at the end said so.
    While FOTF is a verifiable hate group, the ad itself had nothing to do with their hateful views. Would he have done the same ad if sponsored by another hate group such as the Klan or even an anti-Christian group if they’d let him have their say? I fully disagree with anyone attaching his name to a hate group, but it is possible that he just wants his own message to get out and, arguably stupidly, doesn’t consider or even know what else they stand for.
    Maybe his publicist doesn’t want him speaking about gays in public because he’s anti-gay and he would alienate any fair-minded people who are his fans. But maybe his publicist’s directive is because he is pro-equality and that would be perceived negatively by too many of the religious fanatics who revere him. Maybe he’s gay and his publicist doesn’t want him to put himself in the risky position of being the first NFL player out before retiring.

    As long as he has still said nothing unfriendly to gay people, we should be trying to educate him on the hurt and lies that FOTF has perpetuated, rather than alienating him in general because of the company he keeps.

    @”Jesus”: I don’t believe he’s made any public statement about where he stands on marriage equality one way or another, and I’m not aware of his having opposed anyone’s reproductive rights, either.

  19. Jack M says

    Since Gaga makes such a point out of acceptance of all people, especially gays and others who are considered freaks by much of society, I DO think she has a responsibility to be aware of Tebow’s anti-gay beliefs. Let’s see if she has a follow-up comment.

  20. Yeek says

    Refusing to admit that some of our adversaries are extraordinarily talented is a huge mistake. It leads to underestimating them and, we seem like idiots to the general public for simply denying obvious facts. Talent and character are completely different things – it’s unjust but it’s true.

    And let’s not forget that the same sort of logical fallacy has been used against us: “I believe homosexuality is immoral, so homosexuals must also be incapable of being good teachers, soldiers, parents…etc. etc.” It’s a mark of childlike stupidity: people I dislike do bad jobs. Pretty mushrooms can’t be poisonous. People who are beautiful are nice.

    I have a feeling Gaga understands because fundies see her as some kind of fallen skank and then assume that she can’t possibly be talented. We don’t have to like the Tebow but saying he doesn’t have championship potential is sort of like declaring that Adolf Hitler was a terrible public speaker.

  21. bfesnter says

    This is just silly. As a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and an openly gay man, I have no sympathy for Tebow. But give the quarterback some credit — he led his team to victory.

    It seriously discredits the movement for equality when we try to manufacture ways to ding our opponents. Criticize Tebow for the Focus on the Family ad. But to pretend like he’s not a “champion” in football after last night’s game? That makes our side look petty and vindictive, and likely doesn’t win many folks to the pro-equality side.

  22. velocifero says

    As someone who has the misfortune of working with her management company, I will tell you Gaga and the people around her are your usual rock’n’roll corporate ilk. The LGBT community needs to understand this woman is a fake, a rich girl who has created this lie about herself in order to sell records and steal the allowances of 12 year old lonely teenagers or clueless middle aged gays or housewives. Gaga is presently dating an ex Ivy League second tier actor — and that is the type she goes for. Lady Xerox couldn’t care less about her gays — her charities are front organizations for her to off shore her money. So I am not surprised she made this remark about Tebow. It proves she is about as knowledgable on issues relating to the LGBT community that her PR agents inform her about. So her tweet – if from her – probably reveals a lot about the real Gaga. And Little Monsters, what it means is that your Queen is a football watching straight girl who watches and enjoys the sport of bullies, jocks and cheerleaders. Proving she has nothing in common with you other then the money she banks from your cultish, ridiculous worship of her.

  23. redball says

    endo, i agree: i’m totally shocked gaga pays attention to football.

    i believe this was an honest mistake on gaga’s part & she may even apologize soon on twitter. just like she apologized a few mos back for using the word “retarded” as a pejorative.

    she’s still My Queen!

  24. anon says

    I think the irony is that Andy has defended Tim in the past form gay rumors (even while reporting on them). I tend to see Tim as a man-child who’s a bit naive. Lady Gaga always seems uncomfortable in her own skin. The two could not be more different.

  25. Ana B. says

    To those of you who state it’s only football and say ‘chill out’, etc., is this what you woud tell the family and friends of gay kids who killed themselves? Can you really not make the connection of Tebow fans idolizing him, wanting to be like him, and therefore believing whatever he believes in? You really think it’s far-fetched that some fan won’t Google him and find his Superbowl ad for Focus on the Family and then go on to Google Focus on the Family and then run into Wikipedia’s description of FotF’s view on LGBTs : “Focus on the Family works to preserve its interpretation of the biblical ideals of marriage and parenthood, and therefore the organization takes a strong stance against LGBT rights and same-sex marriage”?
    Seriously, it is not just someone putting on their tinfoil hat when criticizing Gaga for calling Tebow a ‘champion’. Gaga of all people should know the power of endorsement and association. Some people become role models whether they like it or not. This is reality, everything is connected and nothing is too small, especially when the LGBT community is still on such fragile terrain. Yes, stay complacent and relaxed while the rest of us defend your rights.

  26. Guest says

    I think our progress will be limited, or at least slowed, if we reject folks who are religious simply because some religious folks reject us. Sure, Tim Tebow is likely personally anti-marriage equality, but he’s not speaking out against marrigage equality. He can use his fame to work against marrigage equality, but he doesn’t. If his fans perceive us attacking Tebow just because he’s religious and doesn’t even speak about marriage equality, they may view us as the intolerant ones.

    I know I barely made sense, but have to get back to work.

  27. nope says

    But the views of FOTF and by extension, Tebow, are decidedly anti-woman. As a gay man, I care about the rights of women… I hope that women care about my rights as a gay man. We are generally oppressed by the same white men who run the show.

  28. JPW says

    It has been amazing to me to see how many gay guys are reading so much into a simple tweet. I agree with many comments on here: you can compliment a person on their talents without siding with their every opinion and decision in life. Over sensitive (and wildly insane) by a long shot!

  29. Marshal says

    Sorry, “99%”, but no argument against same-sex marriage holds water upon close inspection.

    They all ultimately lead to either (selectively) following an Iron Age book or the “a man and an animal” argument.

  30. Kyle says

    Andy, your intolerance and bigotry regarding people of faith and anyone who dares have a free thought is repulsive. We have NO PROOF that Tebow is anything but a nice guy who happens to think abortion isn’t what we all need to jump to. The fact you have some obviously personal need to paint him as homophobic only makes you look immature and unprofessional.

  31. Guest says

    I commented before, but returning to finish my thought. It’s doubtful that Tim Tebow is an ally for equality, at least not yet. But he hasn’t done anything that I know that shows he is an enemy equality of equlity. Why taunt or risk creating an enemy of a person (or his millions of fans) just because they are religious? The “either you are for us or against us” mentality seems extreme in this instance.

  32. Yeek says

    What’s next? Are we going to say that OJ Simpson was a terrible football player because he’s a terrible person? You can acknowledge a talent without admiring the talented. Anything else is wishful thinking at its worst. Reality does count sometimes.

  33. eja says

    This article is an overreaction. Let’s not be so one-note that we throw away people based on one aspect of their lives, particularly since most of us have been on the receiving end of that sentiment.

  34. Chaq says

    Dear Shrieking Queens,

    Did it occur to any of you that:

    1) Lady Gaga may not know anything about this footballer’s politics and/or life outside football? The woman’s not an encyclopaedia and can’t be expected to know everything about every single homophobe.

    2) Twitter is notorious as a device for putting one’s foot in one’s mouth in front of MANY people – millions in Gaga’s case. Plenty of people, famous or not, have embarrassed themselves, and in some cases lost their jobs and credibility, thanks to a mistaken or distasteful comment that, if not for being immediately recorded and published, would have otherwise incurred nothing more than momentary embarrassment.

    3)YOUR interpretation of HER [written] comment might just be completely off the mark and devoid of any truth? As internet users we are surely all aware of how easily nuances of language, such as sarcasm, wit and dryness, can be misread and misunderstood.

    So try and suck it up; save your anger and commentary for serious stories about serious injustices – Towleroad has plenty just aching for some serious commentary and debate.

  35. Mke says

    And that’s the first time he’s heard the f word. So his virgin ears are bleading. Er I guess eyes. No ears, obviously someone has to read this stuff to him. His education centered around throwing a ball.

  36. Shrieking Freaking Queen of the West says

    Hello from the Shrieking Queen! I have put my scepter down and will respond.

    Regarding Lady Gaga and Tim Tebow

    1) I detest football, but the man is attractive. However, the book that he espouses discusses praying “in your closet” and not being repulsively overt about it. I only know him because of his association with Focus on the Family, his anti-gay agenda, and the fact that he openly does this, darling.
    The weird and hilarious analogy that “OJ Simpson is still a great athlete” is so silly….sweetie, he played the game on the field. He didn’t run around with a knife and hoodie on. I also doubt she would “tweet” about her happiness if he were, say, inducted into a Hall of Fame.

    2) Her daddy probably wrote the tweet or his PR person did since he owns and….loves her very much. He should be more aware of his demographic. Interscope made sure he did when his cipher daughter started out.

    3) The point, dear hearts, is that this girl has said her mission was to “make everything gay” (though this shrieking Queen does not like any labels) and “be a role model”… she endorses a person who is diametrically opposed to everything she professes to believe in? But let’s just drink our Duff beer and cheer things this man on! Stop thinking!

    THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS SERIOUS. This is a slap in the face to all those little gay kids who actually believed her. Their Santa Claus moment is here. I hope that poor young man’s family who buried him in a Born My Corporate Way shirt realize that they should just suck it up, as Chaq so eloquently put it.

    Unfortunately for you Chaq, I cannot. Release the hounds.

    Shrieking Freaking Queen

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