1. Seattle Mike says

    Kids today! How great of that high school to allow this to be filmed there. This video has a really huge heart, doesn’t it? Some very good dancing. That blond dancer (Bryce) has tons of charm onscreen. It helps that he’s so cute! Smart editing choice to feature him a lot. Good job all around!!

  2. Strepsi says

    This was 19 types of adorable! SIncere and well-danced too…

    in fact, this was so much better than Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” video, I hope she just hires y’all plus her own dancers for a re-do.


  3. Kenneth says

    Why MJ? Because you never had the balls to express yourself? Because your self-expression is different than any of the kids in this video? Get over it, you are no better than the straight homophobes who bully and put gay people down. Life is made better by all types of people. If you don’t see things the way I do, fine, I don’t expect you to – BUT – don’t denigrate me because of our differences, I certainly won’t do it to you. I will call you out for being a prick though, if you make statements like that. I’m no fan of Gaga, but these kids were great and put out a great message, if anything I am more proud to be a fag. Thanks Colton and everyone else in the video.

  4. Frank-Joseph says

    I am normally a bitter and jaded queen…but this video really yanked at my heart strings and I can’t stop crying. Very very well done. Thanks for the video, and keep up the great work kids.

  5. Colton Boettcher says

    I was so blown away when my friend told me Towleroad posted the video! I’m glad we are getting the message out! We all put so much time, effort, (not to mention money) into this project! Everyone has been so supportive and amazing! Let’s make this message viral! #endbullying #itgetsbetter

  6. gc says

    this made me cry, i wish so many of us who were bullied and hated on, in middle and HS, had this type of support and inspiration; I love the seeing the younger generation really step up around ending the cycle of bullying.

  7. bravo says

    I was in tears thinking about how impossible a video like this would have been 25 years ago. These kids are amazing. Bravi! Well done, all. Seriously – you guys rock.

  8. mark says

    How lucky gay guys are that there are always dynamite, talented, intelligent, open-minded women who want us as friends. Throughout my life women like that have made my life worth living and maybe saved my life. This video captured that for me. The women in this video are looking pretty good.

  9. bruce says

    Hey Colton,
    You are amazing!
    I only wish there had been more guys like you around when I was in high school. My experiences were (unfortunately) very, very unpleasant. No one was “out”…including me.
    Loved the video,

  10. Mike M. says

    This things always make me both cringe and tear up. That gym looked so much like my own high school’s gymnasium. I think that’s what sold it for me, the realization that this sort of thing is happening. It’s a tremendous relief.

  11. Academy says

    I’d generally wax on about how this is my by far fave Gaga song but twice in ten minutes I’ve cried copiously watching this. Gorgeous confidence in these young women and men (and let’s face it they’re all gorgeous; great production, editing, and choreography too). SO well done. Resonates with we who had a fraught high school experience. Also I adore Colton even more as i have a nephew with the same name!

  12. Darrell says

    To the kids to made this video and to the ones who watch it WELCOME to the 21st Century! IT DOES GET BETTER! Love from your neighbours to the north of you!

  13. 1♥ says

    ♫ I ♥ this ♫.
    They are all very talented young people and I hope this message reaches those who most need it.
    It was a great video and thank you so very much for doing it.

  14. Joey says

    Hit home, brought back memories of when I was in high school in 2004 and had “fag” written on my locker in perm marker as well. It does get better! And I loved their video. No one else was out at my school.. so I had to ask a guy from another school to go with me, but he did, and I’m glad I did it, to show others who weren’t out that it is okay!

  15. says

    @Paul – who said “Homophobia is largely a generational issue. It’s only a matter of time before the Pat Roberson’s of the world die off.”

    You are half right. As times change, people have become more accepting. But they are still plenty of haters – depending where you live. I think it will take another 50 years, for sure.

  16. hfjyv says

    enough with madonna this madonna that
    gaga is clearly this generations icon and its great that she inspires people to be themselves
    these old madonna stans need to get over it
    theres room for two pop divas

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