1. Oliver says

    Those “conservatives” and their “values”. The first divorced president was a republican. The first president that was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict was a republican. The republicans talk a good line on marriage, family and vice, but their actions say different.

  2. say what says

    not new info so won’t hurt those already for Newt

    may slow some of the newtmentum

    But then again romney’s great grandfather had 5 wives at same time so….

  3. BABH says

    My favorite thing about this is that the Clintons worked out their differences, and are still (happily?) married. Meanwhile, Gingrich’s own affair, carried on while trying to depose a sitting President, will be the final nail in the coffin of his outsized ambition.

  4. says

    the sad side is this – this reality doesn’t bother your average anti-gay bigot. it’s only “bad” if gay stuff is involved.

    someone needs to ask Rick Santorum if his wife performs oral sex on him. and if so, where in the bible does it state that women can suck men’s cocks but men can’t suck other men’s cocks.


  5. Gregoire says

    No sympathy for this lady, as she was the one Newt was cheating with during his FIRST marriage, the woman with cancer whom he later left for Marianne. Newt is a philanderer, damaged goods. But she knew that going into that relationship.

  6. Mary says

    “the sad side is this – this reality doesn’t bother your average anti-gay bigot. it’s only “bad” if gay stuff is involved.”

    Kiwi, I can’t speak for other socons, but I can assure you that it certainly bothers ME that Gingrich is a serial adulterer with an ego the size of Mount Rush(Limbaugh?)More. I find it unbelievable that the Republican voters of South Carolina would vote for this man over Rick Santorum. They are making laughingstocks out of themselves – who can take their concern for “morality” seriously now? They deserve all that liberals throw at them and more.

    And I spent years defending Southerners against all the stereotypes served up about them. Truthfully, I’m read to go personally to South Carolina and restart the civil war over this. There’s no reason why “Frothy” should not be their choice. He was endorsed by a confab of 150 evangelical ministers. Apparently Republicans are still infected with “the Palin curse” – a willingness to surrender all political dignity in the service of a candidate they think is “one of their own.”

    By the way, you often use the term “werk.” What does this mean? Is it a variation on the term “work?” Just curious.

  7. Robert in NYC says

    The more the hypocrisy by the republicans is exposed the weaker the argument against same-sex marriage becomes and all of the other equally weak excuses they use to deny us our rights. The GOP doesn’t stand for family values. It NEVER has and NEVER will. They’re nothing but a bunch of psychopathic liars and users. They’d do anything for money and power even if it means lying and cheating, not that there aren’t some democrats who aren’t just like them. But they (GOP) surely has the edge on hypocrisy and bigotry.

  8. Charlie says

    So, does Newt have an open marriage with Callista? I assume someone will ask that soon.

    Dan Savage has said that requesting an open marriage after you are already screwing around makes you a CPOS.

  9. says

    it’s the same selective hypocrisy in which anti-gay straight males LOVE lesbian porn, and receiving blowjobs from women.

    blowjobs, of course, not being part of “God’s Reproductive Plan.”

    you know, the same way the GOP wants bible-based “social laws” but not bible-based FISCAL laws.

    Hey, GOP – the story of sodom was about the hoarding of wealth and the refusal to share it with those who were less well-off. keep ignoring that reality, too.

  10. says

    oh poor “daddy-doesn’t-love-me Jason”

    hey plebe, lemme break it down: a pious hypocritical man who condemns other relationships while himself breaking his own supposed claims to morality is the issue.

    just like the anti-gay bigots who get caught smoking pole in airport bathrooms – the issue is the hypocrisy. which you refuse to see. which is the reason your dad doesn’t love you. it’s not because you’re gay, but because you’re such a stupid wimp about it.


  11. jason says

    LIttle Kiwi,

    Well, I agree with you on the hypocrisy of straight guys who morally oppose homosexuality but then stock their DVD shelves with porn movies featuring homosexual activity between women. It’s a classic case of hypocrisy, that one.

  12. says

    An open relationship isn’t really the issue here, even if that’s what the mainstream media is focusing on, cause it’s titillating to the straight folks.

    If a couple–gay or straight–mutually decides they want an open relationship, that’s entirely their business. Every couple is free to establish the boundaries of their relationship; that’s what good communication is about. Or bad communication, as the case may be. Or, if Newt had just been a cheating creep, hurting no one but his various wives. Then, one could feel sorry for them, perhaps, but, again, it wouldn’t particularly be our business aside from what it reveals about his character.

    The problem, duh, is that Newt is a COLOSSAL HYPOCRITE, one who at the same time he was cheating and pushing for an open marriage against his wife’s wishes, was screaming to get Clinton impeached, telling gay couples we have no right to marry because we’re not as moral as straight people like him, talking about the special sanctity of man-woman marriage, a sanctity two lesbians or two gay men couldn’t possibly establish cause, you know, we might mess up the pureness that is heterosexual marriage.

    I’m not surprised that the right wing hypocrites let Newt’s hypocrisy slide (after all they’re most prone to porn addiction, divorce, and covert adultery even as they’re judging others) but any gay person who doesn’t get it obviously suffers from dementia. (I won’t bother naming names.)

  13. Leah C. says

    I don’t really like the way people are juxtaposing the idea of open marriages and immorality. Does not compute. If all parties agree, and no one is forced into it, as Newt’s ex says happened with her, then no harm and no foul.

  14. jason says

    Ernie and Leah C,

    I’m sorry but your positions are totally ridiculous and seek to re-define the concept of a relationship.

    I always stick my nose up in the air whenever a couple tells me they are having an open relationship. I say “honey, yours ain’t a relationship, it’s a sinking ship”.

  15. says

    Jason, you’re an idiot. I understand why you have a problem with open-relationship: you can’t get one man and you’re furious that others can get not only one man to love, but the confidence and freedom to make their own rules and arrangements.

    it’s always the perpetual singles that have a problem with Open Relationships. It’s not the fault of those in open relationships that nobody wants to be your boyfriend.

    sinking ship? says the sad-sack who never made it off the dock 😉

  16. says

    Jason, honey, you can stick your unhappy nose wherever you like, makes no difference to me. I can only imagine what kind of couples you know given your charming personality! If you and your friends can’t handles relationships, not our problem.

    The problem with Newt–for the SLOW people–is that he’s always claiming moral high ground that isn’t his to claim. When you’re a lying serial adulterer with a history of multiple divorces you can’t really cast judgment on the relationships of others, or on who has the right to marry. (It’s like a pedophile priest telling consenting gay adults their sex lives are sinful. Misplaced moral judgment, fellas.) Whether Newt wanted an open relationship or not is a laughable red herring, and a nasty herring if you think about any woman wanting to have sex with that pig.

    Gay people I know aren’t claiming a moral high ground. We’re certainly not telling straight people they have no right to marry, even though some of them, like Newt, clearly aren’t up to the challenge. On the other hand, many lesbian and gay couples I know COULD claim a moral high ground. I’ve never been divorced, have been with the same guy for 21 years, honor my commitment honestly. In a line of who’s worthy of the freedom to marry most every gay person I know would be miles ahead of hypocrites like Newt. He can get away with such nonsense among the delusional zealots and maybe among a few self-loathing fags, but he can’t get away with it among the rest of us.

  17. jason says

    Ernie and Kiwi,

    I don’t care about you two. You don’t have much to go on except foggy notions.

    I know from instinct and intelligence that there is no such thing as an open relationship. It’s a contradiction in terms. It’s for people who wish to rationalize away their promiscuity and lack of self-control. In actuality, their relationship is an arrangement, not a relationship.

    To anybody who is in an “open relationship”, let me say this: you’re a loser.

  18. says

    Actually, Jason, Kiwi and I are being specific, you’re simply recycling one of the 4 comments you make over and over like a demented hamster on a wheel. If you’re not equipped to be in a relationship, that’s your problem. Those of us who’ve been in committed (I.e. specific and lasting) relationships for many years don’t need advice from Newt Gingrich or from you, but thanks anyway.

    Seems like you were planning to vote for Newt just a few weeks ago? Since he likes open relationships, must be you only vote for losers? Curious . . .

  19. topsyturvy says

    I agree with Gregoire. When you graduate from the role of whore/mistress to wife, then you can’t complain when someone comes along to assume the role of whore/mistress (and I LOATHE Gingrich but there’s no difference between Wife #2 and Wife #3.)

  20. jack says

    I must be missing something. I can’t understand how at least three different women were willing to “sleep” with Newt. If Brad Pitt or Cristiano Ronaldo is at one end of the male attractiveness spectrum, Newt is clearly at the other end.

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