Marriage Equality Within Reach in Washington: AP

Marriage equality is closer than ever in Washington state, according to the AP:

WashingtonThe AP has reached out to all 49 state senators over the past week and found that more lawmakers are firmly supporting gay marriage than opposing it, by a margin of 22-18. The measure needs 25 votes to pass the Senate.

Four other Democrats say they are considering whether to support it, including one who is leaning in favor. A pair of Republicans is among those supporting the proposal, and two first-term GOP members said they are still discussing the issue with constituents.

Two GOP state Senators, Cheryl Pflug and Steve Litzow, have come out in support of it in recent days.

If you missed Governor Chris Gregoire's speech supporting it, you missed a slice of brilliance. Check it out HERE.


  1. Mary says

    This is good news for supporters of marriage equality. As of now, it is a Northeastern phenomenon. But as it branches out to other states, and is passed by legislatures and not courts, it starts to feel like a truly national change. The GOP senators from Washington who are supporting it, or even seriously considering it, may be the beginning of a pro-gay faction in the GOP that could pose a serious threat to the anti-gay factions of the party. Even many social conservatives are wavering on some gay rights questions (I guess yours truly would be a good example of one!) And there are even some in the Christian Right who privately believe that this fight is already lost.

    One thing we know for sure: social conservatives will have to sharpen their arguments and stop defending traditional marriage by referring to the Bible (would that be the King James, the NIV, the RSV, etc….?). Senator Santorum’s lame napkin-paper towel analogy (let’s call it traveling the “Towelroad” !) shows how much work the Right needs to do to get its act together in terms of theory.

    The way things stand now, marriage equality in all 50 states is just a matter of time.

  2. Dearcomrade says

    This is a good thing and I sure hope it passes, but Don’t get to excited about marriage equality coming to Washington anytime soon.

    The religious bigots have already said they are planning to gather signatures to put it on the November ballot if the legislature passes it.

    That will put any Washington state marriages on hold until next year at least.

  3. Stefan says

    If it goes to a referendum (and I’ve heard that if they have the votes, it will pass with an amendment allowing it to be effective immediately, thus bypassing one), I feel very strongly that Washington (and Maine) will both be the first states to uphold same sex marriage at the ballot box.

  4. Tyler says


    That’s easily the best way to go, thus getting those Senators who want to “vote for it to go to the people” to cover their asses. And I really do think in a presidential election year in 2012, Maine and Washington will uphold marriage equality.

  5. Stefan says

    @ Tyler

    Yes. The last time in Maine the factor that killed our side was that it was an off year election, which are always skewed to the right. Other factors that will work in our favor come fall:

    -2009 was a big backlash year against Democrats (as was 2010), whereas 2012 will be a big backlash year against Republicans (as was 2011)

    -obvious accelerated support for our side.

    -the question on the ballot in Maine (and Washington if it does go to referendum) will be simple and not cofusing at all (Yes for legalizing gay marriage and no for not legalizing it).

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