1. zeddy says

    It’s about time we FINALLY have talking points that are easy, concise and factually correct and difficult to argue against: Civil rights are NEVER to be put to a vote. Otherwise we’d still have slavery.

  2. Mike8787 says

    All of us from New Jersey should remember, come election time, that these state legislators not only stood up for our rights, but did so in the face of an almost certain veto. These are the kind of allies that we want.

  3. Tyler says

    Stop making fat jokes about Christie and Maggie. They do nothing but make us look petty and vapid. There are reason to hate both of them besides their weight.

  4. says

    Christie’s attempts to enforce conservative ideology on New Jersey doesn’t get much play in the general media here. For instance, last year, Christie used not only his veto power, but backroom threats to cut off a swathe of health services funding, the main target being Planned Parenthood. It cost New Jersey millions more in federal funds. The move puts New Jersey to the right of many far more conservative states. And yet the story got almost no attention.

    To oust Christie and finally get some advances in not just gay rights, but many other areas of progress, gay rights proponents in New Jersey need to ally themselves with the many other groups Christie has targeted in his deluded attempt to join the Republican presidential ticket. This includes Planned Parenthood, teachers, unions and more. There needs to be a coordinated effort to alert and make noise in the media when Christie tries to pull a Romney on the state, so voters can hold him accountable come next election.

  5. TampaZeke says

    There were Christies in my home state of Mississippi who insisted that integration, voting rights for black people and Jim Crow be put to the people. “Let the PEOPLE vote” was a common refrain across the South as racial justice and equality was being IMPOSED upon them against centuries of TRADITION and CULTURE and RELIGIOUS CONVICTION.

    I’m glad the Christies didn’t win the day then and I hope they don’t win the day today.

    Twenty years from now Christie will be as ashamed of his stand as George Wallace was upon his deathbed. MANY elected officials will be and I think we should do everything in our power to NEVER let people forget where people stood on this civil rights issue.

  6. Greg says

    The Obama administration could take a sharp lesson in the blueness,right-thing-to-do-ness and uncommon courage of these NJ state lawmakers; to take a uncompromising and proactive stand in word and deed. This is check and ballance at it’s best.

  7. gr8guyca says

    @ Greg. I bet that Obama will do this after the next election. If Romney is the nominee, the Religious Right will sit on the sidelines because he is a Mormon. By bringing up the gay marriage issue at this time, it will create a rallying cry to motivate those forces.

    Smarter politically to wait.

  8. says

    Such comical irony! Ostensibly protecting the possibility of national political ambitions, Gov Christie shoots himself in the foot by suggesting that past and present civil rights struggles might be or might have been better settled by letting majorities vote on the rights of minorities. Talk about a “rookie mistake”!

  9. Atlanta Guy says

    OK, I get that that graphic is supposed to be a stylized map of New Jersey …. but it looks like a cross-section of the lower digestive tract. Horrifying.

  10. Jeff B. says

    If Gov. Christie agrees with marriage equality, he should sign the bill, if he’s opposed he should veto it. Problem is, he doesn’t have any courage, he wants the electorate to make up his mind for him, no matter how the popular vote goes, he wins! Another lazy populist in the manner of Mittens…spineless. Hey Gov Christie, why don’t you go back to college and maybe you can get elected president of your frat…

  11. Ted says

    And now he nominates a gay man for the NJ Supreme Court – someone who no one in the community has ever heard of. Shouldn’t he have nominated a LGBT person who actually stood?

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