1. kieran says

    So, if I am to understand NOM’s ethics/morals:

    1). Out-of-state money given to NY senators who voted for marriage equality is wrong

    2). Out-of-state money given to WA senators who vote against marriage equality is okay

    3). Senators accepting money for voting a certain way (for marriage equality) is fundamentally corrupt.

    4). Senators accepting money for voting a certain way (against marriage equality) is okay

  2. Gregoire says

    Good luck wasting your money, fools! The more they waste it here, the less they spend in places that actually are on the edge. They will NOT stop the momentum in Washington. They will not stop the momentum in America.

  3. Rocky Falco says

    Lets see….$250,000.00 to fight Gay Marrage in Washhington State and more the 24,000 kids are homeless in the state.


    Children and Homelessness in Washington State

    Safe, stable, and affordable housing is an important component of economic security

    for Washington families. According to a new report by the National Center on Family

    Homelessness, more than 24,000 children are homeless in Washington State.* The

    report ranks Washington 25th in the nation in child homelessness. (This is a

    composite of the number of homeless children in the state, an assessment of their

    well-being, the risk of children becoming homeless, and state efforts to address the


    Among the homeless children in Washington State, close to 11,000 are under six

    years old, about 9,500 are between kindergarten and eighth grade, and over 4,000

    are in high school. (See graph) Fifty-eight percent of Washington’s homeless

    children are white, 28 percent are Hispanic, and ten percent are black.

  4. Tom in long beach says

    According to NOM every child needs a mother and a father. Food, clothing, and shelter are optional. More important to spend money so long term same sex couples have no rights.

  5. Robert in NYC says

    Wow, NOM is now using bullying tactics to prevent politicians from voting for marriage equality with a threat to unseat them if they vote in favor. About time NOM was officialy designated as a hate group.

  6. Frank says

    WHY do these idiots even care? Like it’s been said above- if you are so worried about the families in Washington TAKE CARE OF THE FAMILIES in Washington instead of trying to break them up.

  7. Robert in NYC says

    If NOM is so intent on every child having a father and a mother, why isn’t it going after widows, widowers with children and single straight parent families? This is proof they’re a hate group, targeting specifically one group of people to the exclusion of all others. It IS a hate group!

  8. Tyler says

    I hate it how they say ‘pro-marriage’ and ‘traditional values’ when what they really preach is more like ‘heterosexual-only marriage’ and ‘anti-gay values’. Same goes with their idiotic names which often include something about research, council or organization like as if they’re just so innocuous and benevolent.

  9. Jack says


    When doing a piece on Brian Brown, don’t use the pic above. Use either the pic that was taken when he was attacking protesters at a Gingrich fundraiser or use the pic of him crying in the NY Senate gallery when gay marriage passed.

  10. says

    maggie gallagher got knocked up by a man she wasn’t even in a long-term relationship with, and has decided to devote her life to being anti-gay, because she’s embarrassed that so many LGBT people are better and more responsible mothers than she is.


  11. Jim Stone says

    It really makes me sick to think that these groups spend that amount of money on something to hurt other humans. That money could be used for such other good things…sad.

  12. Chris says

    As a Washinton resident, I’m fairly confident that gay marriage will pass in the state, and that it would survive a voter challenge as well, especially of they make the mistake of doing it in an presidental election year.

  13. Sargon Bighorn says

    Marriage is now a “a child-focused institution”? Have other noticed how the buzz terms keep changing? It was once “Traditional” marriage. Now it’s “Natural” marriage.

    “…served families since the dawn of time” No it has not because it was awful for many women. They were property. It has NOT served families in the 1950s image these people have of marriage. Only recently has marriage been a civil contract of equals.

  14. Charlie says

    Republicans have long used marriage equality as a wedge issue to win elections. But the issue may start to bite them in the ass. If they spend money to defeat Republicans in primary elections it is likely that the new candidate will be far to the right of the incumbent. Which will make it hard to win election in these districts. And if the Republican loses then they will likely be replaced by a pro-marriage Democrat.

  15. Ben Waldman says

    Too bad NOM has no clue about how primaries work in WA State. WA does not have Democratic and Republican primaries for state offices. Instead there’s a single primary that includes all the candidates running for office. The top 2 candidates, regardless of party, proceed to the general election. In some cases, that’s meant 2 Democrats or 2 Republicans facing off in the general election. So it’s not clear that running a candidate to the right of a Republican supporter of marriage equality would be an effective strategy. Furthermore, the Republicans who have declared support for marriage equality, as well as some of the potential additional votes, come from more moderate, swing districts.

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