Out Ice Skater Johnny Weir Ties The Knot On New Year’s Eve

JohnnyWeirJohnny Weir started his new year off right by marrying his boyfriend this weekend.

"I'm married," the Olympic ice skater tweeted on New Year's Eve after making it official with his boyfriend Victor Voronov, a graduate of Georgetown Law.

Weir, who officially came out last year after years of speculation, met Voronov years ago, but the men reconnected sometime last year.

"We've known for a long time and we reconnected over the summer, and it's just been a whirlwind," Weir said in an interview.

They're now having their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic's Punta Cana and will have a larger, more formal wedding later this year.

"Wedding in summer! But all the official stuff is done now! No more livin' in sin!" he wrote. The pair will live in New York City.


  1. Paul R says

    He’s still living in sin with those glasses, and I hope that his husband has some good connections that keep him in the US.

    That negativity aside, I wish them the best.

  2. Mary says

    I’m not a supporter of gay marriage, but I wish Johnny and his husband the best. Even if a one man-one woman marriage amendment were to become part of the constitution (what I’m hoping for), I would want to see already-married gay couples exempted from it. Divorce in any form totally sucks.

  3. Robert in NYC says

    Mary, are you for real? Why would you want to see gay men and women discriminated against? That’s exactly what DOMA does. I suspect you base your prejudice on religion. Well I have news for you. Civil marriage has absolutely NOTHING to do with religious marriage, never has, never will. I suppose you’d support a ban on heteros marrying who choose not to procreate or who can’t for the sake of consistency. Republicans would nullify the marriages of same-sex couples if they ever came to power, but that’s what we would expect from hatemongers which is what DOMA is all about and which you obviously endorse.

  4. Roberto says

    OMG i was ok with not having a boyfriend until today… ricky martin and now this queen already in their way to divorce…

    Love them and hate them too.
    Whats wrong with meeeee? lol.

    i wish them the best or whatevs.

  5. says

    First: Congratulations.

    Second, the boyfriend is Russian, but probably doesn’t need a visa. Atlantaboy.com says

    “Voronov went to Roswell High School and graduated from Emory in 2005 (he also went to Georgetown Law School). Although he grew up and went to school in Atlanta, Voronov’s family is Russian.”

    Probably the parents immigrated to the US a while back. Sometimes kids like this don’t even speak Russian any more. I hope he does, though. Victor’s cute, BTW.

  6. ajjanthony says

    Congrats to Johnny but I wish he had come out sooner. His denials all those years made it seem like he was ashamed to admit he was gay even though everyone in the world already knew he was. Oh well, i guess it takes some people longer than others. And – BTW to MARY posting above: if you are so anti-gay marriage get the hell off of this blog!

  7. Mary says

    AJAnthony, it is possible to oppose gay marriage without being homophobic and while having an interest in LGBT issues. I’ve been posting here for several months and the moderators of this site don’t seem to have a problem with me being here (if they did I’d read but not post.)

    Best wishes for a good new year.

  8. says

    you’ll have to ignore mary, she’s as stupid as they come. but there’s good news: God knows this, and will see to it that she dies alone, unloved and without children.

    so don’t worry. her stupidity will be buried with her. neither will be missed. at all.

    p.s. her opposition to gay marriage is that she believes that if gay couples can marry then heterosexual men in the future will ignore their heterosexual attractions and choose, instead, to take male lovers, despite the fact that they’re not attracted to other males.

    and no, i’m not kidding. mary is a complete waste of human flesh.

  9. Mary says

    My “whale carcass”? “Baboon gobbling whore” A nice way to talk to someone who is becoming more sympathetic to gay rights all the time and would even oppose invalidating the marriages of currently-married gay couples. But by all means, alienate potential allies. It’s just what Rick Santorum wants you to do.

  10. Mary says

    Kiwi, you aren’t wounding me. My family life has been so messed up that I did humanity a service by not continuing my bloodline. But I am far from alone or unloved.

    If you had any respect for the intellect you’d stop misrepresenting my case against gay marriage. Of course men with no attraction to other men won’t choose gay relationships. But who people are attracted to may change depending on factors that are non-sexual. Men who are available and interested may be preferable to a guy than women are are unvailable or not interested. Women interested in commitment and child-rearing may prove more appealing to a “straight” woman than men who are shallow and overly interesed in getting laid.

    You seem especially vicious today. Are you angry because other posters here seem to agree with me that you get too personal in your attacks? I complimented you on your post about the Westboro Baptist Church not long ago. Everyone seemed to agree that you did a bangup job with that one. Odd that you can never say a nice word to me. Aren’t I supposed to be the one with all the “hate?”

  11. greg says

    I LOVE how he dresses to work nerves (see above). He brings back the spirit of those who dressed to mark a clear delineation between outrageous and triple-pleated Dockers sweater queens. LOL!

  12. vanndean says

    Mary, I would ask if you consider yourself a “good American”? Do you jump to your feet and place your hand over your heart at the playing of the national anthem and at the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance? Do you believe that the laws of the land should be applied to all? Do you stress the “under god” portion of the Pledge? Do you really believe in the last six words of the Pledge? I would most certainly question your being a good citizen of the United States or a good American based upon your expressed desire to have discrimination against gay citizens placed in the amendments to the Supreme Law of the Land. Your failure to understand that gay people are part of the “all citizens” protected by the tenets of the Constitution seems to negate anything you may say about how you are a possible ally of gay citizens. The Pledge of Allegiance talks of “liberty and justice for all” which is something you do not apparently believe in. At your next opportunity to participate in that Pledge, please don’t perjure yourself for appearances sake. Keep your hand at your side and keep your mouth shut since to pledge your allegiance as a good American is a lie and sullies the lives, both gay and straight, of those who have given their last full measure in its defense. To advocate for the second class treatment of gay citizens may not have convinced you of your status as a poor example of a good American,but in my estimation you fail to meet the criteria for either an ally or a “good citizen”.

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