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Randy Phillips with Your Shirtless Air Force Morning Workout: VIDEO


Randy Phillips, the formerly closeted airman who made a name for himself on YouTube talking about 'DADT' as it was repealed, would like to open his own gym one day. His latest video offers some advice on how to start shedding the holiday pounds.


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  1. A shameless attempt to use shirtlessness to cash in on his internet celebrity. I fully approve.

    Posted by: Andrew W | Jan 5, 2012 7:36:23 AM

  2. i like for him to put his hand behind his neck as well.

    Posted by: Brian M | Jan 5, 2012 7:42:29 AM

  3. Those shorts are kinda baggy. He needs some bikini briefs... or a thong.

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | Jan 5, 2012 7:46:28 AM

  4. I want to adopt him:-)

    Posted by: Kevin thor | Jan 5, 2012 8:27:55 AM

  5. I feel a little bamboozled all of a sudden. He received immense compassion for what he went put out in the universe. Now the cynic in me can't help but think it was a calculated attempt to build recognition and notoriety?

    Posted by: Jason | Jan 5, 2012 8:36:26 AM

  6. Just what the shallow gay world needs--more narcissistic behavior.

    Hopefully this young man finds more substantial ways of validation and doesn't join the downward spiral of shamless self-promotion found on the YouTube Attention Junkie Club.

    Posted by: Jason | Jan 5, 2012 8:48:13 AM

  7. I assume he's available for private one-on-one instruction and coaching sessions? Perhaps he could demonstrate to me how one uses a sauna, and the appropriate amount of exertion one should attempt in it? :)

    Posted by: Dback | Jan 5, 2012 8:51:34 AM

  8. The misspellings in captions (this time in the end scroll), and his constant awkward talking makes me cringe every time I watch his videos.

    I watch them multiple times. :-x

    Posted by: WJP3 | Jan 5, 2012 9:28:32 AM

  9. He's just too damn cute.

    Posted by: Bobby | Jan 5, 2012 9:28:58 AM

  10. He's actually very good at presenting the exercise and demonstrating it. With a little practice, he could easily achieve his goals.

    As to being a hottie - Mission Accomplished!

    Posted by: Jack M | Jan 5, 2012 9:30:23 AM

  11. God people, you act as if he'll become some celebrity cruncher because he posted a workout tip and he came out on video. Only drooling idiots would look at this and start talking about how he needs to be in a thong. Grow up. Seriously, can you at least PRETEND like your life is driven by something besides sexual gratification. He's a kid, and he wants to share fitness knowledge. Let it be. As for those accusing him of being vain, it's called taking care of yourself. He's clearly not someone who spends 6 hours in the gym or bronzes up like some people, he's just an in-shape normal guy who's trying to be healthy. You don't have to choose between having an 8-pack and being a bear, but you can try to have a healthy diet/exercise, for the sake of your family.

    Posted by: Joey Y | Jan 5, 2012 9:39:49 AM

  12. Umm... You don't get rid of love handles by exercising the muscles under your love handles. What is this, 1940?

    Posted by: Bart | Jan 5, 2012 9:48:25 AM

  13. I still remember people asking him to take off his shirt when he was closeted in the barracks and his aversion to it because it was all about 'the message' he had to bring to his supporters.

    How times have changed.

    Admit to being a hypocrite and wanting to cash in on your 15 minutes, and we'll let you off the hook.

    Posted by: S. | Jan 5, 2012 10:11:49 AM

  14. Easy way to shed a few pounds...take off his shorts

    Posted by: Bubba | Jan 5, 2012 10:13:33 AM

  15. Go LSU, crush the Crimson Tide next week.

    Posted by: Henry Holland | Jan 5, 2012 10:17:54 AM

  16. He posted shirtless photos of his abs before he even came out of the closet...having said that,I do feel his youtube videos were simply a way to get attention for himself.

    Posted by: Kevin | Jan 5, 2012 10:32:23 AM

  17. I can't help but think that if this were a budding "diva" trying to take advantage of her newfound "celebrity", most of you criticizing him would not be.

    Why are gay men so brutally harsh towards each other? Perhaps in cases like this, it springs from the usual resentment that masculinely-deficient queens feel towards gay men that are not masculinely-deficient. More broadly speaking, it is often about jealousy.

    So what if he is taking advantage of his "fame"? People do it all the time....and I hardly think he would have come out to his parents just for the sake of making an exercise video, in hopes of making a financial killing off of it--to think that is really pushing the limits of cynicism.

    And besides, he has a near-perfect boy-next-door body and persona, as far as I am concerned--so much more appealing than these overly-pumped, muscle-clone gym bunnies (who often sound like Lauren Bacall when they open their mouths).

    I would gobble him up in a New York minute if the opportunity presented itself.

    Posted by: Rick | Jan 5, 2012 10:33:34 AM

  18. And I can't help but think if he were an effete guy, Rick would be the loudest criticism of him.

    Also, I am oddly amused that both of Rick/Jason's personalities are manifesting themselves on this thread. I picture them at home talking to themselves like Gollum.

    Posted by: endo | Jan 5, 2012 10:40:34 AM

  19. Nice and cute.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jan 5, 2012 11:02:07 AM

  20. He's just too damn cute!

    Posted by: C.J. | Jan 5, 2012 11:12:58 AM

  21. @Joey Y: Humor is allowed. You won't be punished. Seriously.

    And his shorts are too baggy.

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | Jan 5, 2012 11:37:54 AM

  22. His shorts are not too baggy. They add to his naturalness, which is what makes him attractive. Tight briefs would spoil it and make him look more like one of the shaved clones I referred to earlier, whose artificiality and narcissism makes them quite un-sexy.

    Posted by: Rick | Jan 5, 2012 11:43:32 AM

  23. Damn, Randy...

    Coming from one of his biggest supporters from the beginning, I thought we finally found the mythic gay man who happens to be hot, intelligent, and completely down to earth.

    At least he's hot.

    Posted by: Cory | Jan 5, 2012 12:10:43 PM

  24. I wish Randy the best.

    Posted by: AG | Jan 5, 2012 12:38:04 PM

  25. As a gay man as well as a military officer, Im absolutely ashamed at these. I had suspected from the beginning that this was a ploy for fame as his video's were timed directly in relationship to the repeal of DADT and these video's confirmed it for me. The second that became the poster child for those young boy's and girl's coming out of the closet he should have focussed on being a support system and EXAMPLE for these people. His priorities and values are clearly not in the right place. If someone does know him, he needs a mentoring lesson ASAP.

    Posted by: Mike | Jan 5, 2012 12:51:50 PM

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