1. Shane says

    I’m not finding this a problem at all. He and Angelina are still wonderful allies for the GLBT community…weather they are married or not.

  2. David in NYC says

    yeah – i don’t believe for 2 seconds any straight person who says that.

    don’t care that he’s getting married while we can’t, just that he uses our plight as his cop out for it not being ready.

    i can honestly say, i’d probably get married if gay men could but lesbians couldn’t. I would protest and march with them forever, but def still get married.

  3. E. Thor Carlson says

    Dear Brad,

    I personally release you from your commitment to not marry until everyone can marry. Go ahead and marry Angelina in a state that already recognizes marriage for all. Oh, and by the way, I’d love an invitation.

  4. MikeH says

    I don’t see how anyone could begrudge Brad Pitt on this subject. He does more in a day to support GLBT than most people do in a lifetime. Best wishes to him whatever he decides to do…

  5. truthiness says

    So technically, your word is good until the going gets tough?

    I just want to be clear.

    Some of us have kids & spouses that want the same thing.

  6. DanSwon says

    Anyone who has a problem with this is a moaning idiot. It was a bit of an unrealistically grandiose gesture in the first place – he’d be dead by the time Arkansas legalizes gay marriage for a start. He’s doing what’s right for his kids, like any good parent would. Still an ally. No problem at all.

  7. says

    Everyone should be able to do this. It was very nice of him to wait as long as he did. It means that marriage means something if a person can’t go on without it.

  8. Lucien says

    Brad Pitt is a kind and generous man who has long fought for the underdog. (For his post-Katrina work in New Orleans he deserves to be canonized.)

    He and Ms. Jolie are decent people trying to do good in the world. Let’s not begrudge them a marriage license. They’ve held out for a long time, and are still among our staunchest allies.

  9. dazzer says

    @ Truthiness, give the man a break. He’s put his money where his mouth is and has been a wonderful ally. The reason he cites – his kids asking why mummy and daddy aren’t married – is familiar to any couple, gay or straight, who have children and haven’t got married (if they’re able to do so). Children of a certain age want to see a solid commitment between their parents – it gives them a sense of security for the family.
    While Brad and Angelina have made a promise based on their political beliefs – and have held true to it for a long time – I’m going to give them a very easy pass if they decide to break it.
    Their commiment to us gays shouldn’t trump their commitment to their own family.
    They’ve given us a lot of love in the past (and probably will in the future) and I think we should return it.
    Personally, if they want to get married (for very good reasons), we’d be horribly mean-spirited to deny them.
    Hell, if they get married, I’ll cheerfully send them a wedding present. They’ve earned it.

  10. jason says

    Neither Brad nor Angelina have helped the gay community at all. They simply issue cryptic comments every time they have a new movie. Angelina is particularly offensive. Never did like her, never will.

    As for Brad and Angelina getting married, please, please do so. Then retire from movie-making so that we don’t have to listen to your fake-supportive comments anymore since you obviously won’t need to pander to gays anymore.

  11. JWL says

    JASON, theyve given a lot of money and a lot of time to LGBT causes and I would bet a hell of a lot more than you have, so feel free to STFU

  12. Kenneth says

    Jason your self-loathing makes your comment moot. You bash gay people daily on this blog. Brad and Angelina do more for the gay community every time they take a breath than you do. Let me know the last time you spoke positively about the gay community, yeah didn’t think so…the last time you gave a dime to help the community, never mind $100K, yeah didn’t think so… It’s really sad that the only way you feel you can get any attention is by trolling on a blog comment board. Maybe you just need a hug, but I’m thinking psychiatric help is more in order.

  13. Mike in the Tundra says

    “Maybe you just need a hug, but I’m thinking psychiatric help is more in order.”

    Maybe he just needs his brain f**ked out.

  14. jason says

    I don’t care about you. I stand by my comments. Brad and Angelina have not done any movie roles that would help the GLBT community.

    Angelina is a weirdo.

  15. James Q. says

    In general, I agree with everyone on here. The only problem I have with this is *if* Brad uses this as a way to talk about how hard his decision to get married is.

    Of course he should be able to get married. I just don’t like how some straight allies try to score points over how “hard” it is to enjoy straight privilege. Again, I’m not saying Brad’s doing this — I just hope he doesn’t. Can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

  16. TJ says

    >Maybe he just needs his brain f**ked out.<

    Go right ahead. But don’t come back and tell us about it. I want to keep my lunch down.

  17. Rich says

    What Brad and Angelina do in their private life is none of my business. If they want to continue to make a political statement out of their marital status, I’d counsel one of these alternatives:

    1. Lobby the California Legislature to repeal the prohibition on forming domestic partnerships by heterosexual couples under the age of 62, and then register as domestic partners.

    2. Marry in a state that practices marriage equality.

  18. says

    I thought it was silly to begin with. You don’t have to abstain from getting married to be an advocate for marriage equality. I certainly won’t think any less of him for doing it.

  19. will says

    Brad has been a solid ally for a long time. I HATE holier-than-thou gay men who revel in being oppressed and begrudge Brad his marriage. Gays like this should please STAY OUT OF POLITICS and STFU. You are hindering gay progress, not helping.

  20. Zlick says

    Wow, it’s nice to see a comments thread here that’s full of generosity and good spirit (well, of course, except for Jason/Rick, but that’s impossible).

  21. downtownla says

    kudos to Brad and Angelina for bringing this up. I am sure, even once they are married, they will continue to fight for our rights, as well. I am sure when they do the inevitable press around their own nuptials that they will continue to bring up this issue.

  22. boone68 says

    The drive to give your children every legal protection possible is strong and something every parent endeavors toward. Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatrics supports marriage equality because children benefit psychologically and socially from having married parents (gay or straight). I don’t blame him a bit for changing his mind. I would. I only wish my kids had the same rights to have married parents as his do.

  23. cranky1 says

    So basically your words mean nothing. That’s okay, you’re just like the rest of artificial and lying Hollywood. And, from the looks of the sycophantic comments here, you’ll be cheered on by those poor souls once again on the outside looking in.

  24. Mike in the Tundra says

    >Maybe he just needs his brain f**ked out.<

    “Go right ahead. But don’t come back and tell us about it. I want to keep my lunch down.”

    I wasn’t volunteering. I’ll never need it that badly.

  25. mike128 says

    Let them do whatever they want – but I also think that it’s sort of lame to make a declaration/commitment of support and then back out on it when you just don’t feel like it anymore. I’m not meaning to detract from whatever else they may have done for the community (I’m actually not sure what that would have been, but…). However, I will say that it’s always easy to stand in solidarity with the underdog, until it’s not… and there’s something to be said for the people who stand with us when it’s not easy. That’s all.

  26. Jersey says

    I have no problem with them getting married. They put up a good fight but I totally understand and support them. As for Jason and Mike128, why don’t you two go play in traffic?

  27. Stuart says

    Mike128: “I will say that it’s always easy to stand in solidarity with the underdog, until it’s not…”


  28. Jason 2.0 says

    Any gay couple who gets married when all gay couples aren’t able to get married in every state is a traitor to the cause. As a matter fact any couple who gets married is the enemy IMO

  29. Ronster says

    It must be horrible to be completely filled with anger and bitterness, to have absolutely nothing positive in your life.

    In other words, it must be horrible to be JASON.

  30. mododavidmododavid says

    “ludicrous”? not to be able to make that commitment? How about keeping the commitment this time, and not cheating then divorcing. That seems pretty ludicrous from your line of reasoning.

    Seriously? I like Brad, but come down off your high horse. It’s knees are buckling.