Poll: Same-Sex Marriage Support in NJ Tops 50 Percent for First Time

A new Quinnipiac poll finds support for same-sex marriage exceeding 50% for the first time:

NjNew Jersey voters support 52 – 42 percent allowing same-sex couples to marry, the first time support tops 50 percent. There is a strong divide between those who attend religious services weekly and those who attend less frequently, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

The previous high for same-sex marriage was 49 – 43 percent in an April 23, 2009 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

In today's survey, support for same-sex marriage is 62 – 33 percent among Democrats and 54 – 38 percent among independent voters. Republicans are opposed 59 – 35 percent. White Catholics support it 50 – 45 percent while white Protestants are opposed 51 – 44 percent. Voters who attend religious services weekly are opposed 58 – 36 percent, while voter who attend services less frequently support same-sex marriage 61 – 33 percent.

Earlier this month, New Jersey lawmakers introduced and fast-tracked a marriage equality bill in the state. The National Organization for Marriage has pledged $500,000 to fight lawmakers who support it and assist those who don't.

Governor Chris Christie, who has said he would veto such a bill in the past, now won't say what he'll do if such a bill reaches his desk.


  1. Joe says

    Chris Christie will tell the 5 Republican women to vote yes to support gay marriage once that is done then he no longer has the power to veto and gay marriage will pass….this is going to happen

  2. Rich F. says

    In NJ, once a bill reaches the governor’s desk, he has 45 days to veto it before it becomes law

    My personal theory is that, if the bill is passed by both chambers, Governor Fat Bastard will allow it to become law without actually signing it in exchange for Democratic concessions for his (disastrous, potentially bankrupting) tax plan.

    He’s already boxed himself in by saying he would never sign a marriage equality bill into law; however, an outright veto will be a political liability for him when he’s up for reelection next year.

    It’s pretty clear that he has aspirations toward national office in 2016, and public opinion toward marriage equality has reached an inflection point, with approval trending higher every year. He may be a jerk, but he’s not stupid.

  3. Robert in NYC says

    Does NJ have ballot initiatives to overturn it if it becomes law after 45 days without Christie’s signature? I thought laws had to be signed for them to become active and legal in any state?

  4. Rich F. says

    @ Robert: No. NJ doesn’t have a “people’s veto” system, nor does it have a voter-initiated referendum system for constitutional amendments.

    Most (if not all) states, and the Federal government, have a provision allowing a law to go into effect after a certain period of Executive inaction after a bill passes the Legislature, so long as the Legislature is in session. In NJ, it’s 45 days. In NY, it’s 10.