1. lewlew says

    I was very happy to learn he is gay, a few years ago. More oldsters who couldn’t come out early might find it possible to do so now. He’s a wise and delightfully talented man.

  2. Cocoa says

    I saw him on Colbert last night, he made me laugh to the point that I woke up my family. He has balls and he’s not affraid to speak his mind. For that, I simply adore this man.

  3. dw says

    I adore him too. (And I read ‘wild things’ to my 4 year old at least once a week).
    That said, I’m fairly surprised – having never seen ‘in the night kitchen’ – that juxtaposed against a drawing of the kid is the big, red “cock-a-doodle-doo!”
    Though it’s over the heads of kids, that’s pretty wild.

    (And for those who are big fans of Sendak, listen to Terry Gross of Fresh Air, and her most recent interview with him, I think it was in October 2011. It’s among the few finest radio interviews I’ve ever heard).

  4. tomjck says

    Wondrful stuff! I’ve met Maurice at the “local” gay bar – Triangles in Danbury, CT. Most people didn’t know who he was because they didn’t recognize him and he was so humble about his success (at first). He’s a very, very nice guy. He’s also a neighbor.

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