1. Mark says

    I really did have a married (straight) co-worker tell me it must be easier to be gay in terms of not having to deal with the mood swings of his wife once a month!

  2. Adam says

    i think ive had every single one of these things said to me by my best friend. “so you KNOW a lot of people…” thats how straight guys tell you youre a whore ahahah.

  3. Caliban says

    I have some str8 male friends who are great, though sometimes clueless, and this is somewhat representative of that type. There’s a lot more he missed though.

    But have you ever met str8 guys who want to show you that they’re “down with the gays” so they make crude sexual comments and “jokes” that come across more as sinister and maybe even hostile? My sister is dating one of those and I suspect he’s NOT OK with gays and I’d prefer he just say so rather than this passive-aggressive “joking.” Then I could just tell him to go f**k himself.

  4. JKM says

    Always love how my one str8 friend has to share that I’m his ‘gay friend’ with his str8 buddies as if to send up a warning flare that I might hit on them or something. I shut him down the last time he did this recently by telling his buddies not to worry, my eyes were set only on him and his cute little butt…it was so cute watching his reaction.

  5. Steerpike says

    This dude is WAY too dapper, cute (lovely hair, chin and horn-rimmed specs)and is THAT A COSMOPOLITAN THAT´S HE´S DRINKING!


    O come one. Get a chunky goateed dude in a hockey shirt and will someone get a bottle of Bud Lite over here!

  6. buster says

    @Steerpike — Ummm… my boyfriend is a chunky goateed dude with a hockey shirt who drinks Budweiser. Don’t stereotype. The gay world is not all cute boys with trendy eyeglasses and overpriced cocktails.

  7. AdamA says

    Cosmo? Sidecar? There’s a sword in the glass, presumably missing a cherry and not an olive, given the color of the drink. That is a Manhattan, served up. Sherlocks you aren’t :)

    Or maybe I just drink all three of those drinks too often.

  8. Gregv says

    @TimNC and Jackson: he might well be straight (or bi or gay; I have no idea). But unless you’re asking because you think he’s a local you want to date, it’s beside the point.
    The people who make these sh!t/says videos are all playing a dim-witted character, not themselves. Some of them are not even the same sex, let alone orientation, as the fictional character.

    @Caliban: I hate that when a friend “warns” someone before they meet me that I’m gay, out of fear that the person is bound to say something offensive about gays if they don’t know. People need to assume that anyone they meet every day COULD be gay, and besides, hateful bigotry of any brand should be AS offensive to the listener no matter if it’s directed at his/her own orientation, race or sex or at others.

  9. Tony says

    How about: “You know what I like about gay guys? You guys like giving blow jobs, my wife won’t do that”

    Me either…I know where you’ve been putting that thing.

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