Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1047

GORDON KLINGENSCHMITT: The former Navy Chaplain who believes in exorcism to 'cure' people of homosexuality returns for a talk with David Pakman.

GOING OSTRICH: The new planking.

SNAKE CLIMBS A BRICK WALL: Further signs of the apocalypse.

ZEBRA BITE: This is why you don't feed wild animals.

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  1. Didaskalos says

    David Pakman: Wow! It’s like we have our own Kirk Cameron now!

    I have a sinking feeling in my guy as to what 4chan is going to make of the Zebra video. Any idea where it was filmed, or where the speakers are from?

  2. Urmensch says

    That Klingenschmitt was a piece of work.
    I did laugh at his obliviousness to the sarcasm when he quoted Ellen DeGeneres as offering a free toaster to everyone who recruits a child into the ‘homosexual lifestyles’.