Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1048

ACTA: Another threat to our freedoms. More info here.

BLUEGRASS BIRD: Proof that music tames the savage (and not so savage) beast.

PARTY ROCK ANTHEM: The LMFAO hit, the MS Paint version.

ROOM 423: Travel much for work? You may relate.

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  1. Jason says

    Room 423 is easy to relate to for someone who spends 40% of there nights in a hotel for work. I find myself doing alot of what this guy does for the same reasons; cool video.

  2. Jesus says

    Thank you for that Literal MS Paint video! I watched it on mute to save myself the hassle of having it stuck in my head because even thinking about the song gets it stuck in my head, but it was just the kind of irreverence I needed today

  3. Randy says

    Technically Music has charms to soothe a savage breast, not beast. Although that beast did have a breast, so I guess it applies.

  4. Rrhain says

    Ah, yes, the discredited argument that making a copy of something isn’t theft because “the original still exists” as if the only thing to be concerned about is the master file.

    ACTA may be bad news, but the arguments being used against it are inappropriate and unfortunately, people aren’t sophisticated enough to understand that a bad argument against a bad law doesn’t mean the law isn’t bad. The analogy of the cooking class is nothing like the reality of the theft of intellectual property. For the class, you have bought for the instructors time. You are then expected to take that knowledge and go forth with it.

    Making a copy of someone else’s work without their permission is not the same thing.