1. Ninong says

    I don’t believe the KKK ever marched in Chicago, where his eminence was born, but they did march in the Deep South when I was young, and interfering with people attending church, Catholic or otherwise, was not the primary thing on their minds.

    The KKK was anti-Jew, anti-Catholic and anti-black but they were primarily anti-black and that’s why they were marching — to scare black people into ‘submission.’

    How would his eminence feel if gays compared the Catholic Church to the Nazis? The Nazis were anti-gay just like the Catholic Church! Just like the Nazis Cardinal George is trying to scare gays into ‘submission’ — out of sight, out of mind as the old saying goes.

  2. Martin Johns says

    We need to really press on this issue. It’s not good enough that they apologize or even see to it that Cardinal George ‘retires’ early. We should extract something painful from the Chicago Diocese that will teach them and lesson, show everyone we’re not letting this one go and signal that business as usual is no longer an option. Allegedly, Cardinal George is Christ’s number one guy on the Chicago scene, Christ seemed big on charity towards the poor and was rather vocal about money changers. Maybe the Chicago Diocese should be pressured into selling the ENORMOUS Gold Coast mansion the Cardinal lives in. If we worked hard enough, we could make it happen.

  3. jomicur says

    Congrats and deep appreciation to TWO for doing this. But it leaves me wondering where all the other gay organizations are. His Eminence has given us an opening for major pushback against Holy Mother Church. Why have HRC, GLAAD and the rest not responded similarly? Too busy cashing checks from their corporate donors to bother about standing up for the community they claim to represent?

  4. Dan Cobb says

    It is a mystery beyond imagination that the Catholic Church would have as many adherents as it currently does. Most of them, of course, are poor and uneducated, which makes it easy to scare them into submission. As for those affluent Catholics, they are more cultural Catholics than they are believing Catholics. Most of them think the church’s dogma is absurd. It’s heartening to see so many Roman Catholics leaving the church in Germany and other European countries where child sexual abuse scandals have rocked the continent.

  5. Tim says

    In my way of thinking, the Cardinal has always been anti-gay. This is just another way of denouncing gay and alternative lifestyles. The Catholic Church will do everything in its power to prevent marriage equality. Although child abuse abounds everywhere, one can not discuss the Catholic Church without mentioning the clergy abuse scandal. I really think they need to clean their scandals before they attack the LGBT by calling them KKK. When a statement like this come from a Cardinal, it is just below the foot of God. So, far he has been pretty quiet about us. Silence means acceptance.

  6. says

    Cardinal George is an egotistical fame-whore who basks in the ignorant adoration of the Catholic congregation here in Chicago. His popularity is fueled by the large Polish and Slavic immigrant population who reside in the city. While the city struggles with cuts to needed social programs and rising crime in the minority held south-side of Chicago he remains mum on the issues. But mention a topic such as the very popular gay pride parade (a staple of Chicago summer activities for city residents and tourists) and he sees a chance to get media time and make incendiary remarks.

    The world must revolve around this man here in Chicago. He went into the hospital for some simple surgery recently and the media coverage, weeping, wailing and rending of clothes from his mindless followers was just embarrassing. They treated him as if he was a friggin’ saint or demi-god – rather than the very flawed human he is.

    Like Daley, it’s time for this hypocrite to retire and give the reins to the next generation. As others have said he is mum on his involvement of cover-ups for sex-abuse scandals here in Chicago, but ready to cast judgement on others.

    Go ahead Cardinal (*hawk* spit) George – cast the first stone; there’s a HUGE rock coming right back at you one day.

  7. Joe in CT says

    @Tribute: Totally agree, this is a butt ugly ad.

    A skilled editor/writer would have refined the message too.

    While I respect the effort, Truth Wins Out gets a D+, at best, on their overall execution.

  8. jamal49 says

    @TRIBUTE and @JOE IN CT: Do I ever agree! One appreciates the response to the heinous bigotry of the Cardinal but at least make it more professional and pointed. The message is everything. The way the message is presented is paramount.

  9. Jerry6 says

    Let me see, now: It was not too many years ago that the POPE’S ARMY spread across Europe torturing, pulled arms and legs off people on the “RACK”, Burning at the Stake (Joan of Ark, and many others); simply because they were Jews, or Christians that did not consider the POPE to be their leader,etc,etc, etc.

    The Archbishop may not like it, but the KKK was small potatoes compared to what the Roman Church has done (And would do again, if given the chance.)

  10. Jerry6 says

    Does the Cardinal not know what the Catholic Church did when they were in control? They did not march in the street to protest their critics. No, the Pope just sent out his Army to pick up the complainers and Burn them at the Stake, or tear them apart on the Rack, and round up their relatives and sell them off to slave owners.

    The Cardinals just refuse to accept that their centuries of control and death to critics is over. WE THE PEOPLE have taken control of our lives. We do not need a bunch of men running around in skirts telling us how to live our lives.

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