1. endo says

    Elizabeth Hasselback has been pro-gay marriage for well over a year now. I believe her views really evolved when Alec Mapa began appearing on The View and showing off pictures of his husband and son.

  2. SPOT says

    What do some of you mean “they know nothing about?”

    They know the pope is a bigot. They know he makes exaggerated self promoting statements. They know he’s anti-women’s rights.

    What more do they need to know?

    Get over yourselves. The pope is nothing but a man with delusions of grandeur.

  3. FMB says

    @MIKEW If you are using Chrome you can download a little add-on called Stealthy that lets you browse the web pretending you’re in the US or any other country for that matter. It’s through a proxy; the add-on merely lets you turn it on and off easily.

  4. matt says

    i love Whoopie Goldberg!!! Someone finally asked the question I’m always saying… everyone screams christain but what about other religions!?!?!?! Shocked to see Hassleback progress!!

  5. AidenRaccoon says

    MikeW or anyone outside the US:

    If there is a link that is not available because you are in a different country, then just go to and choose a U.S. IP and then go wherever you want.

  6. johnosahon says

    i am guessing someone in Elizabeth’s family or husband family came out of the closet, that’s one of the few reasons right-wingers change their view on gay issues.

  7. jack says

    Elizabeth Hasslebach hit the nail on the head when she said that the easy access of divorce threatens marriage. Gay marriage doesn’t threaten marriage. I can hardly believe that i just agreed with Elizabeth. I need a vodka tonic.

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