1. says

    There is self-indulgent show-offy singing and there is true singing. Etta sang true. Christina . . . well, Etta still has much to teach her.

  2. D.R.H. says

    Call me old-fashioned, but do you think she could have covered her t*ts a little better? It was a funeral, after all.

  3. RiccoRicco says

    Total disresoect . . . the girl is supposed to be singing at a funeral, instead she put herself on stage, because in her mind she is always on stage.

    What a boring, self-indulgent performer. She slaughters everything she sings with those constant damnable riffs.

    Maybe she has a good voice, and a unique one too. She could be, like Cher, unique and different from everyone out there, I don’t know, since she seems to be trying so hard to keep up with the black screeching songstresses out there.

  4. Douglas says

    No question the girl can sing, but I do wish she’d just sing….the vocal calisthenics are way too much.

  5. jim says

    There’s an extra .html extension on the “after the jump” link.

    And, yes, she’s screechy. Always has been–sometimes it works for her. This isn’t one of those times.

  6. jeffry says

    Brandon, your bitchy opinions aren’t really a hit here. Can you stop acting like you’re blogging for queerty?

  7. says

    Y’all haters here, probably untalented ones at that. Christina sang the song the way Etta did during her live performances. Christina has a GREAT voice and used it to pay tribute to a legend; it was an amazing performance! A funeral is not necessarily all doom and gloom – for musicians it is usually a celebration of their life and work. Christina got a standing ovation from the attendees who knew Etta James waaaaaaay more than you trolls.

    As for her ensemble – sure, she was showing maybe a little too much cleavage but the appropriate response should be “oh dear!”, ignore it, and more on. What’s this – the bloody Victorian era? Should she have been covered from head to toe in dark fabric hiding all vestiges of womanhood?

    Christina is 600-million times more talented than that attention-whore Madonna – whom y’all will be creaming your panties over when she releases her computer-synthesized record label later this week in her latest desperate cry for attention….

  8. Lance says

    @Caribtony “Should she have been covered from head to toe in dark fabric hiding all vestiges of womanhood?”
    Actually, yes. She had period blood running down her legs the whole time. So, yes – pants or a longer dress would have been appropriate.

    Also, Madonna isn’t releasing a “record label.”

    Otherwise, I agree. It was a pretty great performance.

  9. D.R.H. says

    Holy calling Chris Crocker. She’s not the Virgin Mary Tony. Pull your panties out of your cha cha and take a deep breath girlfriend.

    All I said was that she didn’t need to have her silicone investment on display at a funeral. There’s no need to have a miscarriage.

  10. MarkUs says

    I would have been mortified to have seen that live at a funeral or hell, even in a nightclub. What a narcissist. And all the blogs (dlisted) pointing out the released photos clearly show she had some fluid running down her legs, that she realized and tried to rub away. What a career nightmare.

    Imagine what a Dionne Warwick could have done. She wouldn’t have been an embarrassment.

  11. luminum says

    At least she didn’t show up in some ridiculously, flashy get up for the sake of “art”. She’s tits out, sure, but she’s dressed otherwise appropriately and her singing was first class.

  12. uffda says

    Good God what an embarassment. Picking up a feather with a pitchfork, so overcooked it stank, just Godawful. Restraint is the essence of good taste. Remember that Christina…and Brandon too.

  13. booka says

    All of you have a opinion, and apparently quite a few judgement calls. I just wish for once that you might understand that the world is not in need of any more commentary, not on your sense of decorum, talent, or ability (or inability) to be appropriate. Please apply this energy towards trying to be a better person to your peers and community…so that maybe someone would want to sing at your funeral.

  14. starpeople88 says

    Oh my God, shut up you hating nellies. You KNOW that if Gaga was doing it you’d all be cumming in your pants over and over as to how ‘incredible’ it was.

  15. antisaint says

    I love that she has a rosary on with that outfit.

    That kind of singing — keeping in mind I’ve personally taken more and more issue with Christina’s trademark over-singing as the years go by — is supposed to come from inside. She sings to show off her vocal prowess, and she’s a great technician, but “soul” singing is supposed to.. you know.. involve the soul, and not just how hard you grimace and wag your hand around.

  16. Brian Normoyle says

    She has such a great instrument but I so often wish, as I do here, that she’d dispense with the self-indulgent vocal theatrics and just SING the SONG. A song is a story. And the brilliance of James’ version of this song was her vocal agility coupled with a compellingly sung STORY.

    Christina is talented, yes — of that I have no doubt. But this “performance” is such an unsurprising disappointment in every way.

  17. Eric says

    Can we talk about everyone filming the song with their camera phones? I say tacky everywhere. But at a funeral!!!

  18. Bryan says

    What’s with the attack on the blogger and the thinly veiled attacks on other artistes?

    Christina Aguilera despite the great vocalist that she is, does overdo it a lot when performing live, and that’s a fact. Does that mean she’s an awful singer? No, so deal with it.

  19. Ricco says

    You are right CARIBTONY, funerals are not necessarily all doom-and-gloom, particularly when it comes to musicians; but to suggest that Aggie’s screeching rendition of Etta Jame’s timeless classic was Aggie’s attempt to honor Etta James is incorrect. She used the funeral to honor herself, and draw attention to herself. Seriously!! Who can even think about the life and times of Etta James with all that caterwauling screaming into the mic like a drag queen on testosterone?

    Aggie is 600 million times more talented than Madonna you say? It is too soon to tell if Aggie will have the legacy that Madonna currently has (though highly unlikely):

    Madonna has been nominated 17 times for American Music Awards, and won three times. She has won about 30 Billboard awards. Madonna has been nominated 7 times for a Golden Globe, and won two times, once for best actress, and recently for best song. She has been nominated about 28 times for the Grammys and took the award home about seven times.

    Time magazine named Madonna as one of the top 25 most influential women in the past century, only one of two singers to be so named. The other one was not Aggie, but Aretha Franklin. There was only one female pop star who made more money than Christina Aguilera in the 2000’s and guess who that singer was: Yes! It was Madonna. It is impossible to tell if Aggie will have the legacy that Madonna has when all is said and done. She has 13 more years to try; meanwhile, Madonna is still at it. The only thing Aggie has on Madonna is a talent for singing . . . but she sings a song like she’s constipated, and she is pushing down real hard to get the song out. It is never a good thing when you look like you are having a bowel movement on stage . . . not at all sexy.

    So, it is absurd to say she is 600 million times more talented than Madonna when her record sales, and her legacy is light years behind Madonna’s. Maybe she is just 2 times as talented than Madonna? It would not be true, but at least you would like a sane person when you said it.

  20. Frank says

    The more I listen to this, the more I appreciate Elton John’s reinterpretation of “Candle In the Wind” for Princess Diana’s funeral. A funeral song could be a eulogy, a reflection of the guest of honor who has passed away and of those who loved her.

    Christina’s rendition was nothing like Etta’s. It was a display of utter narcissism.

  21. Henry Holland says

    “I just wish for once that you might understand that the world is not in need of any more commentary, not on your sense of decorum, talent, or ability (or inability) to be appropriate”

    And yet here you are, you utterly clueless dolt, adding more needless commentary on…wait for it….decorum.

    All you “Xtina!” “No, Madonna!” “No, Gaga” types are hilarious. If you substitute female pop singers for athletes/NASCAR drivers/teams, you’re no different than a drunk Yankees fan yelling at a Red Sox fan in a bar.

    And would it kill Aguilera to actually sing on pitch a majority of the time?

  22. MarkUs says

    Thank-God she wasn’t there for Karen Carpenter’s funeral.

    “The-ey- ey-ey-ey long, I said they long, to BEEEEEEEE (screaming) CLOSE! I said CLOSE to YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!”

  23. scooter says

    Context people… it was a funeral in a predominately African-American church and if none of you have had the pleasure of attending one, then shut it.

    You might notice that she got a standing ovation for this at the end – so obviously the people in attendance didn’t mind the performance. In fact, I’d say they loved it and I tend to agree with them.

  24. sparks says

    Have ya’ll actually seen Etta sing live? She would get into the same mode, just feeling the music and letting it take her to another place. This performance paid homage to Etta in more ways than one.

    Some of ya’ll are being inappropriately hateful here, hopefully more out of ignorance than bad manners.

  25. Mark says

    Horrendous! Talk about over the top.

    Cyndi Lauper recorded a MUCH better version for her album ove standards, actually titled “At Last”.

  26. Tom says

    people seem to be forgetting that etta james’ liked the way christina sang “at last” and that it was james’ family and friends who asked christina to come. and do you they were aware of christina’s singing style? of course.

    you really can’t please everyone.
    when christina oversings, she’s a narcissist
    when she tries to restrain her singing, people call her boring
    when she was young, she was too thin
    now that she’s 30, she’s too fat.
    jeez what do people want from her?

    and really? aren’t you people are imposing your views of what a funeral should be like? you people act like you know what etta would have wanted her funeral to be like. which is pretty ridiculous of y’all

  27. STEVE says

    Let us all not forget how much Miss Christina has done for our community. Retract the claws and give the girl a break. Those that were in attendance loved it. That’s what matters. We are all voyeurs on a private ceremony. Let’s not judge. Peace My Sisters!

  28. madmatty says

    Just sing the damn song already! The thing about Etta’s version was it moved you – it got to you – it wasn’t self indulget and discordant. PS. What’s with the pics going around on the net about something running down Xtina’s leg???!!!

  29. michael says

    Is it even appropriate to clap for someone that sings at a funeral? I have never seen that. Seemed really tacky and disrespectful to me.

  30. sparks says

    @MICHAEL – it depends, mostly on the family/or church’s tradition. There are a lot of folks who do not see a funeral as an occasion to grieve, but rather, as a celebration of the decedent’s life. For them, lively music, laughing, applause, and guest performers (in some cases compensated) who don’t even know the family directly, are all acceptable and somewhat common.

    The time for quieter remembrance and somber reflection would, for them, be the burial.

  31. Mitchell says

    Sounded great. She Christina. Over the top is what she does…and very well. She looks beautiful! Lost some weight it seems.

    Ms. James…rest in peace. xo

  32. Dback says

    Aguilera has a phenomenal voice, but she’s undisciplined and self-indulgent with her talent. Aretha Franklin was probably the singer who popularized the “gospel” style of singing pop and soul songs, but she (usually) knew how to keep her excesses in check to serve the song. (Check out her largely ignored disc “Aretha Franklin Sings Standards” for an example.)

    Aguilera was clearly influenced growing up by two other singers with great voices who tend to abuse melisma, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Carey tends to push her voice into the “ultrasonic” stratosphere (remember “Emotion”?), and Houston–whose aunt is gospel legend Cissy Houston–was notorious for never singing one note when 5 or 10 would do to show off. Unfortunately, way too many young girls have grown up with Aguilera, Houston and Carey as the be-all end-all of “good” singing, and have thus embraced some of these indulgences and bad habits. (Turn on “The Voice” “Idol” etc. and you’ll see boatloads of them.)

    Having said that, there are moments when the occasion calls for something like this–Aguilera’s scorching cover of James Brown’s “This Is A Man’s World” a few years ago was incandescent. However, even considering the church setting, this performance didn’t really serve the poignant lyrics or the legendary Ms. James (whom I was lucky enough to see in concert). This version can’t hold up to Beyonce’s poignant rendition from Obama’s inauguration, or Stevie Nicks’ (yes! YouTube it!) throw-down from a few years back–Nicks completely serves the song, yet you never forget her distinctive vocals while doing so.

    The great vocalists don’t need “tricks”–they know when to hold their power in check. (Gaga with Tony Bennett on “Lady Is a Tramp,” Madonna on “Power of Goodbye” for just two examples.) Streisand may have lost her “belt,” but her hushed version of “You Must Believe In Spring” is mesmerizing. Great artists learn and adapt over time. Chalk this off as a well-intentioned misstep on Aguilera’s part for a woman she clearly loved.

  33. wslandry says

    Can this Media Whore every sing anything normal? The shame is she actually has a good voice but never proves it. Can you imagine anyone in your family showing up at a family funeral with her breasts hanging out? Trailer park trash to the 100th power.

  34. says

    OMG. This was just too, too much! Too slow, too tortured, too acrobatic, too just plain overblown. Every singer has to learn one basic lesson: if you can’t sell a song sung plainly, then you still have lots of studying to do. “Over the Top” is usually NOT a good thing. Etta nailed it; Christina just screwed up.

  35. Dolly says

    Yikes. What has happened to this woman’s voice? She use to blow my mind with her talent … now sadly, she just murders songs with all that unnecessary theatrics. And Please Christina! Stop swallowing your tongue when you’re singing!! Who the hell taught you to do that?? It sounds horrible!Your tongue should be flat when you belt out a note, not jammed up in the back of your throat! Sheesh!