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Watch: Nicki Minaj Reimagined By Jesus People (Or: 'Super Grace')

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Sociological experiment: Watch this very strange, abstinence-themed spoof on Nikki Minaj's "Super Bass" twice. The first time, assume that its creator is a godless heathen and is completely in on the joke. The second time, imagine that she really is the nice Christian girl she seems to be in the the video. Now: is the vid only funny if it's insincere?

You can visit the artist's YouTube page to find out how serious she is. For the moment, though, watch and giggle AFTER THE JUMP ...


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  1. Oooh, that is a difficult one. As much as I would like to laugh AT this video, I just can't do it. There are a lot of Christian youths who are pro-gay, such as Jim and Tammy Faye's son Jay Bakker,so I don't want to pre-judge. If, however, we learned that that this little bunch were a group of haters, then, yes it would be open season. :-)

    Posted by: Angela Channing | Jan 7, 2012 9:17:56 AM

  2. "is the vid only funny if it's insincere?"

    Brandon...how about not funny regardless. I just don't get it. Even after looking at their YouTube page, I think they're not sincere Christians, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to find funny. Maybe I'm just dense?

    Posted by: Chris | Jan 7, 2012 9:56:29 AM

  3. I was skeptical until I watched it. It's actually pretty adorable.

    Posted by: Mike M. | Jan 7, 2012 9:56:36 AM

  4. Just kind of thought that these were potential fag hags with their gay friends.

    Turns out it is done by the association of Christian fraternities at the University of Florida. I just can't imagine how boring those fraternities must be.

    Posted by: Continuum | Jan 7, 2012 10:10:05 AM

  5. Why would I want to subject myself to a Nicki Minaj song?

    Posted by: peterparker | Jan 7, 2012 10:16:31 AM

  6. I got a small chuckle out of her last name (Manko according to her tumblr blog) because it actually means 'vagina' in Japanese slang and she's talking about abstinence.

    Posted by: Paul | Jan 7, 2012 10:21:27 AM

  7. Pretty good cover. The girl over the lead singer's left shoulder dances like Tina Fey

    Posted by: Mike Hipp | Jan 7, 2012 10:43:32 AM

  8. Nikki Minaj? Ewww, wouldn't want anything to do with her songs.

    Posted by: jason | Jan 7, 2012 10:54:25 AM

  9. I like the slow-mo, stylized Pentecostal praise movements as dance--nothing says "moved by the spirit" like doing it in slow-mo to pop tunes!

    Posted by: Adam | Jan 7, 2012 11:18:00 AM

  10. It's pretty common for Christian groups to try to "sanctify" non-religious cultural phenomena, and there is some passive aggressive criticism of Nicki Minaj's dating ethics built in to their copy. But the main point of the vid seems to be to fantasize about a different type of guy who fits their worldview. As a non-girl, I can't really relate, but singing about a fantasy guy seems to be culturally relevant to a bunch of people (think girl bands from the 60s). And, by the way, I think Nicki Minaj is something of a genius for the way she plays with mixing hip hop raunch and frothy ideas about love. I love her.

    Posted by: Troy | Jan 7, 2012 11:55:57 AM

  11. I don't think it's funny either way.

    Is your disbelief at the possibility she is sincere judgmental only if she is actually sincere.

    Posted by: Cinesnatch | Jan 7, 2012 12:28:26 PM

  12. Love Nicki but this is just tripe all of those people in that video are probably also as homophobic as it gets.Thats normally true for religious organizations or universities in this case like this one.

    Posted by: Kenny | Jan 7, 2012 1:25:28 PM

  13. No way am I watching that twice. Actually I didn't even do it once. Ugh.

    Posted by: Paul R | Jan 7, 2012 3:28:31 PM

  14. Honey, I think you're virginity is safe. Just keep stuffing your fat rolls into that tacky dress and keep the raggedy wig on. You'll be fine.

    Posted by: txstevo | Jan 7, 2012 3:39:02 PM

  15. I agree with Chris. I like this blog because it provides access to news and issues relevant to the LGBT community. This just seems like an opportunity to be mean. Protesting an offensive calendar is one thing; making fun of people because they are Christian is another. Leave this stuff to Perez and get back to the news!

    Posted by: C | Jan 7, 2012 9:13:33 PM

  16. Lil Kim is The Queen of Rap!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: Vaughn | Jan 8, 2012 4:00:53 PM

  17. Oh, God.

    Posted by: James | Jan 8, 2012 6:50:53 PM

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