Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie Refuses to Defend Hawaii’s Unjust Ban on Gay Marriage in Court

News Release 2012-04


  1. MikeBoston says

    But DOMA is still the obstacle. It access to more than 1,100 federal rights and benefits to gay citizens – even ones legally married. These are benefits we still have to pay for yet are legally prevented from using.

    DOMA also prevents the mobility mentioned in the post. Can you imagine marrying in one state and 43 other states saying we choose not to recognize the marriage.

    DOMA has to go.

  2. Robert in NYC says

    I think the 14th amendment will eventually prevail across the country. It will take time but it’s coming.

  3. Tyler says

    For anyone who thinks that the lesbians and homosexuals getting married is a bad thing; get your heads out of your asses already. Their marriage won’t be a sign of a decaying society, won’t be the first step towards legalizing polygamy everywhere, and certainly won’t infringe on anything YOU already have.