1. says

    Allegedly, Blur was poised to set a ‘record’ by playing the longest live set ever aired on the Brit Awards. The producers and show runners failed here, by not allowing enough buffer time for both the Album of the Year acceptance speech and the 11 exact minutes needed for Blur to set the new record.

  2. atomic says

    After the applause and cheers died down so that she could speak, she got all of TEN SECONDS before she was cut off! WTF is that????? And the whole video clip is only a minute long!

    That’s just a tremendous show of disrespect on the part of the producers. British album of the year, and you give her ten seconds? “Yes, let’s invite her up the stage and then cut her off so that Blur can break a record….” Appalling.

  3. robert says

    girl has got attitude because its not easy growing up as a fatty who wants to eat nonstop but doesnt want to exercise and then sings about broken hearts and guys leaving her which is packaged and marketed and sold to deep & meaningful young women/girls and lipstick lesbians, as if she is a once in a lifetime, the one and only talent, unlike diana krall, joss stone, anastacia and all those other “talents” who were marketed to us as soulful singers because they had the voice of a black girl in a white girl’s body.
    except those girls were skinny, and skinny people aren’t relatable so its better she is a fatty, because fattys are sooo alternative.

    im not saying she can’t sing but make her a size 6 or size 8 and all the sudden, her fan base will shrink (no pun intended) by 80%, because she is then just another skinny white girl singing.

  4. ElCid says

    That has NOTHING to with her artistry.
    Besides man, did you see how much weight she actually lost in the last 4 years?
    Stating the obvious does not make of you smart at all. On the contrary, it says A LOT about your social inadequacy.

  5. ElCid says

    Are you guys get paid to post stupid things!?
    That is the only way I can understand such a display of not only ignorance, but also envy and most of all: astounding scarcity of brains!

  6. John says

    I could help you trolls do it – it’s really easy. You just make sure the sharp side is facing you.

    I’m sure your self-loathing and capacity for hate will make it easy to leave this world. It’s apparent you’re really sad, pathetic individuals who just get a smirk from your snark. Why prolong things? It’ll just get worse.

    It’ll be real quick. It’s only a few minutes of pain – then … none.

    Want a diagram?

  7. Paul R says

    I’m listening to her right now and love her for doing this. But to be fair, for someone who has been interviewed so much and won so many awards, she did spend a bit too much time saying Thank you. She actually had a fair bit of time. Not a ton, obviously, and they should have let her speak.

    I’m surprised that Blur started with Girls and Boys. Definitely my favorite song of theirs, but it reminds me of, what, 1990?

  8. ElCid says

    @ Paul,
    Girls and Boys is also one of my favorite songs of Blur, “The Universal” being the one I love the most.
    My guess is that, given they received the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award, it makes sense to start with a 1994 song which probably was their international breakthrough hit…

  9. ElCid says

    I am fat too, just so you know. Am I Ugly? I don’t know, someone else might answer that.
    Useless….wow, seriously man, that’s the kind of statement that makes people think gay people are as shallow as Paris Hilton.
    You might need to think a bit more before you write.

  10. John says

    Oh starpeople88 – you are so sad and pathetic. It breaks my heart and I can help you stop it – quickly. How ’bout being a man, IF that’s what you are and let’s meet up – then you can tell whether I’m fat or not.

    Hiding behind your anonymity is so tired and cowardly. I’d rather have a physical rather than a verbal conflict. I’m game if you are :)

    Contact me and we’ll have at it – totally ready. I’m a rather scary fairy – would love to add you to my list.

  11. Paul R says

    Adele is the world’s most popular female pop star at the moment aside from Gaga (I’m not referring to people like Madonna, who hasn’t put out anything in years). They should have showed her respect. Her weight does not matter and might account for some of her vocal talent.

    Do you want everyone to be a bald, anorexic Britney? Go to it.

  12. Cynthia says

    Wow! What’s up with all the anti-fat comments here? Its bad enough that Gay men are being discriminated, even by some homophobes who have been discriminated themselves. Why continue this cycle of hypocrisy? We complain against the horrors of bullying and degrading school kids cause they’re different, then turn around and mock Adele’s size. Of course, Obesity is a problem, though I don’t consider Adele to be obese. But, you’re not going to encourage obese individuals to be healthy by degrading them. One other double standard that pisses me off is when fat people are told to lose weight, by individuals who smoke cigarettes, addicted to meth or ecstasy. These individuals get a free pass, as long as they look cute, slim, and rock their skinny jeans at the club. So it basically comes down to aesthetics. Seriously, this needs to stop. Ya’ll know better!

  13. Paul R says

    I think that most people do know better. And gay men, especially, know the problems of eating disorders. Some people are simply idiots. Adele is not morbidly obese by any standard, and seems to have lost quite a bit of weight in the past few months.

  14. arch says

    i would rather have my pop stars talented and unique looking rather than the type of manufactured puppet pretty boys and girls that the industry rams down our throats, judging by the success of Adele and the late Amy so do most people.

    And if someone has to get in the way of her speech (which was a shame) then at least it was the magnificent Blur!

  15. Dev says

    Hmm. I’m thin and handsome, but see nothing wrong with Adele. She’s a bit overweight, but not obese like these comments suggest. Then again bitter people will say the oddest things. If you can’t handle being fat or ugly, don’t project your insecurities to people who are confident about themselves. Learn to DEAL WITH IT.

  16. charlie says

    Being FAT, most of the time is a CHOICE and can be easily remedied through healthy choices in life. Being GAY, on the other hand is not a choice. No point comparing them.

  17. mickeflip says

    Well, all of you are going to despise me cause I was hoping PJ Harvey would win it. Granted, she got two Mercury’s but never a Grammy or a BRIT. Last night proves she’ll never get one in future either. *sigh*

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