1. elg/edwin says

    I hope the police use every tool at their disposal to catch these monsters.

    My heart goes out to the victim. He will not be the same person he was before this happened.

    This is why Roland Martin needs to be taken down. Martin needs to be fired from CNN.

  2. Francis says

    I’ve wondered about this before and still have to question exactly why this TRASH website hasn’t been taken down. It’s essentially a website that glorifies the absolute worst of the worst in urban communities, and validates every single stereotype others have towards individuals living in these communities. The first action that needs to be taken is to demand this website is eliminated. These animals do these sorts of things for attention, so we need to take that avenue away from them.

    My heart goes out to the victim as well. Such a senseless attack. I really hope he has loved ones who will be there for him while he is recovering physically and mentally from this incident.

    Atlanta is such a conundrum. Very high gay population and openness, but with such a thin line between right crowd vs. wrong crowd. I guess that’s the same everywhere, though.

  3. Mark says

    There would be a group of hoodrats with bullets in their skulls if I’d been attacked.

    Get a gun, get mace, get a punch knife, learn Krav Maga. Don’t leave your personal safety to others. Help the world by eliminating a few of these human cockroaches.

  4. MAP says

    And where are all the African American pastors, ministers and Jessie Jackson? The are out in numbers ( bought $$$$) preaching against gay marriage but you don’t see them out preaching against black on black violence let alone black on black gay bashing…guess there isn’t enough $$$$ in it for them.

  5. New-new says

    Mel, please have a seat somewhere.

    Racism and heterosexism are both institutional forms of discrimination in this country but they each have manifested in different forms. To compare the two is to create a hierarchy of oppression. We should acknowledge how these two and other forms of discrimination (e.g. Sexism, classism, etc.) are deeply ingrained in our society and try to combat them.

    I am black and gay myself. Despite my position in the matrix of domination as a black gay male, I do have a degree of male privilege and class privilege. I know this and try to recognize and check my privilege.

  6. George M says

    I’m sure some in our community think it happened because this Man was to feminine, isn’t that the argument some use on here?
    They deserve jail time, let’s hope they get it.

  7. Jonathon says

    Randall, it wouldn’t have been just 100 years ago, especially in Georgia. It is within living memory of most of these men’s grandparents. This sort of violence is intolerable, and I hope that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is an excellent example of why hate crime laws are needed. What I find most sad is that hate is stirred in my heart against the men who were part of the attack. I am sad to say that my first thought went to siccing the KKK on these monsters – and I should be ashamed of that, but I think that what these guys need is a dose of their own medicine. I just cannot abide homophobia from the African-American community. They better than anyone should know what discrimination and hate feel like.

  8. elg/edwin says

    I am black and gay and I agree with Mel Smith’s statement that “I think homophobia is worse than racism”.

    Imagine a video of three white men viciously beating and kicking a black man while repeatedly calling him the “n” word. The Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as well as the NATIONAL media would be all over it. There would be massive displays of outrage on ALL sides of the political spectrum.

    So far, few outside the LGBT community and hopefully the local police department seem to be interested in this case.

    Overt homophobia, including violent homophobia, is currently not sanctioned by this society the way overt expressions of racism are sanctioned

  9. Gonzo says

    I get extreme;y angry when I see videos like there. Black men are so hung up on sexuality and keeps me wonder why they care so much as to beat another man. Ignorant, uneducated fools.

  10. Chitown Kev says

    If you’re black and gay, then yes you have to worry about both.

    Personally, I think that homophobia has affected my life and my relationships more than racism has but I do note a lot of subtle (and some not so subtle) racism in day-to-day life.

  11. new-new says

    racism and homophobia are entirely different animals.

    both are bad but let’s try to remember that racism still exists in this country and that it affects people of color in ways that amount to more than simple, yet tragic, hate crimes. not to over simplify the issue of heterosexism, but we to this day still have a corrupt criminal justice system that will likely dole out a harsher punishment for these criminals based on their skin color than their white counterparts.

    so take some solace in that, white folks.

    @Gabe R L: girl, are you serious. we are not trying to play the oppression olympics. your comment is why i can’t with the gay community sometimes. you’re marginalizing the other serious forms of oppression that exist by trying to create a heirarchy.

  12. Damian says

    This culture needs to be changed. I’m black, so hold your cries of racism…if my black brothers and sisters spent half the time they occupy yelling racist at every criticism toward our black youth, and instead turned the tables and examined our youth, examined the culture glorified for them and by them, maybe we could get a little more transparent.

    Does this happen in whites, latinos, asians? sure. but I lived in Houston, and Dallas and D.C and to say homophobia is not more heightened by young black gay men in a more extreme measure than others is an absolute lie. It’s something that can be changed, but needs to be acknowledged. Not in a disrespectful manner, but in a civil manner. I’d never want my people (black folk) to endure any form of prejudice, but I do want them to be the best they can be. This is not it. This needs to stop. It starts with being real, and addressing real issues, not dancing away from them.

  13. JeffLAB says

    I strictly date black men (they are just fine) and am just as comfortable if not more comfortable around a group of black people as any other group, but at a certain point…….the black community DOES need to speak up against these crimes that are becoming too common place. There IS an elephant in this room. An elephant that’s been pushed to the side so long that it’s literally made a matter that could have been eased or erased magnified, but because no one was willing to go there, we have situations like this. Black community, you owe it to the pioneers of the civil rights movement to reverse this mindset.

  14. Real Talk says

    @NEW-NEW. I’m black too. step up. You seeing this disturbing footage and the first reaction you got is “let’s see the racist comments” speaks volumes. it tells me as a black man that we LGBT blacks have a load of work to do. when we’re more inclined and EAGER to call peeps out on their racism than face our own people and demand change is why we’re struggling to find that niche in AA community. you’re more interested in calling the white and latino gay a racist than calling the black man a homophobe. I am a black gay man. I know what it’s like to be gay and be black, and I don’t need you to educate me on which is more deeply prominent. your agenda is skewed, your anger misdirected, and your presence does nothing to further progress.

    you know damn well if gays attacked blacks in the number we see blacks attackin gays with anti gay rants during the attack, you know good an well if that were reversed gays would be called for extermination. you know damn well. so don’t be coming here and telling us to not be reactionary to what we see and have experienced from a minority group that should know better. you calling me a racist won’t change my skin complexion.

  15. Chitown Kev says


    That’s provided that the perps are caught.

    Black people (of whatever sexual orientation) don’t like going to the police because of the high probability of abuse (or neglect) and black-on-black crime isn’t THAT big of deal since that’s “how those people are.”

    So put that into your cultural matrix of oppression and smoke it.

  16. sugarrhill says

    New Talk has apparently only been around the this site’s block once if he hasn’t noticed how skewed the comments section is when the perpetrator of homophobia is white as opposed to a person of color. No one is making excuses for people of color when they engage in the same homophobic activity that whites do. Yet somehow it always ends up that black homophobia is indicative of black culture in general when that is never the case for whites.

  17. L.C says

    Sugarrhill, maybe that’s because black culture has proven themselves to be more homophobic. Interesting that you can make a correlation between gays and racism based on your observations of gay racism, but gays can’t make a correlation between blacks and homophobia based on the overwhelming support of that evidence. That shows bigotry and hypocrisy on your end.

  18. Michelle says

    Just imagine for one moment, gay people beating black people while using the N word, the number of times we’ve seen black people beating gays using the F word. Imagine the treatment gays would get from society and especially the black community. Polotical correctness is what leads to incidents like this.

  19. TacoTuesdayTX says

    @ SugarHill. If you get this fired about about understandable frustrations from the gay community toward the black community over comments on a blog, I don’t even want to imagine what you’d be like if you reversed the roles and gays were perpetrating attacking blacks, stripping their rights, gay churches speaking ill of them every chance, and gay public figures constantly making derogatory comments about them. yet that’s what gays face by black community and people like you. the only double standard we see is that individuals like you only take exception to white racism, not so much black homophobia. THAT seems accepted by you. but it certainly won’t be by us.

  20. Gabe R L says

    Girl, I am very serious. I definitely recognise the ugliness of all kinds of prejudice, and have fought against them and encouraged others to do so, but I do believe that homophobia against gay men is the most deepest and insidious form of prejudice there is. That opinion does not mean that I dismiss other terrible forms of prejudice and discrimination by any means. Sorry if that is not understood.

  21. Lazlo says

    If anyone wants to start a petition to shut down WorldStarHipHop, I’ll sign it. This kind of stuff needs to end. Its not just young black people beating up gay youths. They fight each other or pick fights so they can record them and put them online. Just a few days ago I had to call the police on some elementary kids who were encouraging two young girls to fight. I’m sick of it happening in my neighborhood, it reflects poorly on my community/race. I’m totally gonna blow this story up. I’m posting to twitter, facebook, I’m emailing Andy Humm of GAY USA (which you can watch online or at Free Speech TV), gonna do what I can.

  22. jack says

    These thugs use the cowards favorite tactic: the sucker punch. They want to hurt someone without getting hurt themselves. Roland Martin should be forced to watch this video. His “cute” homophobic tweets aid this kind of behavior. I am old enough to remember when white cowards used these tactics against blacks ( not the word they used). Now we see young black men doing the same thing to someone they view as different. SO SAD!

  23. ratbastard says

    That was painful to watch.

    People, please be aware of your surroundings, and the people and environment around you, especially in high crime urban areas. I don’t care what your race,ethnicity, gender, orientation is, use common sense, intuition and try to develop some street smarts if you don’t have any. And throw political correctness out the window. Your safety always comes first.

  24. ratbastard says

    I knew a [white] kid from an under-privileged background [he grew up in the projects,single mom, the whole nine yards], we were kind of friends as teenagers. He and his buddies would sometimes go around and play ‘knockout’, basically they would randomly assault somebody, punch them with the goal of knocking them out with the first punch. I lost touch with him, but met him again when he was 26. He was a homeless heroin addict. He may be dead now, I don’t know. He looked like a skinny Bart Simpson, and he always picked on guys bigger than himself.

    There’s f’ed up sh*t out there, be careful.

  25. J.J. in the Navy says

    Wow…Just the amount of offhand and racist comments in this post made me realize that there’s nothing “post-racial” about this country.

  26. says

    Well TacoTuesdayTX…lets run down what you just said. If you reversed the roles first of all. What race of people were the ones who killed Matthew Sheppard? Caucasian,

    Then you said: stripping their rights (99% percent Caucasian Republican House of Representatives),

    Churches speaking ill of them every chance ( John Hagee, Rod Parsley, The Mormon Church, The Catholic Church yep All ran by Caucasians

    And public figures constantly making derogatory comments about us.
    Troy, Mich., Mayor Janice Daniels. Caucasian
    Tony Perkins, Caucasian
    Many Tea Party people…who are Caucasian too!

    yet that’s what gays face by whites and people like you.

    YOU DUMB MOTHERFU_CKER. It goes both ways. The only thing is your sissy ass came to the table with a gripe against Black people.

    HOMOPHOBIA is a disease that is affected by all groups and until some you r@cist queens realize that maybe, and maybe we can move forward with solutions. Until this tit for tat bullshyt will continue.
    That said I hope these criminal are caught and given life sentences!

  27. Hollywood, CA says

    Straight BLACK guys beat up gays. Straight Latins beat up gays. Straight Middle-easterners beat up gays. Straight white people absolutely go around and beat up gays. This is not a color issue, it’s a minority issue, and gays are a smaller minority than the racial ones. This video could have been shot in Peru, with Peruvians beating the crap out of someone they thought was gay. We have to come together and change laws, learn how to protect ourselves, and make sure our voices are heard.

    Do what you can to help, and don’t stand there and let someone get their asses kicked. Call the cops, take pictures, and hold the police dept. accountable.

  28. billmiller says

    There are so many [black] people, people in general afraid and ashamed of their own sexuality. It is sad, I hope the fellow that was beat up is OK. We all need to fight racism and homophobia! I was raised in the church, and the church needs to get over the homo crap and concentrate on the needs of the people!

  29. jay says

    I posted this video last night on my FB page. and tonight my mom shared her thoughts!! She wrote…”I rather live amongs gays, than to be near animals like u, there’s no other words to describe you and those like you.” She wrote more, but keeping it short. I am honestly blessed to have an amazing Mom! She is my Hero!! and the best part is that when I first came out, she thought I was confused! She is deeply religious! and through the years, she is now becoming a big advocate of our community because she knows more, and has learned so much. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s sad to see a video like this, but it also teaches everyone around us, of the things we can face everyday.

  30. Bill Michael says

    Why did it require three thugs to beat up one gay guy? Not only that, they sucker punched him from behind instead of facing him man to man. Some REAL men here, folks, just like the Muslims who gang rape their gay brothers to “make them straight”.

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