1. says

    “it should be left up to the States” is Gay Republican speak for “i don’t have the balls to actually challenge my chosen allies on this issue”

    truly. GOProud says the same thing all the time. Which would make an optimistic person think that they’re doing lots of marriage Equality work on a State level – which they’re not. At all. It would take time away from their hard work telling Republicans that they’re “not like those gay liberals” who are actually lobbying (and winning…) Marriage Equality at a State level.


    maybe Bebeu can date this happy gay republican:

  2. TampaZeke says

    Another thing. He keeps talking about how he’s “with Ron Paul” on this question and that but he was a campaign manager for Mitt Romney. Hmmm, I wonder why?

    He’s the worst kind of gay stereotype.

  3. says

    If he thinks leaving marriage equality up to the states is a good idea, he better hope his next Jose isn’t marriage material since the odds of there being gay equality in a state, AZ, ruled by anti-gay zealots like Gov. Brewer are about the same as a gay man finding happiness while leading a double life. Maybe now that his secrets are out in the open he can reevaluate his life and his politics and live an honest life. Because the voting base he was seeking isn’t likely to embrace him now that some truth has come to light. They prefer their gay, Jose-loving men on the way way DL.

  4. Neil says

    I can’t believe people are falling for Babeu’s schtick. He in no way talked about “gay rights”. He masterfully spun each answer into vagues teabag mantras and demands for religious freedom. Notice how he kept emphasizing how sexual orientation (for gays only) is something very private and not to be pushed or “worn on your sleeve”. He in fact holds all the standard GOP views: opposes ENDA or any employment protections for glbt, opposes hate crimes legislation, and believes civil rights like marriage equality must be put up to a vote.

  5. Jeff says

    Jose says he was threatened with deportation even though he’s here legally. Huh?

    If he’s here legally, I don’t understand how he could be threatened? If he’s here illegally, it sounds like he’s the one trying to pull something.

  6. Paul B. says

    Just a prick…who else would do the job he’s done & associate with the people he does? If I’m gay, which I am…he’s surely something else…but not gay. Trash perhaps.

  7. says

    exactly, Neil.

    he’s still downplaying and compartmentalizing his being gay. it’s so pathetic, and it’s galling how obvious it is amongst Gay Republicans.

    “worn on your sleeve”? Hah. That’s right, because cowards like him are only tolerated by their chosen communities as long as they apologize for and show shame for being gay. muting. hiding. censoring. editing. compartmentalizing.

    that’s why his ilk is so angry at Out and Visible LGBT people. jealousy that he hasn’t the strength to live with the same freedom and courage.

    i don’t know why gay republicans seem to pride themselves on their failed (let’s be honest, eh?) attempts to “pass for white” – it’s not like it’s done them any favours.

    your standard neutered conservative homosexual male.

  8. says

    The only gay men who think that marriage is a state’s rights issue are those that make enough money to not worry about annoying little things like wills, hospital visitation rights, joint mortgages, etc.

  9. Rick says

    Some of you people will just never get it, will you? The guy is not ashamed of his sexuality, any more than people who are Log Cabin Republicans are (if they were, they would not be out of the closet, would they be? Duh.)

    As hard as it may be for you to believe, some gay people do not regard their sexuality as the most important thing in their lives… fact, for many, it is way down the list as far as the things that matter to them.

    And some of these people realize that all the laws you politicos spend so much time obsessing over will have very little, if any, impact on the lives of the vast majority of gay people.

    Laws against discrimination in the workplace and housing are largely unenforceable. The right to marry is irrelevant to 95% of the gay population. Hate crimes legislation means little when you are capable of protecting yourself and are not an obvious sissy, to begin with.

    And there are some people–and some of them are gay–who do not believe the government should be dictating to anybody who they should be able to hire or fire, to whom they should be able to rent an apartment or sell a house, or should be able to decree that a crime committed against someone should be considered more serious if it was motivated by dislike of a minority group than if it was not.

    I personally don’t agree with a lot of this, but someone who is gay can have those points of view and still be entirely comfortable with their sexuality and who they are as people. Moreover, they can care far more about the economy, foreign affairs, environmental issues, animal rights, property tax rates, and ten thousand other things more than they care about whether ENDA gets passed or not.

    Despite your zeal to insist otherwise.

    And they will choose their political affiliations accordingly, whether you like it or not.

  10. Crystal says

    Poor confused guy. No, not the sheriff, but Wolff. Babeu is a hypocrite who wanks on that the marriage equality debate is about making religious institutions get on board whether they like it or not, rather than about contract law, and Wolffy sits there like a bump on a log, saying nothing.

  11. RF says

    Poor self hating, deluded man. He thinks that by compartmentalizing his gay self off to the side and yapping about libertarian, small government ideas, he can be accepted by Republicans.

    pssst…Babeau… here’s a little secret. They hate you. They think you are a deviant sinner who is trying to convert their children. No amount of rational talk will sway them. Republicans [almost by definition now] are bigots. Bigots will never accept you.

  12. Rick says

    @RF No significant gay rights legislation has ever passed in Congress or any state legislature without Republican support. None. Not one. And none ever will. And without some gay presence in the Republican Party, those would never have passed either–not DADT repeal, not marriage legislation in New York, nothing.

    You people want to characterize ALL Republicans as bigots and all gay people who are Republicans as self-hating… the same time that you embrace racial minorities who are overwhelmingly Democrats and who are even more homophobic than Republicans are (as the overwhelming opposition of black Democrats to same-sex marriage in every state where it has been on the ballot has demonstrated beyond any doubt).

    Again proving that so many of you are nothing but tools of the Far Left, with no more congruity or consistency or rationality than the tools of the Far Right, whose intolerance and hatefulness you share in equal measure.

  13. atomic says

    Rick, just because there are a tiny minority of Republicans who vote with the rest of progressive Democrats for gay rights, doesn’t mean such legislation passes BECAUSE of Republicans; it means it passes IN SPITE OF the GOP bloc. You are such a troll and a hopeless, self-loathing apologist that it’s quite obvious to anyone but yourself.

  14. says

    “Some of you people will just never get it, will you? The guy is not ashamed of his sexuality, any more than people who are Log Cabin Republicans are (if they were, they would not be out of the closet, would they be? Duh)”

    YOU just don’t get it, Rick. And you have no intention of doing so. Your problem like that of Sheriff Tattoo is that the closet has collapsed. Lawrence vs. Texas wiped “Sidomy” laws off the books and thus removed the onus of being an inherently criminal class from the likes of you me and the Sheriff. But that’s your problem you see. It would be so much better for you if you could aspire to live like Roy Cohn. But Roy’s dead. (His chauffur Ken Burdick — once a friend of mine — is still alive however. At least when I last looked.)

    The Log Cabinettes at least declare they’re TRYING to get a party that hatest them to love them. It won’t work, but they make more sense than GOProud, which has turned its fury on the out and proud. WE’RE supposed to be the problem. They think that if they come out loud and strong for guns, against immigrants and the res of the Republican playbook their Daddies will love them. Not only does Daddy still not love them — CPAC scorns them. They have no place to go. And Sheriff Tatttoo has no place to go either.

    How do you explain a man who bashes immigrants with his hand even as he mounts them with his penis?

    I’m sure you have the answer “Rick.”

    Don’t disappoint us.

  15. says

    the URL, Rick, where you show us all this empowered masculine gay role model example that you’re talking about?

    show us. URL, please. your page/video where you show us how it’s done.

    come on, you can do it. prove it.

  16. says

    don’t ask Rick to explain himself, ask him to show himself.

    he won’t be able to. one more coward who screams furiously at Out LGBT people from within the confines of the closet he’s destined to spend the rest of his life in.

    we’ve all heard his talking points over and over again – they’re intellectually dishonest nuggets of nonsense; the kinds of lies that delusional men tell themselves in order to get through the daily torture of being themselves.

  17. Marshall says

    Barf! This guy was all too happy to structure his career around the advantage of being perceived as a white male heterosexual and all of the privileges that implies. He said nothing for gay rights in all that time. He was happy to court and receive the support of bigots.

    So, screw him.

  18. Rick says

    “How do you explain a man who bashes immigrants with his hand even as he mounts them with his penis?”

    Illegal aliens are not “immigrants.” They are lawbreakers. PERIOD. And should be treated as such.

    None of which, however, has anything to do with sex or sexual attraction, which is the most irrational impulse known to man and is resistant to any kind of reason. (We all know that you would drop to your knees in a nanno-second if Tim Tebow were standing naked in front of you in his jockstrap….despite his Religious Right associations, don’t we David? Come on, be totally honest about it–and what is the difference between that and the sherriff purportedly banging the illegal butt-boy?)

    As for GOProud, I don’t really like them, but it is extremists like you who have created extremists like them. Extremism begets extremism…..and that is why our whole political system is broken……because the Far Left and the Far Right refuse to be reasonable and each simply reacts to the other by opposing every thing the other favors and vice-versa.

    It is gridlock and it is destroying our entire country…..and obviously beginning to destroy our community, as well.

  19. Marshall says


    You really are ignorant if you believe anti-discrimination laws are not not enforced. There are many companies that have been on the receiving end of discrimination lawsuits that have had to pay out large settlements.

    As for you misguided belief that being only being a “sissy” will lead to abuse or discrimination you’re living in a bubble or dream world. I’m sure all of those macho military personnel who were kicked out of the Armed Force over the years would disagree with you.

    Also, no one is going to disagree that there aren’t homophobes in the Democratic party, however, they don’t control it. You don’t see Democrats, on average, leading the charge against gay rights. Democrats have not been the ones to propose anti-gay legislative measures.

    As for this sheriff, he was closeted until such as he was forced out by circumstances beyond his control. In Arizona, according published reports, the GOP is controlled by anti-gay evangelicals and Mormons. His hopes of higher office are over.

  20. says

    i couldn’t date a gay republican.

    call me crazy, but i like my man to actually have balls.
    i’m a ball man!

    there’s nothing more of a turn-off than some coward who sucks up to the right wing. major boner shrinker.

  21. JC says

    He’s going to use his moment in the spotlight as much as possible to further his campaign. He was posting inappropriate photos of himself online, and yet he is a Republican office holder and is running for another office. Didn’t we just have an amazingly progressive, Democratic congressman resign for posting inappropriate photos? Umm… hypocrisy?

  22. TJ says

    And there are some people – and some of them gay – who don’t believe the government should… be able to decree a crime… more serious if motivated by a minority group (blah blah blah).

    Because the extra harm and intimidation that extends to the group as a whole through an act against an individual that was perpetrated simply because that person belongs to the group and draws breath is in no way particularly and additionally heinous. No big whoop. No more noteworthy than stealing that person’s hubcaps.

    RICK – still an idiot!

  23. RyanInSacto says

    JC, allow me to introduce you to an acronym that our gal Rachel Maddow coined: IOKIYAR. It’s OK if you are Republican. This can now be used as convenient shorthand for the standard hypocrisy that Republicans commit on a day-to-day basis.

  24. Luke says


    Nice try at defending and deflecting your reasoning to be ashamed and apologetic of people being gay.

    There’s no use in arguing with someone who thinks that ‘being gay’ also means you can’t control your sexual desires. Sure, we can state the obvious that people like Tim Tebow (athletes) might be seen as attractive. Though you probably think every gay man is attracted to big, muscular guys, don’t you?

    But if you’re an actual human being, then no, you wouldn’t want to have sex with someone who just shows up at your door that you don’t know. We aren’t all adolescent boys with hormones going crazy (and even then, I don’t think I’d be so stupid).

    It sounds as though you’ve bought into all the hateful stereotypes about gays. After all, you believe that sexual orientation is “part of” your personality yet you go on to say that it should be silent/non-existent publicly.

    As for the Sheriff, his political career is most likely over. It’s more about his association with someone who may have been here illegally than his gayness, but I have little doubt that his being gay will also destroy a lot of his support.

    If you don’t believe me, read the comments about his on FoxNews, Redstate, etc. People are horrified that he used the internet to look for sex (I’m not making this up), as if it’s something only gay people do. They see him now as damaged goods (as did the people of Massachusetts, where he tried to run for public office but failed).

  25. Rick says

    @Marshall I don’t know of a single case of a discrimination suit being brought by a gay employee that resulted in any large settlements–and the only circumstances under which I could imagine there would be such a settlement would be one in which the discrimination was so blatant as to be almost unbelievable–for example, a supervisor repeatedly abusing an employee by using epithets like “Faggot” in front of a whole bunch of witnesses. Barring that, you are dealing with an “invisible” trait (sexuality) so proving discrimination would be virtually impossible.

    DADT was different–and was one of the few instances where I think changing the law made a real difference–it was different because you could lose your job for no other reason than being found out to be gay, even if you were doing your job well…..what DADT did not do and cannot do, though, is prevent discrimination in the ranks in promotions, etc.

    Anyway, laws are designed to force people to do what they don’t want to do and if you change people’s attitudes, then you don’t even need laws……so the real focus should be on changing the male culture, not on passing legislation…..and, ironically, someone such as Sherriff Babeu is, by simply being himself, probably doing far more to win over people who are still homophobes than any of you are by glitter-bombing them–he is demonstrating to them that their conceptions of gay people are wrong, whereas most of you are just reinforcing their negative conceptions……

  26. says

    the most annoying thing about THAT, JC, is that there actually wasn’t the same level of hypocrisy involved with Anthony Weiner.

    Weiner wasn’t running on a platform, nor was he a support of, those “moral causes” that the conservative-right likes to pretend matter in the world.

    had Weiner been part of a campaign against consenting adults sharing explicit photos with each other over the internet, he’d have been justifiably hypocritical. as is, he was busted for doing something that frankly has nothing whatsoever to do with his political career, UNLIKE BABEU.

    Weiner’s resignation was frustrating for that reason – his blunder revealed a marital issue, and not one about political or sociopolitical hypocrisy, piety or bias.

    Babeu and his kind will never understand that they’re the reason their own lives are difficult. Same with the RICK’s of the world – the RICKs are all upset because they’re all Closeted – they’re all demand that it’s their right to be closeted and private and discreet, and then complain that not enough Out gay men are more like them. Come Out yourselves, you dunces. But they can’t – they’re not man enough. Sitting complaining from the darkness that they don’t have to Come Out and complaining that more guys “like them” aren’t Out.


  27. says

    Wow, I actually find myself agreeing with Rick for once.

    I disagree with this guy’s politics pretty much across the board and his position on immigration given the circumstances is particularly egregious, but I don’t think that his stated political views are necessarily indicative of being ashamed of his sexuality. Different people have different priorities, worldviews, etc., most people tend to go with the party-line of whichever party they feel best aligns with their priorities on the issues that don’t feel to be as central. And that’s about all I take away from these clips — he repeats the views of the libertarian wing of the GOP when it comes to matters of lgbtq issues, most likely because he feels other issues more pressing. I don’t agree with him, but I’m not gonna disrespect him on this particular point, either.

    I guess I just feel like a lot of the time like we’re as guilty of these kinds of McCarthyesque “ideological purity” litmus tests as our opponents are, and I think in the long-run these kinds of rigidities undermine us rather than strengthen us. We’re not a monolithic group of people, and shouldn’t aspire to be.

  28. says

    he avoids the gay issues because if he actually addressed the gay issues he’d be reminding his fellow Conservatives that he likes a nice brown c**k up his b**t.

    it’s actually Closet Cases who DO feel that LGBT Issues are “central” – they’re the ones so terrified of anti-gay sentiment that they’re still living in hiding.

    it’s not “we dont’ focus on LGBT issues because we think there are bigger priorities” …. it’s “we don’t focus on LGBT Issues because if we do our dads won’t let us sit at the Big Kid’s table at dinner and we’re only tolerated if we apologize for and compartmentalize our sexuality”

    very important distinction.

    the only people who are actually ‘defined’ by their orientation are those who are still terrified of other people defining them by their orientation. the Babeus, the ricks, the GOProuders.

  29. Jose S says

    I think the sheriff should not run for congress and wait until next time until this blows over. Maybe he could run for something else, and maybe just be more comfortable about his revelation.

    I don’t mind his politics that much, what I do have a problem is that he tried to hide his orientation and this has damaged his cred.

    But all in all whether you like it or not, he is part of our community now and I think we should not completely shout him down and maybe he can actually learn from his mistakes and be a better public servant.

  30. Matt says

    I’m going to say this, because it NEEDS to be said.

    You want to be conservative as a gay man? Fine. But for Christ’s sake; have some self-respect for the love of God! Stop being such sycophantic supplicants!

  31. says

    oh, and shelly, what makes him clearly ashamed of his sexuality is his nearly 44 years of being Closeted, coupled with his comments that are evasive, dismissive and pretty much the kind of nonsense every insecure right-wing homosexual says.

    he’s not self hating because he’s a gay republican. he’s self-hating because he’s a gay republican who doesnt’ have the balls to speak up, stand up and actually fight for LGBT Equality as a gay man.

    he’s still saying “i’m gay, but i’m not ALL ABOUT BEING GAY…”

    of course you’re not, sugar. then daddy won’t pretend he respects you anymore.

  32. Sebastian says

    Guess he forgot that Arizona already voted that he and his partner can’t get married, or adopt children, or get on his healthcare plan, I guess when your handle is ‘stud boi’ all that you are thinking about is one thing, getting some, no matter who or where the guy is from.

  33. SFshawn says

    It’s just a matter of days before one of these absolutely disgusting and brainless zealously religious Republican presidential ‘candidates’ gets the green light with their billionaire sugar daddies footing the electoral bill. Rick(anti public education/anti women’s choice/anti-gay,pro-stupidity) Santorum, Newt(too much hypocrisy to even document) Gingrich and Mitt(devout Moron,flip flopper on every issue) Romney. If this is the best the Republican Party can offer this country then they really are in deep,deep,deep trouble. I guess they were hoping Arnold(sleep with the maid) wouldn’t get caught and could run for President. Sorry that didn’t work out for the Republicans but 3 of these loser candidates will be history by Tuesday and we’ll just see how they “support” each other on one ticket going forward since we all know Republicans LOVE to share the limelight! lol

  34. Craig says

    Yeah, Andy, the clips are OK … but do you have the one where Wolf is looking all starry eyed and “come hither” wet lipped after asking the sheriff “if he’s seeing anyone.”

  35. candideinnc says

    Trash. The man was a coward. Ashamed of who he is, and worried about being exposed to the bigots he cuddles up to. Poseur. Fraud, Fake. Loser. Hypocrite.

  36. Rob says

    Arizona is a freaking political train wreck. They arm mental patients to the teeth, who shoot politicians and others, and the state makes not the slightest gesture toward gun control. They are off the rails on immigration, civil rights- what a nightmare. No wonder some jerk like Babeu can get 15 minutes of fame there. He is spouting nonsensical rhetoric as though he is still seeking office and as though one Republican in the world would ever vote for him.

    This scandal is like some bizarre LSD trip – replete with a very cheesy internet hookup photo. Public office?? Political opinions?? What?? Why are his lips still moving?? Is this reality TV?? Only in Arizona.

  37. johnny says

    “the only people who are actually ‘defined’ by their orientation are those who are still terrified of other people defining them by their orientation.”

    kiwi, I don’t know if that quote is original to you or not, but if so: BRILLIANT!

  38. BobN says

    “No significant gay rights legislation has ever passed in Congress or any state legislature without Republican support. None. Not one.”

    BS. Absolute and utter BS you pulled out of your own arse.

    Just one example: California’s creation of Domestic Partnerships, giving the largest number of gay people EVER nearly equal marriage rights and the vote was ENTIRELY Dem against all GOP and one Dem.

    And that’s in a state where we supposedly have at least some moderate GOPers.

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  40. Blake says

    Babeu’s empty talking points are bad, but I was more disappointed at Wolf letting him slide on his nonsensical answer on marriage equality. His signature issue is immigration, which is regulated at the federal level. But he dated a foreign national and wants marriage rights left up to the states. That’s just BEGGING for Wolf to followup on the conflict of multi-national couples and straight Americans being able to sponsor their spouses for citizenship while gay Americans can’t. Horrible journalism to not press him on that.

  41. JET says

    As someone who worked for Reagan, I can tell you that there have always been gay people who are Republican and who work tirelessly for our own oppressors. It comes from deep seated place of shame that in my case was about trying to be a “good boy” that was so useful to the power structure that they couldn’t hate me. Its not unlike Jews who assisted in Hitler’s rise to power. Babeu wants to be thought of as one of the “good ones”, but ultimately as GW Bush did in 2004, we will still be thrown under the bus when they need to rile his base. I feel sorry for this man, as his choice of party, his choice of boyfriend, his closeted life and his tattoo all speak to self loathing and a sense of inadequacy. Oh, and after a decade of therapy, I registered as a democrat in 2000. There is hope for us all

  42. MikeBoston says

    Like most of his Republican cohorts, he feels the definition of marriage is solely a state issue. No doubt he is adamant that DOMA must be struck down as it defines marriage at the federal level. Of course, he will convince others that DOMA must go – if only to be consistent in their illogical arguments against civil marriage equality.

    I don’t understand why journalists let these politicians keep calling religion into the debate when no one – no state, no gay/lesbian group, no individual – has ever proposed a law that would in any way affect a religious institution when it comes to civil marriage equality.

  43. MikeBoston says

    Oops – I forgot to mention that Babeu is a major d-bag. He has lived as a coward and is now paying the price. There is a very strong possibility that he will face charges for the threats. I’m sure he will play the ‘priest-diddler victim’ card on the inevitable 60 minutes interview. I hope AC is the reporter on the interview.

  44. dms says

    While I loathe this guy, I do think it’s true that for more gays than we’d like to admit, taxes and money rank far above marriage rights. A lot of successful gay men have no interest in marriage (and the rights it gives less successful spouses in the event of divorce–alimony! estate rights!) and would also like to pay as little as possible in taxes.

    So they vote republican to keep marriage for gays illegal and to keep their taxes low.

    I hate it, but it’s true.

  45. Mk_ultra_again says

    Saying gay rights are “state’s rights” is a far right talking point. It is anti gay, anti American, anti democracy and one of the most insidious ways of raping a minority in modern history. Anyone who uses it is an ENEMY of the gay community.

  46. michael singh says

    That other press confrence he had was awful & funny.

    I would imagine it is difficult at the moment being himself. He has done the wrong thing in regards to boyfriend which leaves him not being able to tell the truth.

    I think it would be pretty lonely being a gay republician. Alot of people he identifies with all they would see him as is a c-sucker. Excuse my language.

    He’s sexy but I don’t like the stuff that comes out of his mouth.

  47. StandUpCowardBabeu! says

    How can someone who’s been in an international relationship be advocating for equality to be left up to the individual state to decide. What a pitiful COWARD he is, not being able to stand up to his “allies” for HIS OWN rights! Low, laughable individual, that Babeu! Unimpressive.

  48. Mike in the Tundra says


    “the sherriff purportedly banging the illegal butt”

    You are assuming the sheriff is a top. He looks like many greedy ol” bottoms that I’ve known.

    Rick, I’ve needed to say this for a long time. I don’t know how old you are, but you’re already a bitter, old queen.

  49. Paul R says

    @DMS: I agree with you. But then, I too think that marriage is a poor choice in most in most cases. If I’d married my partner of 17 years (ended a bit ago), my finances and other issues would be complicated, which is a polite way of saying screwed up. Still, the need for equality remains.

    And I would never vote Republican. Ever.

  50. Dev says

    Really Rick, come up with valid arguments instead of just projecting your desires on the rest of us. Not everyone is like you, most of us wouldn’t fall to our knees when presented with a stranger. Because, you know, most of us have standards.

  51. jason says

    Why should Babeu join anything? Is it compulsory to be part of a club in America? Last time I checked the Constitution, it didn’t say you have to belong to a particular club simply because you have a particular viewpoint.

  52. x man says

    Why is it that any political figure on the left who was once anti gay this and anti gay that, decides that now he’s out….”I’ve caused enough damage to the GLBT…okay I think I’ll come out”. If half these queens that are in the closet would come out it would shake the very conservative bible thumping base back 20 years…GLBT COMMUNITY needs to grow a pair
    He’s the sheriff of Pinal county right next door to Maricopa county Arpio’s county….

  53. jason says

    I think a lot of you are jealous that Paul Babeu is a Republican and not a Democrat. You want him on your side, don’t you?

    As for gays supporting Republicans, why shouldn’t they? Gay people might happen to think that the Republicans are better at managing the economy than the Democrats. Gay people don’t all base their choices on who agrees with their bedroom activities, you know.

  54. GeorgeM says

    Jason you can agree with the republicans on anything you want but not agreeing in equal right for your self or others is just not ok. It would have been cool if he just said I don’t agree with DOMA and think it needs to go. Its great that states are moving in the right direction but its limited because of DOMA. Jason im not jealous because hes a republican, i want an advocate because he’s a republican. Do you think DOMA needs to go Jason??

    As for what Rick said that 95% of gays don’t want marriage I highly doubt it But any gay person (and their are some) who would deny the 5% that right and not stand up to force the government to acknowledge it is a POS and not worth the skin they carry.

    Rick you said you don’t agree with all that, whats your take on DOMA and ENDA? It’s cool you agree with repealing DADT.

    The other problem I had with your post is that nothing would have passed with out republicans, that’s true and false. Most cases it true but in the case of DADT it required republicans because of republicans.

  55. Glen says

    Uhh Jason you do realize the economy has historically done better under dems than reps? Clinton managed the longest span of prosperity and a balanced budget (with surplus mind you) handed to Bush, who then proceeded to facilitate the collapsing of the economy. When the richest man in the country says “I don’t pay enough taxes” you know you have a problem.

  56. says

    “Bedroom activities” are why the Sheriff won’t have his right-wing base at election time. They’re not fond of men who mess around with other men (unless it’s on the DL), particularly the very men they think are invading the country illegally.

    Equal rights are not about “bedroom activities”; they’re about fairness under the law, something the Sheriff either doesn’t understand or care about, much like some dimwitted commentators here.

    He can try to continue fraternizing with the right-wing Republicans he supports, but I suspect the CPAC invitation won’t arrive in his mailbox now that his Republican buddies know he’s been getting some Jose love all these years.

    I must say that I do admire the fact that he hasn’t run off in shame yet. If he’d been honest all along and had reconsidered his political allies before the sh*t hit the fan, he’d probably be a happier man today, and one less likely to be out of a job and possibly on his way to prison.

  57. GeorgeM says

    I still think he’s going to win in Arizona, it’s a different bird there and I think immigration is top. But in the debate I think he’s going to be asked about gay issues like DOMA, I just wonder what he’ll say. Arizona is very conservitive and “not cool” with some of us gays and our wants. He may side with them to win, both sides do it and that’s when I think the community should rally against them (repubs and dems).

    I don’t think they’ll get the votes it override Hate crimes or DADT, but I think they will try. I also wonder what he thinks of Romney wanting to ban marriage with the constitution

    To have him stand up in congress and vote to keep DOMA or not instate ENDA would break heart

  58. Luke says

    There something freaking scaring in this guy. On my point of view he still think that being gay is a shame that needs to be hidden. He’s really attached to his fake image of a masculine, white, conservative male.

  59. Dave says

    “States Rights” is a cowards position and this man is a a coward through and through. Our nation fought a civil war to put an end to the “States Right” to allow people to buy and sell people. What is right is right and remains right in all 50 states, regardless of the tyranny of the majority.

  60. anon says

    Well, he’s running in a primary in a very conservative area, so I imagine he’s in full campaign-lying mode. You get these local yokels who win office and then become deluded that they can win a much higher office, not realizing that primary elections require a lot of bowing and scraping before the party machinery. For all I know, this whole thing was orchestrated to kick him out of the race. The bf could have easily been paid off. The Sheriff is stupidly trying to win this thing when the party elite has already written him off (if they ever consider him at all), and it’s making him look like a fool.

  61. GRivera says

    People choose their religion – PERIOD! Homosexuals do not choose to be gay. SCREW FGREEDOM OF RELIGION – THAT BACKWARDS THINKING. Why do Jews want to belong to the synagogue? Because they want to be Jewish. HIS THINKING ABOUT FREEDOM OF RELIGION IS WRONG!



  62. Tina says

    I wonder if this despicable, homophobic closet case understands that the GOP as a whole (especially Ron Paul) is waging a war on all gov’t employees, trying to take away their pensions, benefits, etc? They just want to privatize everything, including public security, so they can turn them into for profit ventures, skimming off the profits and paying the employees minimum wage, with no job security or benefits…just like they have already done to the prison industry. GOP civil servants are right up there with LCR’s, black regs, and female repugs, a bunch of self-hated, ignorant and mindless peons, working tirelessly towards their own doom.

  63. says

    So if only 5% of gays get married… in VT we had 1300 in-state couples with CUs by 2008… That would mean the gay population of Vermont is over 52,000! We don’t even have any towns that big!

  64. B-rod says

    I have a problem with a sheriff who has sex ads online while working for law enforcement and WHO WAS PUBLICLY CLOSETED. He exposed himself to blackmail. Not smart for a law enforcement officer. That’s enough to boot the guy from his job.

  65. Kenny says

    I really wish people like him would shutup and disappear period. These hypocrites like Booboo here make the LGBT community look really bad and continue to propagate negative images of this community.People like this idiot just give the bigots more incentive : well this guys gay and he doesnt think gay marriage is relevant so the rest of them should think the same way he does after all its not a right and it should be up to the state barf gag etc…. Btw this booboo is an idiot are all self loathing gay guys as inarticulate and stupid as he is?

  66. CKNJ says

    I don’t know who is worse, Babeu or his apologists that has crawled out from under their rocks to post here… scum is scum no matter which way you look at it. A law officer who blackmails… now that is upstanding and admirable, huh… all you apologists? Gotta love him right? NOT!

  67. Z says

    It’s simply false that he never pretended to be straight. The milieu he chose to live in is swimming in casual homophobia, and he always went the extra mile to join in. He denounced homosexuality as morally wrong, claimed he was interested in marrying (a woman), etc. He ran a jail in which LGBT people were routinely abused. He sidled up to gay bashers. All this is on record (the disadvantage of doing an interview a day for years is that you’ve got a very long record).

    He’s a gifted sociopathic liar and can convince a lot of people of whatever he’s saying at the moment, and now has no choice but to embrace being gay, but when he thought he could get away with it, he was happy to be one of the gay bashers. A very sick man.

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