1. Rob says

    i admit I watched this with the speakers off – you can only listen to so much of this repetetive gargage – even with an English accent. But no sound got me really looking at them. Is it the ugliness in their souls that makes them physically ugly – or is it that the physical ugliness twists their souls so much?

  2. MIke says

    Andrew Sullivan coined the term to distinguish between the right’s use of Christianity to further its own agenda and the teachings of Christianity itself:

    “I have a new term for those on the fringes of the religious right who have used the Gospels to perpetuate their own aspirations for power, control and oppression: Christianists. They are as anathema to true Christians as the Islamists are to true Islam.”

  3. Evil European says

    LOL! Grab the pop corn and watch this fall flat on its face.
    The UK is not the USA. We have FAR less tolerance for such silly games.
    The plus side is going to be watching the bigots crawl out the wood work and make tits of themselves. The Tory Party is still full of bigots, and its going to be fun watching them turn on themselves.

  4. DanSwon says

    I’m English. I guarantee you no one in the UK will listen to these fools. I’m happy for them to waste their time and money. Our own Conservative govt which is considered fairly right wing by our standards has already said it will legalize gay marriage within the next 3 years so who exactly is going to listen to these people or do anything about it? Pahaa! I laugh in your face bigots :)

  5. Rovex says

    Yeah these people will get nowhere in the UK. Sure some of the ‘Daily Mail’ set might listen, but few others will ever even know they exist.

    We have far less legal blocking tactics and state interference to worry about.

  6. David in Houston says

    As usual, these homophobes don’t allow comments or voting on YouTube. Apparently, they’re too afraid of having an open dialog with the public.

    So did interracial marriage, redefine marriage? …or does that only count when gay people want to get married? I mean, 70 years ago interracial marriage didn’t even exist. So, yeah, marriage was REDEFINED! …and of course, we all know that society was completely destroyed when that happened.

  7. jakeinlove says

    Why is it always an unmarried, divorced, or domineering woman, who looks like a man, trying to look like a woman always going off about marriage equality?

    Something to think about.

  8. Robert in NYC says

    Danswon, totally agree. These nutters are the minority anyway. The British public is on our side. Remember the poll in 2009 when 61% of them supported marriage equality? I bet that figure is in the 70% range three years later and to think a conservative Prime Minister declared support last October, unprecedented. The British public are a lot smarter than those asshats and bigots who are a dying breed anyway. We’ll win, no question about it. Even some Daily Mail (NY Post equivalent) readers are voicing support, unheard of before.

  9. Cristian says

    This Sunday I was called a “f***ing faggot” at WORK by a co-worker of mine in front of the manager and several employees, I work at CROSBY STREET HOTEL, in SoHo, New York a company managed by Firmdale who owns 6 other hotels in London, Covent Garden, Soho Hotel, Haymarket, Knightbridge, Number 16 and Charlotte Street) when I told him he couldn’t call me that at work he then added he “hoped to see me outside of work becuase He Was going to smash my head on the concrete, he was going to f***ing kill me” I went immediately to the management and reported it and the guy was sent home but the next day he’s back at to work, I wrote an extensive report and requested management to never put me to work with him again and when I got back to work they put me in the same room with him and had him apologize to me and the manager basically said that they couldn’t honor my request that we will be working many shifts together that I had to accept his apology, so they made us shake hands after I told them I didn’t feel comfortable or safe working in the same room with him. What can I do about this?

  10. says

    I too agree, though I’m not in the UK. Generally the British do not tolerate this kind kind of bigotry against gays.
    Even the Tories are now embarassed about introducing Section 28,(promotoing the teaching of homosexuality !! ) a few years back.

    The right wing evangelicals will never gain traction in the UK; they are a peculiarly twisted bigoted USA phenomenon.
    The woman in the clip has the same eyes as that lunatic palin.

  11. Lucas says

    I would not underestimate the ability of anti-gay groups to derail same-sex marriage in the UK. Many Tory MPs are against it and have revolted against government plans to legalize it. Church of England leaders have also ramped up their opposition. Opposition in the House of Lords is likewise strong. There is a good chance that it will not pass.

  12. Robert in NYC says

    Lucas, just because approximately 100 Tories oppose it, there is no reason to think it won’t pass. 100 Tories is not such a large number compared to the humber of people in Parliament who will vote on it and will probably vote yes. You forget, the Tories didn’t exactly get a mandate in the last general election, but a hung parliament and without the Liberal Democrats wouldn’t have been able to form a government. Not supporting marriage equality will only embolden Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The Tories can’t afford to lose any gay support, no matter if 100 currently oppose marriage equality. Some will rally around when push comes to shove if they want to remain in power beyond 2015, believe me. They and their religious constituents can rant all they want, it’s not going to deter passage. The British public is behind us. Look at the number polled in 2009 supporting us, 61%. That number must be significantly higher three years later in 2012 and will continue to rise. It’s not all gloom and doom by any stretch of the imagination. The British public by and large are very pragmatic and don’t tolerate all of the religious hysteria about something that really doesn’t affect religious people directly or their beliefs. This is clearly a civil issue, nothing more. The British public gets it and they’ll continue to get it once the marriage equality consultation begins next month and assurances are given that no religious denomination would have to comply after passage. It worked for CPs and it will work for civil marriage.

  13. Wade@MacMorrighan.Net says

    Is there any evidence that NOM has had a direct hand in putting this anti-Gay hate group together? Perhaps Gay Rights groups from the US could converse with British Gay Rights groups on how to handle them? I saw a graph, recently, which showed steady support for marriage equality, and then the same year that NOM entered the scene there was a large dip which has caused a much slower climb towards equality. I wonder if this is NOM’s tactic for the UK, too?

  14. say what says

    due to the peggy bundy look a like (MARRIED WITH CHILDREN tv show from way back when for the youngsters) I thought it was going to be a spoof by some Uk comedy group

  15. Randy says


    Are they competing with cam4, or m4m?

    Still, like all bigots, they have no new arguments. I was kind of expecting a tougher fight from the British bigots, but they’re as ridiculous as ours. And, by disabling both comments and votes, they even more cowardly.

  16. Robert in NYC says

    Wade, it’s quite possible. If NOM could be labeled an official hate group in the US it would make it easier for the UK to ban them and any financial contributions as undesirable for the common good like it did with Michael Savage and Fred Phelps.

  17. Yuki says

    I can’t say I’m a fan of the term “Christianists”; it feels too close to how crazy right-wingers use “homosexualist”, to be honest. I’d much rather just put “Christian” in quotes for headlines like these.

  18. dazzer says

    I’m not sure that this group will have much traction in the UK.
    It faces quite a few problems – not least in the information it’s putting out. The ex-Archbishop of Canterbury looks more than a little ignorant when he says that marriage isn’t a matter for government. As far as I’m aware (and I could be wrong), the last time the government changed the definition of marriage was in 1959 when civil marriages were introduced into the law. Again, as far as I can remember, it was the Church of England that co-sponsored the Bill.
    Also, polygamous marriages outside the UK are still recognised as marriages within the UK (God knows, there were enough sheikhs’ wives arrested for shoplifting in the 1970s for that to have been well and truly accepted in English and Welsh case law).
    Also, the Conservative and Labour politicians shown in that clip are on the ‘dinosaur’ wing of both their parties. I suspect they’re going to get short shrift from the rest of the MPs (and even members of the House of Lords).
    Although there’s only one gay member of the House of Lords who is a vocal and consitent advocate of gay-rights (the much under-appreciated and gorgeously gay Lord Waheed Ali), he is an incredibly capable politician who has defeated many anti-gay moves in the Lords.
    Mostly, though, I think the philosophy of the group goes against the British concept of ‘fair play’. The whole argument of ‘if you don’t want gay marriage, don’t marry a gay’ will play far more strongly in the UK than it does in the US.
    Also, their main spokeswoman has really bad hair. No mattrer what she says is going to be lost in all the jokes about how if she had a gay hairdresser, she wouldn’t have been allowed out of the house with that hair.
    Even if he hated her, it’d be career suicide to let her be seen in public and have your name associated with it.

  19. says

    I absolutely LOVE the “Christianist” moniker. Let’s make it a dirty word. I look forward to the day when the media starts differentiating between a true Christian and a Christian Terrorist, i.e., CHRISTIANIST!

  20. Ronster says


    Christianist: A member of the Christian faith who seeks to use a religion of peace and tolerance for political and personal gain.

    I believe Andrew Sullivan coined the term.

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