1. Jason C. says

    My advice – don’t read the comments on the NBC11 page. Wow. Hateful hateful HATEFUL. Blaming the victim, etc. *ugh*

  2. Bobby says

    She was obviously trying to turn all the straight girls in Colorado into lesbians so she could have sex with them and then he couldn’t. He was threatened by her. It was clearly self-defense on his part because he wants to perpetuate the human race and her actions would bring it to a dead halt. So it’s clearly her fault.

    I think I should run for office as a Republican now.

  3. Hollywood, CA says

    So much is going on here… what boggles my mind is the 1 lesbian inadvertently saying the guy didn’t “really mean to be so abusive?” Even if that’s true, why are you trying to help him? Your friend, who is a small girl, was body slammed by a college football player?!?! The only thing that should be coming out of your mouth is this guy is a psycho and should be put down like a dog. Blood streaming from the ears is not good, and who knows how it will affect her down the road?

    Also, dear sweet lesbians, stop trying to fight men. Pick your battles. Unless you’re in a lesbian bar and have reinforcements, keep your mouth shut at 2:00 AM when straight guys are their most volatile. “If we bleed, we do not win, ya dig?”

  4. Francis says

    Yeah, Jason C. The comments regarding this story on the local Grand Junction news sites have been sad to read. Then again——-it’s Grand Junction, Colorado. Not exactly a surprise to see such ignorance.

    Hopefully Chelsea recovers fully from her severe injuries and recovers emotionally from this horrific assault. As for Mr. Williams, the option of beating up petite women in prison certainly won’t be an option for him. Hopefully the shoe is on the other foot behind bars and the punk Mr. Williams gets EXACTLY what he deserves.

  5. Sebastian says

    This is sick and I hope Chelsea is better. As for Shane Williams, not very smart….dumb dumb dumb the way he reacted. Punishable? Hell Yes

  6. Joey says

    So you’re allowed to nearly kill someone, and because they survive their injuries and actually live, he gets out on bond?

    BS. A near fatal attack is still the same act regardless of outcome. If she died he’d still be sitting in that jail cell.

  7. Leroy Laflamme says

    It is not okay to hit a gay person, male or female. It’s even less okay to pick a person up by the ‘waste’.

  8. Fix It Again Tony says

    Anybody want to bet that he gets a minimal sentence? “Boys will be boys,” as they say, and/or “he was doing God’s will” because “homosexuality is an abomination.”

    My best wishes to Chelsea. Unfortunately, I’m not optimistic about the case for her.

  9. MKe says

    He’s out on bond!!! WTF? He can wait with Jerry Sandusky to go to trial and then prison. Apparently when you do highly illegal things in this society you get to be released on bond and wait several months before anything happens.

  10. MKe says

    @FIX IT AGAIN TONY I think he’ll get a strong sentence. It is Colorado, but she is a female. If it was male on male gay bashing it would have been less unfortunately. He’s going to prison for several years.

  11. LFB says

    Add this to the list of reasons why indentured servitude should be reinstated as a form of punishment. At least then the a’hole’d be doing something useful!

  12. Kirk says

    @Joey, @Mike

    I agree that this is a nasty crime if the facts bear out, but keep in mind that bail is not a measurement of the seriousness of the crime. It’s used as a way to help guarantee that the suspect shows up to future hearings. Because of this guy’s ties to the university, maybe to the area, etc., he might not be considered that much of a flight risk.

  13. mick says

    Not to be a quibbler, but there is an actual “Colorado College” (private lib arts in Colorado Spgs–think Beloit w/ skiing). The headline is misleading as my immediate reaction was “Huh? A CC football player did that? weird.” Then I read further to see that the student was actually from Mesa in Grand Junction. Maybe a small point, but imagine the same head as “New York University Student Strangles Kittens” only to read on that the offender attends SUNY Oswego or summat.

    Also, waist (yes, I realize it’s c&p, but…) /editor quibbles