1. Paul R says

    So he celebrates the fact that he’s a jerk every day? That must be a wonderful life. Add the hypocrisy and lies, and he should be a great person to spend time with. I would really love to spend time with a self-loathing queer in Houston. Sounds like a real hoot.

  2. I don't love Shirley says

    Charles Knipp’s racist drag routine — Shirley Q. Liquor — is offensive. I’m not surprised that this conservative, Michael Berry, appears to enjoy them.

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    “when you do what I do, the way I do it, you make enemies,”

    Well, apparently you’re not doing it correctly.

    Why didn’t the idiot just stop? His insurance rates may have gone up, but I would think it would have stopped there.

  4. MarkUs says

    Never heard of Shirley Q. Liquor but after investigating for 20 minutes or so it does sound like racist unfunny drag. Sad to see statements from RuPaul that she is a fan and supporter. I guess Shirley Q. Liquor is popular on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and I’d have to be quite tanked to enjoy it. But I’ve been there and in that state anything is possible.

  5. says

    Glad to see my brothers and sisters here share the same understanding of nuance.

    Shirley Q Liquor? Of course this fool likes Shirley Q Liquor. Shirley Q Liquor is the performer of choice for gay racists. Duh.

    Oh, and this man is a disgusting, cowardly little twerp.

    yet one more right-wing homosexual man who proves that The Gay Right have capers for testes.

  6. Rance says

    It is a well-kept secret in radio that many if not most of the rightwing shock jocks are not even really conservative at all. In fact, many of them just took on this persona because of the good ratings.

  7. anon says

    The hit-and-run crime here was not particularly major because there were no injuries. Prosecutions normally don’t occur for mere property damage and Berry should be taken to small claims court to settle the $1800 damage claim.

    The main revelation is the possible hypocrisy of Berry. The only way this gets resolved is if he’s been spotted at other gay hangouts over the years or had a lover or something. Is he a jerk on many levels? No doubt.

  8. wm says

    I posted this in another thread but everyone needs to understand this: TC’s, formerly Cousins, does have drag shows but it is also, and primarily, a hustler bar. Montrose is filled is street hustlers–it’s very Midnight Cowboy. And this is their local headquarters–everyone in the neighborhood knows that.

    There may have been a drag show going on while he was there but I’m sure that he was much more interested in another kind of talent.

  9. Tarc says

    Since the locals won’t even bother to investigate, I’d report it as a hate crime, and get the feds involved. The worst that will happen is that that they decide it wasn’t a hate crime, but was a hit-and-run – which is the main point.

  10. Stephen Q says

    WM, I am from Houston and completely agree with you. TC’s is more known for hustlers than drag queens. The bar opens at 10am and has a constant flow of hustlers all day and night. The news media is running the “Show bar”, “drag queen” thing into the ground. It’s to get more publicity. He came from the bathroom…..ever seen what goes on in those bathrooms?? $20 goes a long way.

  11. Michaelandfred says

    Right wing shock jock in hit and run leaving hustler bar or anti immigrant GOP commercial making closet queen with illegal Mexican boyfriend in sex slave scandal….it’s like Sophie’s Choice! Please oh please someone snap a picture of Bachman or Santorum in an airport toilet…

  12. thom says

    ….Michael Berry. Michael Berry. Rush Limbaugh “lite”? It’s clear now that Mr Berry needed to score something at TC’s and it wasn’t to snag some man-on-man sex…it was drugs. Pure and simple…and of course he left the scene …with the drugs, of course. What I can’t fathom is why he didn’t call Fats Limbaugh for some Oxy…he has plenty….These guys are creeps and anyone who seriously listens to them on radio are creeps…..Ted Haggard ” Bought meth, but threw it away before he used it”..(lie)…Larry Craig had a “wide stance” while in the men’s room at Minneapolis airport (lie)……No drugs on that one, just plain Stoopid….trolls!

  13. ratbastard says

    Grow the F up,people. So what if he’s gay? All gays must be goofy, PC effete robots or terminally nasty, angry gay ‘radicals’?

    One of the things that I dislike and feel sad about some other’minorities’ is how they have severe pressure from their own so-called community to conform, in other words how they’re ghettoized, in thought at least if not in actual geography. That’s a stifling environment, not liberating.

    It’s all about control at the end of the day. People trying to control you.

  14. says

    ratbastard, everyone knows your closeted wimpy little self comes on here to post repeatedly under various aliases to vent your frustration over never being able to live up to your homophobic father’s ideals of what a man should be.

    you were born a disappointment to him, you’ll die a disappointment to him, and coming on here every day using numerous alter-egos and spewing fury at the gay men who don’t live by your testicularly-challenged rules of cowardice only proves it to everyone.

  15. Contrarian says

    @Thom. You raise an interesting possible scenario. He lives in a burg where the narco cops scope out only the Latino and black hoods. He figures he’ll score blow in a gayborhood where none of his str8 friends will see him, or accidentally run into him (no pun intended given the auto accident). He figures the hustlers want no cop trouble so they’ll be cool about the sale in the men’s room. Just may be no gay connection here except circumstantial.

  16. jamal49 says

    @RIN Great comment. I wonder that myself. An entire evening could be spent discussing how decadent society has become precisely BECAUSE of cell-phone cameras and social media. I personally favour the death penalty or at least a major face-bashing ass-kicking for anyone who voyeuristcally snaps a cell-phone pic and then publishes it on social media.

  17. uffda says

    OH good God, it’s Little KIWI again (the brat with the name of a parakeet) ignorantly ranting about someone’s father and how one person or another is going to fail, die or never find their balls. He’s mostly shut up for a couple of weeks after telling one reader who disagreed with him to commit suicide. Would that this nasty-ass might either follow his own advice or continue to deprive us of his self-revealing bile.

  18. ratbastard says

    @Little Kiwi,

    Speak for yourself. My father was [he died when I was in H.S.] a great father,loving, understanding, masculine,not macho. We had a great relationship and would always hug [not shake hands]. So, in other words, F.U.

  19. ratbastard says


    Houston has a lesbian mayor,too.

    ALL big cities are corrupt, but in fairness most big U.S. cities are under the control of ‘progressive’ Democrats and their big union budddies. No, Republicans are no better.

  20. joel6 says

    That the man is a slime is obvious, that he is a foolish and cowardly slime is also apparent. Had he stopped and traded information with the owner of the car who doesn’t appear to want anything other than restitution for the damage caused to his vehicle that probably would have been the end of it. Instead he left the scene of an accident which whether anyone is injured or not is actionable under the law, seemly assuming, and up to this point rightly, that he could use his connections to squirm out of any accountability. Glad to see this is being followed up on and hopefully if nothing else it will cost him a lot of money, far more than had he done the right thing to begin with. Another aspect is that if he did indeed use undue influence that could lead to criminal charges for both him and the officers that covered up evidence. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving jackass.

  21. uffda says

    Ratbastard…good for refuting the KIWI pinhead. He’s a presumptuous, arrogant snot who needs a lot of slapping since he never seems to learn. Although he can be insightful and amusing (the latter unbeknownst to himself) his idiot judgements and vitriol make him one of the “lillies that fester (whom, alas) smell far worse than weeds.”

  22. HoustonTraveler says

    I hope that the guys who have had intimate relations with Berry come forward and expose him. There’s nothing WORSE than a nypocritical gay homophone.

  23. Will says

    T.C.’s is infamous for drugs and ladies (and gentlemen) of the evening. It is a “drag bar”–that’s the advertised attraction (almost all performers are in some stage of transition, so ‘drag’ isn’t totally accurate), but this is a place with regular HIV and other STD testing every week (that’s the sort of place it is), and it’s NOT out in the open. The people driving past T.C.’s aren’t doing it by accident.

  24. thom says

    …just take a look at that angry mug of his….serious issues with this guy, serious….it takes a lot of stamina to “run” a radio talk show and any “help” (read: speed drugs)they can get to stay razor-sharp, glib and full of energy they will take…even if it means getting the goods in a gay bar…in fact it is the RIGHT choice of venue for creeps like Berry. Buying on the street? Nah, too dangerous…Easy- in -Easy out at TC’s….and this is the MAIN reason he celebrates a particular drag queen. Gotta keep your “connections” happy, man. Would Berry smash your face in if you made a move on him? You betcha…but if you could hook him up with some stuff, you get a pass….but no free feel…Typical GOP mentality and a former “elected offical”..poster-boy. He’s be a much better looking dude if he didn’t scowl so much…a little self-hatred going on there,Mikey?…juys askin’….just sayin’….

  25. Carlos Melara says

    Michael Berry has to be gay!!!! I always had my doubts and this is total proof of it. When you do what you do the way you do it……….you don’t gain enemies, but when you hit and run………….you do!!!

  26. Jay says

    I think everyone is missing the major issue here that is not be reported. He was probably drunk and backed into the car and took off because what looks worse is a DWI accident, but the owner of the car caught him do it as he was trying to leave. He has been known to drink heavily on occasion. The bonus story is the person who committed this crime happened to be a conservative talk show host who is from a party who generally known for being anti-gay everywhere. The problem is people are looking at the bonus part of the story and not the main part…this is the problem here. The bonus part is just plain hypocritical, the main story is criminal, this is what needs to be investigated. I have no doubt he is a closet gay man, but hides under the persona as a mean race-baiting talk show host. Stick to the main story and the rest will fall into place!! He won’t be removed from the radio as he is the program director at 740am. Just attack the advertisers and he will go away. Start with Gulf-Coast Windows and move down the list.

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