1. Stranded says

    They’re always telling us how superior they are. Who wouldn’t want to be just like these seathing, angry, bitter and emotionally immature conservatives? No matter what problems any of us face, let us be thankful that we are not Breitbart, Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity et al.

  2. says

    Brandon, dude, my friend,

    Dude, you are a bit harsh on has-been drunk Irish poets.

    Some of my best friends are has-been drunk Irish poets.
    But they are not the total wanker* that this sh*t head is.So lighten up on drunk poets dude.

  3. phil says

    Wow, the guy is crazy. Uncontrollable senseless rage. How is protesting not behaving yourself? Seems like when some young people finally get involved and have a voice, that is good behavior in a democracy. Wow, this guy is practically unhinged.

  4. S.C. says

    What an amazing display of drink soaked, bestial braying. The average donkey has more class and aplomb. I feel embarrassed for him since he’s apparently devoid of that basic human emotion himself; as such a public display so keenly illustrates.

  5. NY2.0 says

    Lol, I’m so thankful for not having a conservative ideology. If this slob is what conservatism produces then I want no part of it, he’s simply disgusting.

  6. Rico says

    I love that man! Hell yeah!
    Maybe if the OWS movement didn’t actually have an issue with rapes at their camps, you all might have a point.

    But since they do… Pendejos

  7. Javier says

    Freedom of Assembly & Freedom of Speech… for all! Thank you very much. Where are the people that are not “behaving themselves”? How are people not “behaving themselves”? They have the right to protest just like anyone else. Brietbart – when the Tea Party protests do you yell at them “behave yourself”? I didn’t think so… now their is a movement of the people that is protesting outside of CPAC and he doesn’t like it. GET USED TO IT! Regarding the “rape” – WTF is he referring to? The man is drunk, delusional, and sick of the mind. If he has a reason to express discontent towards these protesters then he should speak reasonably, plainly, and logically, his thought process. I did not see that here.

  8. Dan Cobb says

    Fascinating that this man is calling on the protesters to “behave themselves”. I suppose Mr. Breitbart would make a great head of the Chinese Communist Party: his idea is that protest is misbehaving, not a petitioning to change the corrupt status quo. I wonder if Mr. Breitbart would have said the same thing to American Revolutionaries when the US was still a colony of Britain. I suspect he would have. Conservative political ideology is based on a visceral sense of fear of change. There is no articulable rationale or rationality to conservative “philosophy” such as it is. Fear of any change, that’s it in a nutshell. Mr. Breitbart would have been on Colonial American who would have berated the protesters at the Boston Tea Party. I can hear him shouting: BEHAVE YOURSELVES!

  9. Fenrox says

    The man is a sociopath and is not an ally to gay people. Even if GOProud wasn’t a transparent and divisive attempt to split the gay vote from democrats, They do not have anything to do with good and gay people. You can be a gay republican, you can be totally backwards, but you can’t go down as ‘part of the solution’ because you only caused problems. Please do not misrepresent GOProud, I think we can agree that the best way to refer to then is neutrally.