1. says

    Big Brother sure loves scraping the bottom of the barrel. I thought they’d hit rock bottom with Jessie but I was sorely mistaken when they cast that bitchy bimbo Rachel. She is the reason I won’t watch Amazing Race this season.

  2. Markt says

    He’s following his script pretty well. without seeming completely a-holey. Gotta create some kind of drama in reality TV. Apparently the easiest emotion for non-actors is anger and fighting. Don’t expect to have a lot of success with anti-bullying campaigns.
    The guy from TMZ was quivering and I totally understand.

  3. Markt says

    The rivalry will turn into a romance. As the obligatory wrestling match goes on they will realize they love each other and begin to kiss. Vegas will take odds on who’s on top on the wedding night.

  4. JE says

    Hey, Zack, gives us your Facebook profile name so we can see your body. This is the same question I’d ask of anyone who looks at someone else’s body and goes, in essence, “Ewwww…yuck.” Because I’ll bet most such people have Hot Pocket and 7-Up bodies.

  5. Joe says

    Please, LOL I watched him moan like a little girl, while 2 muscle bears ravished his body like 2 vampires feeding on a prey, at a afterhours party in p-town 4 summers ago!

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