1. oh.come.on says

    You know,first comment , always scary.
    This is so much better than “Bridesmaids”. Either these actrices are really stoned, or they are the best actrices, ever, in the entire world.

    They’re really stoned. Or great. or both, I love this. Saint Joan.

  2. Edd says

    It’s like watching Borat.
    I can’t look.
    I have to look.
    But I can’t look, but I HAVE TO LOOK!

  3. QJ201 says

    …Joan did get a prescription for her anxiety. It is California you know. Perfectly legal.

    But I think Joan on some coke could be a vicious riot.

  4. FunMe says

    I’ve been in such a YouTube marathon of Joan Rivers stand up comedy shows and more. I thought she went back to the 1980s, but actually she’s been around since the 1960s and a major pioneer as a woman comedian. She’s funny and almost 80 years old! Love her, even if she is a republicon. :-)

  5. Jack says

    This was all so staged and phony you would have to be a three year old to believe that any of it was genuine.

  6. KEN/Chi-town says

    I absolutely loved Joan Rivers in the 80’s and 90’s but the Joan Rivers now is just working too hard. She needs a hobby. A fake reality T.V. show is not what she needs. Joan will do anything to keep herself famous and to keep working. She is very funny but she needed to retire years ago when people still liked watching her.

  7. Jim says

    I’ll have what she’s having! That’s gotta be the craziest Sh** anyone could smoke! I know it’s fake, but it’s funny!

  8. tim says

    yes. it’s fake. it’s tv. it’s fluff and what a wonderful way to spend the afternoon and evening, stoned on a sunday. do you guys think your criticism is misdirected. it’s a joan rivers show. it’s not the actors studio or charlie rose, now there’s a fake who doesn’t even know it…creepy sychophant

    premise here: girl works hard. she deserves a day off. even if it’s actually her working

  9. Johnny says

    Hope she took a real drag not like demi moore and her “fake” K2. Even if this is a setup you go’ve earned it!

  10. TommyOC says

    If it were real, there’s the very likely possibility that the two are committing a crime.

    Not because they are smoking marijuana – which is perfectly legal in California, provided you have the prescription…

    … but because they’re doing it in a motor vehicle.

    You can’t operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance (which includes marijuana.) You also can’t consume either in public.

    If the keys were in the ignition – even if the car was off – you are “operating” the vehicle.

    And even if they were smart and tossed the keys in the back seat, hotboxing in a car counts as “public” consumption.