Libyan UN Envoy: Gays Threaten the Human Race

Libyan deputy envoy Ibrahim Dabbashi has told the UN's Human Rights Council that gays threaten humanity, UN Watch reports:

DabbashiProtesting the council’s first panel discussion on discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation, scheduled for March 7th, Libya’s representative told the gathering of ambassadors today that LGBT topics “affect religion and the continuation and reproduction of the human race.” He added that, were it not for their suspension, Libya would have opposed the council’s June 2011 resolution on the topic.

In response, council president Laura Dupuy Lasserre said that “the Human Rights Council is here to defend human rights and prevent discrimination.”

Said Hillel Neuer, executive director of human rights group UN Watch:“We were happy to see the Gaddafi regime finally suspended last year. Yet today’s shocking homophobic outburst by the new Libyan government, together with the routine abuse of prisoners, underscores the serious questions we have about whether the new regime is genuinely committed to improving on the dark record of its predecessor, or to pandering to some of the hardline Islamists amidst its ranks."

Neuer added, "The restoration of the new Libyan regime to the council, supported by 123 states including all of the Western democracies, was carried out precipitously and without any record of its commitment to human rights domestically and abroad. The new rulers’ pledges are being broken. Gays are now paying the price, with their right to be free from violent attacks now being undermined at the UN by a country that democratic countries fought to liberate, and by a goverment that our leaders helped install. It’s all very disconcerting.”


  1. Paul R says

    Libya, along with Egypt and Yemen—and possibly Syria (have to wait and see on that one, but it doesn’t look good)—have really disappointed with their supposed democracy and human rights movements.

  2. zeddy says

    According to the world population, which is exploding in countries outside of the “Western” pervue, doesn’t seem to be having a problem with extinction. Although it would be better if homophobes like this guy could be sterilized and do the rest of the world a favor.

  3. Craig says

    None of the new governments Paul mentions above (I would also add Iraq which US installed) are true democracies. Religion still comes first and, ironically, because of that, human rights will continue to take a back seat.

  4. tc in nyc says

    So, again, these people are saying that if we have equal rights, then they, themselves are going to turn gay. I find that argument interesting if nothing else.

  5. Drew says

    I wish swearing wasn’t so frowned upon at Towleroad, because I would always be repeating what hotdamn F*ing fools all these people are. Gays threaten the human race? REALLY?! So stupid to even say it, let alone think it. Stay in Libya, Libyan envoy.

  6. Chevytexas says

    Well, at least we’re sucking all of their oil from underneath them in payment. I only hope we can set fire to them again, I’d like to enjoy that: a pink flame. Anyway, this jerk is too busy begging for friends, not to mention buying a new apartment in Manhattan, oh and trying to be invited to ANY discussion, gays included, at the UN. No worries.

  7. Max says

    Arab Spring!

    TC in NYC and Map, Arab homophobia originates from Islam, not Catholicism. It’s not politically correct to say so, but this one’s all Islam.

    ALL Arab countries are human rights disasters.

  8. HoHo says

    I’m impressed by the nuanced reactions of Towleroad bloggers. I’d like to know what they say when it is some lily-white Eastern European country that is sending such messages.

  9. Bill Perdue says

    Ah, the fruits of Obama stlye American Democrat Party politics come to Lybia after it’s ‘liberation’. From ‘gawd’s in the mix’ to the idea that LGBT topics “affect religion and the continuation and reproduction of the human race” is a very short step.

    Along with widespread torture and murder and shiney new, improved contracts for US and EU oil interests.

  10. says

    MAP and TC IN NYC you sound like Islamists. The Catholic church does not have anything to do with what hard core Muslims think about us gay people.

    Islam is 100 times worse when it comes to gay rights. Even before the Muslim Brotherhood took over countries like Egypt they used to raid gay places and arrest gay and Lesbians. Now they will kill them.

    Being gay and Lesbian is against the law in most Muslim countries, and in some you get the death penalty for being gay, there is no comparison to any other religions today.

    Islam is the worse for gay and Lesbian people.

    Just last month several Muslims were arrested in the UK for passing out literature that says gay people should be killed.

  11. Oliver says

    Interesting how these countries that are deeply rooted in religion are having population explosions. Could it be their master to plan to gain control by sheer numbers?

  12. Paul R says

    @ChevyTexas: they don’t export much oil to US. The EU, yes—it was the world’s eight’s largest oil wxploiter. Gadaffi was killed for more egregious reasons, mainly the airplane bombing over Scotland, his crazy speeches to the UN, and suspect that he was behind the 1982 bombing of Marines in Beirut. Oh, and he was a hateful dictator for 40 years. Notice that dictators are being taken down lately? It’s not a coincidence.

    I also don’t know what you’re talking about with fires to oil wells in Libya. That was Iraq and Kuwait.

  13. Dan Cobb says

    These are the most primitive people in the world. Their societies and their social structures are even more primitive than the bushmen in Papua-New Guinea. The problem with Arab societies is that their boys are raised without any discipline, without any “buckling down” to study or learn a trade or a profession. It passes as being intelligent to simply repeat the religious mantras of the Koran –sitting around all day in the cafe and sippin coffee all day long while BSing with other do-nothing males is what makes the Arab states such failures. Were it not for oil in the middle east they would be even more primitive.

  14. says

    Christopher Isherwood once postulated something like this: Gays and Lesbians are part of nature’s plan to limit population.

    Why are these guys so anti-nature? Do they actually not believe in the Deity? Agostics all?

  15. Dan Cobb says

    HOHO, I would say exactly the same thing about lily-white eastern European nations and their primitiveness. In fact, I DO say the sames things about the eastern European nations like Belarus, Russia, Moldova, etc. Let me spell it out for you: PRIMITIVE PRIMITIVE PRIMITIVE…although I do think they are somewhat less primitive than the Arabs who have “developed” (such as it is) a culture whereby women are required to envelop their bodies in burlap bags from head to toe. Sorry, but that’s REALLY REALLY PRIMITIVE.

  16. Andy says

    The U.N. Human Rights Council would be a joke if it weren’t so sad. Libya, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Uganda, Cameroon, Cuba, Pakistan…why not put North Korea, Syria and Iran on there as well and just be done with it?

  17. Artie says

    Hoho: please feel free to move to Pakistan, Saudi Arabian, or better yet, Syria.

    The world would be a lot better off if Islam would just disappear.

    It would also be a lot more attractive.

  18. Henry Holland says

    “Oh, and he was a hateful dictator for 40 years”

    Hmmm…and how did he last that long after Lockerbie and Beirut? It’s because the filth at the CIA had a “relationship” with him, that’s how.

    “In fact, I DO say the sames things about the eastern European nations like Belarus, Russia, Moldova, etc. Let me spell it out for you: PRIMITIVE PRIMITIVE PRIMITIVE..”

    Russia? Huh? They may be opposed to US interests and are a not very democratic, if at all, but they almost beat the US to the moon, have been scientific innovators for ages and have a brilliant culture of art, literature, music, ballet and opera. No, PRIMITIVE is the last word I’d use for Mother Russia.

  19. Dan Cobb says

    AHMED: fact is, even as primitive as the Arab societies are –and I believe them to be the MOST primitive societies on earth– the fact is that the Catholic Church, were they to have complete political power, would be quite brutal to gays as well. When the church last had political power, they persecuted thousands of people to death, and not just gays!

  20. Dan Cobb says

    Henry Holland: Primitiveness in social development. Developments in arts and sciences are often signs of a less primitive society, and yes, Russia has had it’s fair share of significant artists and scientists. But I would urge you to consider the words of Raisa Gorbachev at the time that she and Mikael went into hiding for eight days during the sattempted putsch against Gorbachev, she said: “I know my nations bloody history, and I know what we faced. That’s why we went into hiding.”

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