Man Reported Overboard on Atlantis Gay Cruise in Caribbean



Passengers were awakened early Friday on the 'Allure of the Seas' Atlantis Caribbean cruise and told to assemble for an emergency count because a man was reportedly overboard off the Mexican coast, KABC Los Angeles reports:

"An ABC7 photographer aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise charter said passengers were awakened Friday morning by an emergency announcement, saying a man was believed to be overboard. The ship's captain confirmed the incident to passengers and said all rescue attempts are being made. An emergency assembly was called so passengers could be counted. The ship was on its way back to port in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. It stopped Friday off-shore near Cozumel, Mexico."

Twitter user @DarienneLake tweeted about the incident: "there was an announcement for someone to contact services at 6:30am, then at 7am we went to muster stations to be accounted…at 9am we were allowed back to our rooms. They have search boats looking for glitter in the water. Currently in Cozumel."

UPDATE: UK Telegraph reports on a statement from Royal Caribbean:

"A guest on-board the ship saw the man fall overboard at 12.10pm (7.10am local time) on Friday. The ship made multiple public announcements and began a complete search of the ship, in efforts to locate the guest. When the guest did not respond to the pages and was not found on-board, the captain alerted the local authorities of the situation.

A review of the ship's closed-circuit camera footage observed the 30-year-old British male guest going over the balcony railing in his stateroom on deck 11. The location of the ship at the time the guest went overboard was marked on the ship's Global Positioning System (GPS) and the US and Mexican coastguard were alerted.

Allure of the Seas, along with Mexican coastguard, Mexican navy and the pilot boat, conducted a search for the missing guest…Our care team is providing support to the guest's family and our thoughts and prayers are with them."

The man's name has not been released.


  1. endo says

    “They have search boats looking for glitter in the water.”

    See, I knew glitter bombing would lead to no good.

  2. Artie says

    Probably some muscle queen who did too much coke last night.

    Some friends of a friend went on one of these cruises – when I saw the pictures, I just cringed the whole time. I’d rather stay at home than go on one of these “vacations.”

  3. Derek Pearce says

    I would love to go on one of these cruises– they look like good trashy fun– but is it so hard to remember “don’t get so drunk you fall overboard”?

  4. Tom in long beach says

    Very Sad. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Odds are they will not find him. Was on Queen Mary 2 when someone jumped off. Most passengers went up on deck to help look. He was never found.
    Ship arrived back to port several hours late, messed up most peoples flights. Cruise line paid a fortune to get new flights for everyone.

  5. says

    Last year with the drug dealer and multiple passengers getting arrested hurt attendance this year and now someone who appears to have drowned will probably cause a problem for next year. There are a lot of Atlantis Cruises that look interesting (like the ones to the Baltic and the Mediterranean) but this “Party” boat really has gone overboard (excuse the pun). I do Circuit Parties here and there but everybody I know who goes on this boat gets sick for a month when they get home because it’s 8 straight days of insanity. That coupled with the ridiculous matching clothing (costumes?) each group feels the need to wear I’m happy to say I’ve never even been tempted.

  6. Redebbm says

    Just because your on the ocean doesn’t mean responsibility goes out the window. That being said a lot could had happened to lead to this and hope the man is found. ABC was reporting on these kinds of incidents happening.

    All aside I have a strange desire to get buff and go on one of these cruises. There’s sometimes you just want to go out on a vacation to just have fun and not worry about the details which is really what these cruises entail.

  7. Glenn says

    I’ve been on several Atlantis, including a couple of the January cruises. Had a blast. There are so many guys that it’s as crazy or as sedate as you want it to be. You don’t have to do the circuit thing every night if you don’t want to.

  8. Paul says

    Artie – I promise not to judge you and your cats if you promise not to judge the gay men that have fun on these cruises.

  9. Marcus says

    Its half crack house (that dealer had enough for the whole boat last year) meets bathhouse. Stuff like this is just gonna happen. I love my tribe but no way am I gonna take a cruise like this. He probably jumped to get away from that madness…

  10. The Milkman says

    Now Marcus, you know I’d rather walk on my lips than to criticize, but your comment just rang hollow:

    “that dealer had enough for the whole boat last year”

    The cruise you mentioned involved 5400 pasengers. Dude’s cabin contained 142 ecstasy pills, three grams of meth, some Special K, and $51k in cash.

    Unless he’s Moses and this is a loaves-and-fishes kind of thing, there’s no way you can spread 142 pills and a smattering of other drugs 5400 ways.

    That said, I’m scheduled to go on the March cruise to the southern Caribbean. Hopefully it’ll involve fewer fatalities.

  11. greg says

    I went on this cruise two years ago not realizing what a “Party Cruise” this one was AND how truly checked-out the circuit set really is. I was amazed at all the tweeking (sp?), the body fascism and the ageism. Truly pathetic and dispiriting. Many of the discontented like myself gathered on the lower decks wishing the mindlessness of this cruise would end. At first reading I thought of commenting with “if I were a long-distance swimmer that might have been me!.” But upon reflection I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the man overboard was less able to deal with the things that I mentioned above.

    I highly suggest that Atlantis provide a place or counselors for people who feel challenged by the unique cocktail of being trapped on a boat with gay men, drugs and arrested development. .

  12. ATLJason says

    You’ve seriously got to be kidding me, right? Many people were “gathered on the lower decks wishing the mindlessness…would end.” I don’t know what cruise you were on but the only way that happens to people on an Atlantis cruise is if you’re anti-social or throwing off attitude yourself. I’ve been on two Atlantis cruises with my partner of 11 years…including the Allure last year…and we had the time of our life both times. These cruises are exactly what you make of them. You get out there, smile, and at least try to act like you’re having a good time and you’ll get smiles and friendliness back. You huddle on the lower decks like you’re in the movie Titanic waiting for the ship to sink and…well, its no wonder you had a bad time. Are there people who overdo it? Sure. But they are by no means the majority of the ship.

    And people who criticize it for being a floating bathhouse and then say “I would never go on one of these” crack me up. How do you know what its like if you’ve never been? If you want to hook up with 30 boys during the week, you can. If you want to chill by the pool, have a few drinks, and be in bed by 11 every night, you can do THAT too. These cruises are totally what you make of them and if you say you would “never go on a gay cruise” maybe you need to get over your internalized homophobia issues and realize its OK to hang out with some other gay people.

  13. says

    some of these comments reek of the same nonsense of the bitter bettys who get upset that they never got invited to a share in the Fire Island Pines.

    rather than complaining about not being a part of the party you could do what i do: not care about the boys in the pines, get a group of your best friends together, and get a wee lil’share in Cherry Grove. yes. with the lesbians.


  14. mark says

    Now milkman I know you are one of the kindest souls on Towleroad but you have to think that carrying around 51k meant he had had a rather profitable first part of the cruise selling SOMETHING! Since he is a drug dealer I assume it was drugs. I don’t indulge myself but I would think that $51,000 would buy a lot crack. Have fun on your March vacation…please don’t fall overboard we would miss your wit!

  15. endo says

    Greg, that was you? Oh honey, we laughed so hard when you took off your shirt by the pool and your fupa fell out! Later when I saw you at the piano bar glaring into your Cosmo, I was gonna say hello… but then I remembered there was a muscly German guy picking up some Special K and meeting me back in my cabin for the next trip to pound town.

    See you on the next one!

    PS: Leave your Mom jeans at home next time. Tragic.

  16. says

    ENDO introduced me into the world of triple-penetration whilst on this cruise. right ENDO? because that’s what horrid cruise-going gays do. also something about poppers, lady gaga remixes and the what a “bad example” gays give when they wear little to no clothing whilst on a cruise surrounded by other gay males.

    but seriously, that ThreeP was rad.

  17. Artie says

    @ Paul: I don’t have any cats. I have a yellow Lab.

    If you’re implying I’m some typical social retard that never goes out, I’m not.

    I just think (sorry, know) that these cruises are filled with a very particular type of gay. Someone obsessed with the gym, barely eats, goes tanning non-stop, and is into drugs.

    A huge generalization? Probably. I’m sure there are plenty of decent people on board. But it’s just definitely not my thing.

  18. endo says

    Gurrrrl, ThreeP is so last cruiseship. It is all about quadruple-penetration on the Allure of the Seas… but you have to pour poppers directly into your hole.

    The last muscle daddy we tried it on, her ass wuz stinging so bad, she done flung herself right overboard. My lawd! If I miss my flight home for that messy bottom, there will be hell to pay.

  19. Barry says

    Seriously people! Most of the negative comments come from people who have never been on an Atlantis cruise and say that they never would. How can you comment on something you have never seen or witnessed!? You comment on what you have heard? What you perceive the cruises to be? Bitter queen comes to mind.
    I have been on 6 Atlantis cruises all over the world. I’ve been on one RSVP cruise and am booked on next week’s RSVP. THEY ARE WHAT YOU MAKE THEM TO BE! They cater to everyone and you choose to do whatever you choose to do. Party (not me), drink or poor another tea.
    Someone lost their life here. Families and friends are grieving. Similar to all those families who grieved because (another fact perhaps you do not know)loved ones purposely threw themselves overboard at sea.
    We (gays) are judged ALL the time. Should we really be judging each other when we know not of what we speak?

  20. Paul says

    Guys, have some respect for someone who has passed away and their family and friends. We have enough negativity from others. These attitudes are what make some people in the gay community feel so isolated.

  21. Kenneth says

    Hear, hear Barry! Well said.
    @ Endo -ThreeP is so last cruiseship. LOL…I must say all this multiple penetration would make for a messy bottom!

  22. Castro Craig says

    All of you bitter queens going “tut tut tut” should STFU. Someone has apparently died, and the word from my friends that are on the ship was that it was a suicide. Stop jumping to conclusions that suit your particular bias and show some respect for this person and his friends and family. Thank you.

  23. Calvin says

    I don’t mind the guys who do X and K, but the meth heads are an embarrassment. They can all go overboard, as far as I’m concerned.

  24. Mike says

    Paul R: For a quick geography lesson on how Mexico can be the Caribbean, take a look at a map and you’ll see that Mexico borders both the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The Yucatan Peninsula borders the Caribbean from Cancun southward to Belize.

  25. Schnauzendorf says

    Possible reactions/alternative headlines:

    “Poofer Goes Poof”

    “Man on Gay Cruise Vanishes into Thin Air; Not That Thin, Says Bitchy Cabin Mate”

    “Maybe he spotted a Merman who wasn’t named Ethel?”

    “Did they double-check the poop deck?”

    “Next, on ‘When Gilbert & Sullivan Revivals Attack’…”

    “Tonight on ‘Nightline': investigative report finds valuable seamen on gay cruise carelessly expelled into sea” …

    ‎”Shocker: man on gay cruise forced to walk the plank”

    “Man Abducted on High Seas by Daring Somali Heinie-Pirates”

    “Will gay men never learn to stop reenact that damned scene from ‘Titanic’?”

    “My guess: drag queen named ‘Goldie Spawn’ who was tragically faithful to her idol’s Ɠuvre”

    “Manhunt Members Probed in Missing Probed Man Manhunt”


  26. ATLJason says

    @Schnauzendorf–The amount of work that probably went into that is not reflected in the amount of humor it produced.

  27. FunMe says

    Straight cruises have casualties in their ships. Why, just last month there was one:

    “Man Falls to His Death on Carnival Fantasy

    (5:25 p.m. EST) — A 26-year-old man has died after falling from one of the upper levels of Carnival Fantasy’s six-deck-high atrium to the lobby level on Friday evening. The ship was in the middle of a five-night cruise from Charleston to the Bahamas.”

    Yet, here we have Atlantis cruise on the Allure carrying 5,400 (yup, five THOUSAND), and there is ONE casualty and it’s all over the news.

    Could it be that it is a GAY cruise and the so-called media likes to sensationalize anything gay related?

    Queerety just reported that it was a suicide. Sad. This things happen. But come on! Stop with blaming ONE death on everyone who is gay that goes on a gay cruise!

  28. Rob says

    I was onboard and suicide is what I’m hearing. If someone commits suicide in their kitchen at home, the newswire doesn’t pick it up. On these cruises there is a more visible way to do it, so it gets attention. Cornell University has the same problem with suicides- there’s a dramatic place to do it so it gets a lot of press, even though the rate is no higher there than anywhere.

    That said, there does seem to be a disturbing amount of drug use on these cruises and mortality as well. I think it’s worth looking into.

    I love these cruises, warts and all, and will go again next year.

  29. SFshawn says

    Wow. So much jealousy,envy,judgement,arrogance in these comments. Those hundreds of thousands of gays who have traveled over the last 20 YEARS on gay cruises know how incredibly amazing these gaycations can be and are! Done 20 myself and have seen the world from Australia to Buenos Aires playing with and enjoying the creativity,joy and happiness of my gay tribe. I just got off this ship today and am surprised to read such ugliness and bitterness on a site I love and enjoy.
    For those who have a heart and some compassion please send your prayers and kind thoughts for this disturbed suicide victim and his family.
    For those who don’t STFU and get a LIFE of your own instead of hating on others who do have one!

  30. Paul R says

    @Mike: Mexico is part of Latin America, a region that borders the Caribbean. Calling Mexico the Caribbean would be like saying that about Arizona or even Texas. Also consider the vast cultural differences between Mexico and the Caribbean.

    Every organization that does international work considers Mexico to be Latin America. Just because something shares a border doesn’t mean that it’s part of that area. As in, India is South Asia, China is East Asia.

    On another note, I cannot imagine wanting to be on meth, but I especially cannot imagine it on a cruise.

  31. atlantiscruiser says

    I was on the cruise and got to to know the guy who jumped personally. I think all of the jokes here are in poor taste. He was a young guy, good-looking and very sweet. Obviously he was suffering deeply in his heart and his death is a terribly tragedy.

  32. slippy says

    The husband and I have had the privilege of going on FIVE Atlantis Cruises and one RSVP River Cruise on The Danube. All have allowed us to be an honestly open loving married same -sex couple surrounded and supported by thousands of gay brothers and sisters.. The sight of a few hundred of us all in the Basilica of Saint Peters in The Vatican will be with me forever. I am grateful to Atlantis and it’s sister company RSVP for organizing and sponsoring these amazing adventures. These cruises have taken us to places in the world that we most likely would never have gone on our own ( Singapore, Shanghai and Saint Petersburg-the Brazilian Jungles and the rivers of Thailand and Vietnam as well as Prague and Budapest-to name just a few places we’ve gone). And as a footnote we do not drink or use and are usually in bed by 11:00PM. It’s sad when anyone takes their life and it’s doubly sad when it’s a gay brother. Out thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.

  33. Warren says

    Please get over yourselves and stop all of this pointless bickering:

    This was my first ever Atlantis Cruise, I could not wipe the smile off my face from the time I first saw the behemoth ship from miles away on the Florida highway until the time I had to leave a week later and head for home. With the exception of the morning of the loss of our fellow passenger, this was without a doubt the most wonderful, meaningful and fun vacation I have ever had in my live. I can also add breathtaking, fulfilling and drug free!

    A negative attitude will get you nowhere in life, let alone on a positively energizing gay cruise and it certainly won’t get you laid.

    This type of bickering is how negative, damaging and in this case false rumors are spread and it only makes you look bad because you posted these insinuations and opinions that are simply not true. You sound like a bully.

    Step off your soap-box and in to the light. If I may suggest, focusing on something other than yourself. Perhaps the loved ones of the gentleman who died and the tireless and extremely costly work of the crew of the Allure and all who supported her in counting on board passengers and who searched the Mexican waters in the countless other rescue vessels.

    Meanwhile, did any one meet the +80 year old Gay WWII Vets?
    They were there loving and living their life at many of the big parties.

    Or any of the 2600 member crew who could not stop expressing that this Atlantis gay cruise was the absolute best voyage they have ever sailed.

    Everyone had an amazing time, except for those who knew the lost passenger, please respect that..

  34. mike says

    Atlantis cruises are full of shallow self absorbed narcissistic bitches. if you want chelsea on a cruise ship, be my guest.