1. scooter says

    I’m in Southeast Michigan – and the weather this year has been incredible (relatively speaking to all you warm weather peeps). Lately, my home state has received a bad rap on the LGBT front… nice to see something different for a change! I’ve lately ran into a few people who came here this winter for the snow and cold… OOPS! Global warming has decided that our normal weather would go on a European vacation. But if you live here you know that all you have to do is “blink” and the weather may change! blink… blink… blink… damn, if its going to be cold then let is snow!

  2. Robert says

    My god, are the news casters in your towns THAT bad that THIS is cute? It’s obnoxious! The WGN morning news show? THAT is funny irreverance at its finest. Giggles, sex jokes, insults……they are the family I never had.

  3. Dan says

    hehe – I actually explore a bit more beyond the video – apparently Murphy’s the news director. Look – it’s a tiny little station – and the on air news team consists of 5 really young guns (I mean they are like late 20s, at most early 30s).

    I say good for them for getting out there and giving things a try. It makes easy watching when the team is having a good time. I wish them nothing but the best.

  4. ThomT says

    Aside from everyone on FOX who on TV is wrong more often then the weather person? They have about a gazillion dollars worth or radar and technology and they still call it wrong way too often. My grandfather was a farmer and he could tell you with near 100% accuracy tomorrow’s weather just by being in the field and reading nature’s signals.

  5. Mark says

    Small station. Microscopic market. (Even a decade ago it had no animated weather graphics; no radar — just a static state map with raised numbers.) And long an incubator of talent, so watch for Mr. Murphy to move up and out soon.

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