1. RyanInSacto says

    Good on these guys for trying. It cannot have been an easy thing to do in ND.

    The final words of that clip (spoken by the male anchor) were quite appropriate: “Committed to each other and the cause.” That could make a good tagline for marriage equality.

  2. Tom in long beach says

    Is Emily Welker just ignorant or is being hateful on purpose ??? Barely acknowledges that these two guys have been together longer than many heterosexual marriages last… Just has to point out that her backwards state is in the majority…. The lady at the counter seems nice.

  3. anon says

    Legally, their best effort would involve going to NY to get a proper marriage license (MA would have a residency requirement) and then file joint state taxes in ND. The legal case would pretty good under full faith and credit, even though the courts tend to regard state law as a mixed bag. However, politically, they make a good point.

  4. CanadianObserver says

    Not sure about going the out of state route. Perhaps they should have looked for a denomination that would “sacramentally” wed them, then sue the state for religious discrimination if it refused to recognize the marriage.

  5. Fruit-for-Peace says

    One reason ND is so conservative is because it has a higher population of COWS than humans. If we let cows (most are smarter than the average North Dakotan!), marriage equality wouldn’t even be in question. I know this as I was a ND resident for a decade and a half.

  6. classychazy says

    It kills me and pi$$es me off that a loving couple like this has no rights! It’s B.S. and I pray it will be only a short time for all of the L.G people that they will be granted the same rights as heterosexual couples!

  7. Tony says

    RyanInSacto is right-on. This Emily Welker definitely let her inner-bigot (as well as another b word that comes to mind) shine through while reporting this story. You can’t blame the poor thing though…with a rear as huge as hers, it is probably just sexual frustration.

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