New Jersey House to Vote on Marriage Equality Bill: Listen LIVE


The New Jersey Assembly is set to debate and vote on a marriage equality bill at 1 pm.

Governor Chris Christie has vowed to take "swift action" to veto the bill, which has passed the Senate and is expected to pass the Assembly. 54 votes are required for a veto-proof majority, with 41 required to pass the bill.

Listen LIVE HERE starting at 1 pm.


  1. Robert in NYC says

    I thought it would have required 27 votes in the Senate for a veto proof passage and 54 in the Assembly. Doesn’t it require a veto proof vote in both?

  2. Matt says

    Is anyone else finding it impossible to keep the live feed going without significant pauses to allow the data to load? Can this be viewed elsewhere?

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I’m having the same problem, Matt. I have to keep reloading it to get the stream started again. I’d be very happy to just listen to the sound, if that’s available anywhere.

  4. Robert in NYC says

    Matt, Dastius, its not us but the media player. Very poor, too many interruptions and freezing all the time. I was so frustrated I gave up listening. Did any of you happen to hear that awful woman in the green jacket and shoulder length died blonde hair speak? The speaker had to caution her about staying on subject a couple of times. She didn’t like it but was going to vote “no” anyway. The rationales they use are truly astonishing.