1. says

    Wonder what the wifey will say? Do ya think CNN will take him back after she blasted them on her tweet? As the Daleks would say on Doctor Who: TERMINATE, TERMINATE

  2. Chris in SF says

    They should fire him permanently!.This is a slap on the wrist…. and America should also fire OBAMA permanently. Why has Obama not commented on this issue?!? His silence on this speaks volume, AS USUAL.

  3. TampaZeke says

    He needs to take that hateful bigot screw of a wife of his with him. She (a preacher in spite of whet the Bible says about women speaking in church and having authority over men) seems to be the driving force behind his homophobia. Well that and the weight of his closet!

  4. endo says

    You think President Obama should speak up about a celebrity tweet? LOL LOL LOL

    I demand to know what the President thinks about M.I.A. giving Super Bowl audiences the finder, Lana Del Rey’s trainwreck performance on SNL, and once and for all settle the most important debate of our times, American Idol or The Voice.

  5. MarkUs says

    Have you seen David Shuster or Rick Sanchez lately? Me neither. Roland will crawl across broken glass.

  6. Chris in SF says

    @Endo. More apologia for Obama’s silence. He never commented on marriage equality passing in Washington State. Now he is silent on Rowland Martin’s homophobia.Obama wants equal rights for any other minority just not us. Yet we continue to treat him with kitty gloves always I’m sick of it!frankly.

  7. Paul R says

    Why in the world would Obama comment on this? Some idiot athlete, reporter, commentator, comedian, or other celebrity makes insulting comments every week. The president should be focused on that crud?

  8. Paul R says

    And yeah, I’m sure he’s *dying* to meet with GLAAD. I wouldn’t even want to meet with them “in the near future,” and my antigay record is clean.

  9. Michaelandfred says

    I’m surprised how stupid all these people still are with their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Even though you may do it in your underwear in the privacy of your home, you are sending something out into cyberspace for 7 billion people to read if they choose. It’s no different than grabbing a bullhorn and standing on a street corner. Well maybe it is because more people will actually read it on Twitter or Facebook.

    Why on earth would the President of the United States comment on some CNN employees Tweet? The 9th Circuits ruling I’ll give you, but this? Maybe he was too busy discussing Snookies bisexuality…….

  10. Chitown Kev says

    @Chris in SF

    It’s not President Obama’s fault that you broke a toenail this morning. After all, he didn’t sleep with you last night. he didn’t sleep with Roland Martin OR that apparently frigid wife of his last night so please…give it a rest.

    I mean, just…please make it stop!

  11. Joe in WV says

    Really?? PRESIDENT Obama, btw, has done more for gay rights than any president in history. Stop whining and put that energy towards helping him.

  12. Artie says

    It’s embarrassing to see this fat pig on CNN next to credible, intelligent analysts. Have you ever seen David Gergen? He’s the most articulate, non-partisan analyst out there who gives viewers a thoughtful, useful, meaningful analysis all the time.

    Then there’s this loud-mouthed intellectual midget who has nothing valuable to share. CNN should fire him on his lack of talent alone, never mind his obvious disdain for gays.

  13. Vlad says

    President Obama is absolutely the most homophobic president in our nation’s history. I demand that he immediately smack the ish out of Roland Martin to prove me wrong.

  14. Chris in SF says

    @Chitown Kev. I voted for Obama in 08 and have a right to expect results. He thinks he can get away with pretty speeches and good looks? He is too silent on LGBT issues and we are giving him special treatment while hammering bigots on the right. That’s hypocrisy.

  15. anthony says

    I agree Artie, this man is incompetent at his job and should be fired for that. Wouldn’t we be ?

  16. bobbyjoe says

    Merely a PR “save my job” move by Roland Martin. Why play his game?

    Mel Gibson also met with representatives of GLAAD in 1997. That certainly made him re-think his bigotries and become a lovely person, eh?

    Fire Roland Martin.

    AFTER he establishes he’s genuinely learned, then talk to him. Maybe he can earn his way back, rather than exploit GLAAD for the moment and then go back to doing the same damn kinds of things.

  17. FunMe says

    He should bring the “wife” along. Sounds like they both need some education on how words can more than hurt other human beings.

    Homophobia kills.

  18. Chitown kev says

    @Chris in SF


    President Obama is consistently and regularly criticized on this blog as well as others.

    Sometimes deservedly, sometimes undeservedly.

    So perhaps you need to direct anger to those whom you feel are not criiticing the president.

  19. Chris in SF says

    @ Why are we wasting time bashing the Santorums of the world 24/7. We didn’t vote for any of these rightwingers. Why not concentrate on Obama and why he believes in equal rights for everyone else except gay folk. He is just as homophobic as Santorum. He flushes us that nice smile and we quickly forget how he has back stabbed us from day with his homophobic pastor friends. He is not getting my money or my vote. period. Ron Paul is better on civil rights anyway.

  20. says

    So now, is GLAAD going to cover up Roland Martin’s bigotry like they covered up Tracy Morgan’s? Now that the group is hiring itself out as a public relations squad for celebrities and prominent media figures, I guess that means it doesn’t represent the Gay populace anymore. If it ever did. Send an economy-sized tube of Chapstick to the GLAAD offices: Kissing ass is so hard on the lips!

  21. says

    @ CHRIS IN SF: put the drink down and read some history. President Obama made sure DADT went away and the right is apoplectic, but the way he did it means it’s not going to revert.

    Obama has told his Justice Dept. to stop defending DOMA. He can’t get rid of it as it is a law. Duh.

    And this is just a partial list of his pro-gay ACTIONS.

    True, Obama could issue an executive order here and there that would help, but right now he’s buried under Catholic ire over contraception coverage. It’s NOT all ABOUT US you narcissist!

    Oh, and the economy and a Republican congress that is ONLY about stopping him.

    To equate him to Santorum is to show your animus and ignorance.

  22. jack says

    President Obama is the best president that LGBT people have ever had. Is he perfect? Of course not. He is the president of a slightly right of center nation and needs to get reelected in order to further the progressive agenda. What member of the clearly anti-gay republican party ( with very few exceptions) would the anti-Obama posters rather see in the White House? The choice will not be between Obama and a president who agrees with them on all the issues. The choice will be between Obama and either Romney, Santorum or Gingrich. To choose any one of those three over Obama is madness.