1. keke says

    Now you all know why we call Him “MITLER”
    in Mass. The guy is a hateful joke. and should never be running for any king of office. He was powerless and Humiliated when gay marriage passed in Mass when he was governor. and soon was booted out of office.

  2. Jason says

    Really, doesn’t the GOP have anyone but us to pick on? Of all the issues that preclude the stability of this nation…

    I’m still waiting for the right-wing to provide some inkling of proof that equality for all is the downfall to any society.

    I’m so sick of these candidates promoting bigotry in order to receive campaign contributions!

  3. Rance says

    Whoever would have thought that in 2012 we would have candidates competing to see who could hate on the gays the most. It would be almost funny if their words were not taken as encouragement for more violence and discrimination. Shame on the USA!

  4. bobbyjoe says


    Those people ARE unhappy. If you realized your only choices to be your nominee for the next election were Romney, Santorum, Paul, or Gingrich, you’d be seriously depressed too.

  5. says

    Ah, the old, I deprived my state of important tourism dollars due to my bigotry and am proud of it! argument. You lost on marriage in MA, Mitt, and it looks like you’ll be a loser again in 2012.

  6. says

    So, essentially, Mitt wanted to erect a “legal” wall to prevent other married Gay people from entering Massachusetts. The actual law was to prevent married interracial people from entering Massachusetts. He’s homophobic, racist and a Fascist.

  7. Chicklets says

    The local news said the venue holds 4,000+ people but only about 2k showed up. A rave held there a week earlier had full capacity….LOL! Who goes to raves anymore?! Obvioulsy more than want to attend a free Romney rally!

  8. nick says

    Go wash out your magical underwear; you have a big week ahead of you. Haven’t you got more non-Mormons to baptize? -oh that’s right the LDS isn’t doing that anymore (wink, wink)

  9. scollingsworth says

    Yup. He helped squelch the Massachusette economy by fighting to keep the 1913 law which was designed to keep black and white people coming to MA to marry. All those tourist dollars that could have flowed to MA were pissed away because of his bigotry.

  10. Bob says


    Mass is heavily catholic, and the catholic bishops are under direction to stop Gays marrying
    — if you are Gay and putting money in the plate, you are cutting your own throats, just to enjoy the church and eat the cookie

  11. Redebbm says

    This man tries to come off as moderate, but he is too dangerously to the right. He would throw gays under the bus just to throw red meat at his base and keep them happy.

  12. Darrell says

    Does Mitt realize it is 2012 and not 1913?
    The only tourists back then were the super rich and generally they all died on the Titanic anyways rich, powerful,and drowned….If he wants to send all Gay Tourism cash out of the US fine. Canada loves it… book now! Vancouver, Whistler and the rest of Canada will be waiting!

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