1. johnny says

    I don’t know whether to think this is great (as it may split the party and weaken them vote-wise)


    if it’s just plain scary (due to imagining him sitting in the white house and draconian fall-out that would result.)

  2. Jack M says

    It’s hard to imagine living in a country where people are so ignorant as to support a person like this. What is happening to the USA, where ignorance is so prevalent?

  3. Paul R says

    There is no way that any GOP candidate can win. And I know that people say this all the time, but if any of them do, I’m moving abroad. I don’t have an iota of respect for any of them.

  4. endo says

    At this rate, Michelle Bachman could jump back in the race and be the frontrunner next week.

    The Republican party is splintered. Obama doesn’t even need to campaign.

  5. George M says

    Love it when mitt gets a black eye
    I wonder what a gay republican would do on election night if Rick was on the ticket??
    Ricks not going to get the nod, it’s mitt
    We need to work on defeating him, and we can

  6. JWL says

    I disagree Paul, a GOP president is a possibility. I certainly hope not, but when you act like its a forgone conclusion you are just inviting people to be complacent and stay at home on election day. There is a lot of work to be done once these tools finally choose a Lead Tool. I know several republicans that don’t even care who they nominate because they are voting R no matter what. Theyd find a way to make Hitler seem acceptable.

  7. says

    Hey Frothy, the only thing you’ve succeeded at is making yourself the new flavor of the month as well a target for the attacks yet to come. Your days of having slipped under the radar are over. The vetting process is about to begin. Your free ride is now going to become very expensive and very bumpy. Strap in cause it’s game on!

  8. Patric says

    “It’s hard to imagine living in a country where people are so ignorant as to support a person like this. What is happening to the USA, where ignorance is so prevalent?”

    I couldn’t agree more about Romney, Jack, but, hey, he lost, so yesterday was an especially great day.

    “Fly-over states, every one of them.” Um, WJP3, not only are Minnesota and Colorado both beautiful states and you’re missing out if you choose to simply fly over them (unlike a lot of other states in the middle) but both are very important in Presidential elections, unlike states like California and New York, where the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

  9. Mary says

    I’ve been telling every fellow Republican I see today (and that’s not many as I live in NYC) “May the froth be with you!.” Naturally I wouldn’t greet any Towleroad readers this way for fear of Potassium cyanide somehow spewing out of my computer terminal. But truthfully, I’m so happy today I could attend a gay wedding and hug the happy handsome grooms!

    On a serious note, it may not be possible for Santorum to overtake Romney. For some reason Romney has this air of inevitability surrounding him – and a lot of money to buy TV commercials. Much depends on how badly the Republican base wants to avoid a Romney nomination – and whether or not “Frothy” can avoid a major blooper that would send him down the Michelle Bachmann road.

    The next few weeks should be interesting.

  10. says

    I have already promised some US friends that they can come and live in my modest country home ( over looking the ocean!! ) if by any perversion that creepy guy were to get elected.

    But “Obama -v- Frothy” would be the final showdown between backward looking bigotry and advancing a fantastic liberal agenda of equality, funded scientific research and more economic fairness.
    Future appointments to SCOTUS is of course, the most important reason for keeping the fascists out of office permanently.

  11. says

    Well, Mary, I’m very happy for you and I admire you for posting here. Needless to say, you’re in the minority here, but it never hurts too hear from the loyal opposition. But I am curious as to why a woman (unless you’re over 70) would be exultant over the victories of a man who, if elected, would take away control of your health, your uturus and your right to chose even in cases of rape and incest according to the religious dictates of what can only be described as his extreme beliefs. And in a country that enjoys separation of curch and state. Perhaps you’ve come here for no other reason than to mock us. Or perhaps you’re an idiot. I sincerely hope neither if thise are true and that you’re here because you desire honest discourse. But He’s made it plain that he’s running on two things: religious extremism and bigotry. So why so happy? Please thrill us with your political acumen.

  12. Mary says

    Tim, I apologize if my post offended you. No, I’m not gloating – just providing some humor. Towleroad readers know that I’m not malicious so I assumed that they’d take what I wrote in context.

    I’ve posted a lot here in the last few months regarding what my views are, but here’s a summary: No gay marriage as it could harm society long-term (no matter how beautiful it can appear short-term), people openly gay can remain in the military unless it causes severe recruitment problems or disrupts military life (which we’ll know within a few years.), yes to adoption for gay couples, although I’d give straight couples preference (an inequality, I admit.) Equal rights in housing and jobs. Respect for LGBT people as human beings and no ridiculing or taunting of them – we’re not in the pre-Stonewall era anymore. All other gay rights issues to be decided on a case by case basis. And if gay marriage ends up in all 50 states (what I believe will happen eventually), both communities – gays and religious straight people – learn to get along and work out an agreement that lets each of them exist peacefully.

    As to my age, I’m 50.

  13. GeorgeM says


    Umm what?
    Mary why did you go to the wedding? I dont get that, you dont believe in it but you went? To support them not their union?
    I guess if that works

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