Sheriff Paul Babeu Discusses LGBT Issues, Said He’s Talked to Log Cabin and GOProud

Pinal County, Arizona  Sheriff Paul Babeu gave an interview to the Washington Blade. In the interview with the Blade's Chris Johnson, Babeu talks about his intention to continue as a candidate despite the charges being leveled against him and also discussed various positions on LGBT issues.

Pl_babeuHe said he's been in contact with a few gay groups:

Since coming out, Babeu said he’s been in contact with numerous national LGBT leaders. Among them are heads of conservative groups: R. Clarke Cooper, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans, and Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud.

Babeu said he’s reached out to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and has friends at the organization. On Saturday evening, Babeu said he was set to talk via phone with Chuck Wolfe, the Victory Fund’s CEO. Babeu said he hasn’t spoken to the Human Rights Campaign, but said he’s a member of the organization and is on its mailing list. The sheriff said he’s made contributions to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and has been a member “in the past.”

He said despite his support for LGBT issues, he voted early for Romney and will vote for Republican leadership if elected:

Despite his pledge to work as an LGBT advocate, as a Republican candidate, Babeu noted he would vote for Republican leadership if elected to the House. Under the leadership of House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), pro-LGBT initiatives have seen no progress.

Still, Babeu said he thinks pro-LGBT initiatives will be able to see movement in the 113th Congress even with Republicans in the majority if he’s elected because he’ll work to influence lawmakers.

One piece of legislation he had no comment on was UAFA, which deals with "enabling gay Americans to sponsor their foreign born same-sex partners for residency in the United States."

“To be honest with you, I haven’t read the legislation,” Babeu said. “I’d be happy to read it and give you an answer after that. You know where I stand on all these other issues, which are consistent with being an advocate for equality.”

Read the full interview here.

Last night, an Arizona news station reported that Babeu had once been in charge of a Massachusetts boarding school charged with abuse of its students and had once lived with a male student there against the advice of his sister.


  1. MateoM says

    So this delusional, hypocritical, self-serving, (white, affluent, politically powerful), self-loathing creep is in talks with groups who serve his own interests to a T?

    Color me unsurprised.

  2. Rick says

    He’s not going away, Paul R. Neither are millions of others like him.

    The efforts on the part of people like you to ghettoize Gay America in a small corner of the den of the Far Left will never succeed.

    And I will let you in on a little secret: The vast majority of Americans are far more likely to listen to him or a gay military veteran or a well-groomed executive who belongs to the Log Cabin Republicans and be favorably influenced by them than they are rainbow-flag-waving, pink-triangle-wearing, screaming effeminate queens parading down Market Street in San Francisco wearing nothing but pink boas and leather jockstraps…..OR Far Left automatons like yourself who are as narrow-minded and intolerant as the worst automatons of the Religious Right at the other extreme of the spectrum.

    People like you are the main reason this movement has failed so badly up to now. The gay rights movement is roughly the same age as the civil rights movement and the women’s movement, but look at where we are compared to those other two.

    As of last year, one could still be kicked out of the military for no other reason than being strongly suspected of being gay. It is still legal under Federal law to discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation. Nearly 60% of the states have Constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage and in every state where it has been on the ballot, we have lost, usually by massive margins.

    And there are still almost no “out” prominent gay people in any field other than the stereotypical ones like fashion design.

    And you know why that is? Because the face of Gay America to most people consists of political extremists like yourself, in-your-face glitter-bombers, flamboyantly effeminate TV characters, and, as I mentioned, the clowns parading around at San Francisco Pride.

    A face that America does not like, with good reason.

  3. BEAHBEAH says

    Wanna expound on your last statment Rick? What exactly is the “good reason?”

    And how exactly do GoProud, LCR and Babeu influence people? They don’t stand for gay rights, all they stand for is themselves. Babeu was only just recently outed and all he’s managed to do is avoid anything dealing with gay issues. And outside of voting for people that wanna throw us back into the closet, what exactly have GP and LCR accomplished? Nothing.

    Almost every advancement in gay rights has come from the flag waving queers on the left. All you manage to do is bask in the rewards while throwing bitter tantrums in your closet that you can’t be out like the rest of us. Give it a rest already.

  4. B-rod says

    Hate yourself and most of the rest of gay much, Rick?

    To think all the rest of us are nothing but prancing, glitter-bombing “activist” just shows what a sad little conservative-gay ghetto you live in.

    Get out and meet the rest of gay humanity. You’ll find that the overwhelming majority of us don’t have glitter in our pockets.

    You’ll also learn we live honorable lives…and that includes not kissing the asses of religious neaderthals and conservative hicks, hoping for their “approval.”

    Get back to us when you gain an ounce of self-acceptance and drop the self-loathing. Your type is really tiring.

  5. aj says

    The Man has Scandal written all over his resume and sooner or later it’s going to burst out into the open, i wouldn’t want him near any organization that i am a part of. As the incomparable Groucho Marx once said ” I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”! Although by all accounts he should join GOProud, then there would be 3 members!

  6. endo says

    You didn’t miss much. More of the same misogynistic, homophobic ranting sprinkled in with numerous falsehoods.

    And still no link to proof of his masculine superiority.

  7. says

    it’s textbook, ladies and gents: you get angry closet cases who are furious about “how gays are seen” – yet they’re not man enough to live just as openly, visibly and proudly.

    you can’t blame Out Gay Men for having the courage, integrity and selflessness that you yourself do not yet possess.

    you can’t tell Out gays that they’re “doing it wrong” – you can only Come Out, yourself, and live by example.

    this, however, is too much for insecure right-wing homosexuals to handle. it’s much easier to scream bitterly from inside the closet than to be a real man and live Out by example.

  8. Rick says

    @BEAHBEAH Anyone with any common sense knows that people like those who they believe are similar to them and with whom they share the same values.

    Sherriff Babeu is as mainstream as it gets. He holds a respectable position in society, has a masculine demeanor, and is best known for his opposition to illegal immigration, a position that is shared by the vast majority of Americans.

    When people see someone like that who they know is gay, it causes them to question their (negative) assumptions about gay men….and given enough such exposures over time, it will change their attitudes–not all at one, but gradually.

    On the other hand, when all they are exposed to is loud-mouthed radicals who reside at the far end of the political spectrum and effeminate queens who live vicariously through women and idolize Lady Gaga, they see nothing they can relate to and recoil in horror, all their negative impressions of gay people having been confirmed.

    As I say, it is really just common sense, which seems to be seriously lacking in many of you.

  9. JONES says

    “As of last year, one could still be kicked out of the military for no other reason than being strongly suspected of being gay.”

    Rick ….

    Read the interview.
    Babeu will vote for the reinstatement of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The closeted existence is his preferred reality and he would see that inflicted on others in the LGBT community.

    He claims to support gay equality issues yet campaigns for those on the Republican ticket that clearly & emphatically state their opposition to it.

    His outing may prove to be one of the most beneficial things to have happened to him.
    My hope is that it will force him to deal with the issues in his life that have shaped him thus far.

  10. Henry Holland says

    “The vast majority of Americans are far more likely to listen to him”

    Great! They’re listening to a scandal magnet that’s got issues at best or is a total sleazeball at worst. But hey, he’s butch and has a badge, so WIN!

    “or a gay military veteran”

    Who until quite recently had to lie through their teeth to serve. My Dad is ex-Air Force and he has nothing but contempt for people that lied to stay in the service.

    “or a well-groomed executive who belongs to the Log Cabin Republicans”

    Oh gawd, how delusional are you?

    My parents live in Pinal County, they had no idea this guy was homosexual. So, once again, I have to patiently explain to them that no, we’re not all sleazebags who prey on teenagers, no, we’re not all sex-crazed loons who think with their penises, etc.

    What fun!

  11. TJ says

    Yeah BEAHBEAH – When people are exposed to a different kind of gay person (not the out and proud types, living honorable lives), someone who is unethical and narcissistic, who holds a respectable position but abuses power, yet looks just like the stereotypical macho clone next door, they won’t think twice about his deceptions, inappropriate behavior, or hypocrisy. They’ll just see the mustache guy from The Village People and think that gay people are just swell. The kind of man you want watching over your kids.

    No really. They will!

  12. PEDRO says

    So Paul Babeu spoke at CPAC…
    It’s so ironic. GOProud was banned from CPAC because of boycotts by “social conservatives” organizers. The Heritage Foundation withdraw over participation of ‘gay’ GOProud. The Heritage Foundation describes itself as “a research and the legal arm of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). FAIR is considered a hate group behind anti- immigration laws with ties to white supremacist groups. FAIR has said in the past they want to stop all immigration (especially from Latin American countries)
    So these “Immigration” groups support Babeu for his strong position against illegal immigration, for helping them pass immigration laws in AZ, but they would ban him from speaking at their events as a GAY man… BABEU IS THE POSTER BOY FOR FAIR & SPEAKS AT THEIR ANTI-IMMIGRATION EVENTS….

  13. endo says

    “Babeu will vote for the reinstatement of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

    Yeh, so, I’m not going to defend this Republican clown, but that’s not true at all.

  14. Jeff says

    Why are we still talking about this. Nothing has moved this subject any further away from a “He said – He said” discussion.

    And guess what little kiwi, not all gays are Democrats. It’s called being a more than one issue person. And just because someone doesn’t see eye-to-eye with you doesn’t mean they live in a closet.

    And sorry to say, but there are a lot of gays who purposely perpetuate gay stereotypes.

  15. sara says

    @Jones Babeu is a former military man who was threatened by several people who wanted to out him & I think he said one did, so he supports the repeal of DADT. I believe he said this at his press conference.

    As for the other stuff, I don’t think too many conservative Republicans are going to vote for a candidate involved in a school that had complaints about abuse, group showers, strip searches & sheet wearing. Also his relationship with a 17 year old student would probably confirm all their homophobic fears of gay people trying to convert their youngsters.

  16. Swine says

    Guess we don’t all have your level of common sense, Rick. You’re entitled to your opinions — as off the wall as they are. You certainly seem obsessed about gays who are effeminate screaming queens. Where they anyway? I don’t know any but send some my way cuz I hear they can be a lot of fun.

    There are plenty of great gay role models around, Rick. Just because you’re not aware of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They do, but your experience & ideas have clearly been so limited you haven’t had the opportunity to know otherwise. Well then I feel sorry for you. You need to get out more.

    Babeu is a sleaze. I doubt you’re convincing anyone here of his greatness you seem to strangely believe in. But you do reveal yourself to be very limited in your ideas & certainly clueless about what you think you know about gays.

  17. says

    hey Jeff, specifics please. “perpetuate stereotypes”?

    what does that even mean? something being considered a “stereotype” doesn’t mean that it’s inherently negative.

    saying “eh?” is a Canadian stereotype. doesn’t mean there are Canucks walking around like cowards saying “i’m canadian, but i’m not one of those canadians that says “eh?!!!”

    so, Jeff, how about you show yourself, eh?

    URL? where you show what a stong, manly empowered OUT gay man you are?

    ten bucks says you have a long-winded dismissal for not providing one.

    wanna prove me wrong? actually PROVE me wrong – provide the URL to your own page or youtube video.

  18. Dan says

    According to Rick, “there are still almost no ‘out’ prominent gay people in any field other than the stereotypical ones like fashion design.”

    I’ll start this off, and other posters can follow up until we blow the doorknob off Rick’s closet. This may be a difficult task, since Rick probably has a very broad notion of which jobs are ‘the stereotypical ones,’ and even though he says “people,” he’s probably just thinking of men, but lets rise to the challenge:
    -Greg Louganis: Olympic diver
    -Rachel Maddow: journalist and news host
    -Dan Choi: soldier
    -Barney Frank: lying, swindling politician
    -Gene Robinson: Episcopal Bishop (let’s hear Rick argue that he’s not prominent!)
    Those are the first five I thought of off the top of my head. Post five of your own (or only one or two, if that’s all you can think of). Rick will probably be dismissive of any kind of artist, but even without all the actors, writers, and musicians who are out, successful, and inarguably “prominent,” we can still swamp him. Go.

  19. says

    how about those of you on here who are perpetuating the stereotype that Gay Republicans are are testicle-free cowards who can’t put a name and face to your comments, nor a face to the Gay Community?

    truly. there’s a stereotype if i ever saw one. gay republicans who are only “Out” after being dragged kicking and screaming from the Closet. gay republicans who screech furiously about “femmes” and “liberals” while not having the balls to show by Example how to live Out and proud.

    very telling.

  20. Belthazar says

    Dave Geffen: Billionaire Music Executive but that may not count since it’s the music industries :-).

    Chris Hughes: Co-founder Facebook

    Jonathan Capehart: MSNBC Political Analyst

    Just to add a few of many…

  21. says

    It’s sure going to be interesting to see who’s campaigning on behalf of Babeu. No self-respecting gay person, liberal or conservative, would support a misinformed (on gay issues) hypocrite who’s spent his political career cozying up with homophobes like John McCain and the nuts at CPAC. (And this is discounting the ethics of his sexual shenanigans.) No liberal would support someone who has such a rigid stance on immigration, especially since Mr. Tough-Talker secretly likes getting banged by immigrants. And few conservatives, his only real base, are likely to want to support a fresh-from-the-closet gay guy with a sordid soap opera sex life. He’s brave to plow on, so to speak, given the accumulating baggage (and you know there will be more), though if (liberal!) Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress over a few racy Tweets, then I doubt the Republican party’s going to want Babeu on their team. May the saga continue . . . keep the popcorn popping.

  22. Misael says

    1.Ricky Martin,performer 2. Neil Patrick,actor. 3.Garreth Thomas Rugby player, 4.Billie Jean king 5.Martina Navrotilova ( tennis legends)6.Nate Burkus Talk show host…. To name a few.

  23. KP says

    I love how Babeu thinks that Congress will actually give a crap about LGBT issues once he is elected. I really hope this guy doesn’t get elected. Even though I am a Democratic, I would hope the first LGBT GOP in Congress would be on the level and not have to be forced from the closet. I wish just one journalist would point out to Babeu that if it wasn’t for the article in the Phoenix New Times, he would still be in the closet. Not even the Blade did it. Sigh…

  24. JONES says

    On a side note …

    There was an interview with Paul Babeu where he said he was sexually assaulted by a Priest at a young age and that when reported to authorities it was covered up.

    Has anyone done any investigating on this horrible revelation ?

    @Sara … thanks for the DADT interview info … Babeu did say that he supported the repeal and I’m glad to stand corrected.

  25. says

    Stephen Sondheim
    Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka
    Sir Ian McKellen
    Patrice Chereau
    Alan Bennett
    Dennis Cooper
    Gus Van Sant
    Tom Kalin
    Greg Araki
    Michael Tilson Thomas
    Edmund White
    John Ashbery
    Kenward Elmslie
    Thomas Passatieri
    John Corigliano
    William H. Hoffman
    Robert Wilson
    Jean-Claude Van Italie
    Craig Lucas

    just off the top of my head

  26. Jeff says

    Hey kiwi, want a negative stereotype? You’re gonna need a mirror!

    And why in the hell would I want someone like you to know anything about me? I’m out and proud without being anything like you. Yeah!!!

    (And I do notice that you never respond to comments, just hurl accusations. Ya, just like Fox News.)

  27. says

    i call your bluff, Jeff.

    you’re perpetuating a truly pathetic stereotype that is utterly steeped in reality: insecure and closeted right-wing gay males who don’t have the balls to live open, Out, and authentic lives.

    nobody said you had to be “like me” – it just speaks volumes that you can’t man up and be visible.

    so, again, I call your bluff.

    no url to your own page or video? of course not, you coward.

  28. jack says

    Sorry Sheriff Babeu your rising star in the Taliban Lite Republian party just imploded. Those Taliban Lite types don’t cotton to homosexuals. They know that you deliberately chose to be homosexual and that is contrary to god’s law as written in the “good” book. Mabye the Log Cabin republicans can help you because we know how much influence they have in that wing nut party.

  29. GeorgeM says

    I get the more then one issue, I understand that. I have many leanings that would pull me from the left.
    Question if I may
    When the issue is personal how do you not vote that way? Not looking for a fight just can’t understand that. That goes both ways, if this guy was running against an anti gay democrat I’d be voting for my first republican.
    If a candidate was great with money, national defense, overall economy etc but was anti gay to the hills how do I vote For them.
    I’m not saying this is the situation here just in general. Idk

  30. RichB in PS says

    After reading all that is out there about this man who happens to be gay – I would not vote for him. His history does not exhibit an honorable person to hold an elected office or any trusted position in contact with young men. Yet remember what we knew of Clinton’s reputation, he was elected twice. I question if we knew about JFK, would he have been elected?

  31. starshipcaptain says

    As an Hispanic gay male who was a Republican through college, Babeu appeals to me in all the wrong ways. But why can’t he see that while he might not believe he has left the Republican Party, why can’t he see that today’s Republican will have nothing to do with his/our kind?

  32. says

    The problem I have with articles on men like Babeu is that people are saying he came out. He didn’t come out. He was outed. Big difference. If his immigrant ex hadn’t come forward, he’d be the same closet case he always was.

    Also, GOProud and Log Cabin Rethuglican’ts? Color me unsurprised. These types are so predictable..

  33. says


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  34. says

    As with the spotlight cast on the misogyny championed by Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann, equal opportunity accountability with respect to homphobia and intellectual fascism is needed now more than ever. So much of the ostensibly open-minded liberal reaction to the Babeu “controversies” simply illustrates how deeply the fissures created by progressivism’s identity politics extend. The Democratic party’s core constituencies practice a cycle of metaphorical domestic violence, and opportunistically prey upon those very constituencies when they do not conform to the proscribed draconian Democratic ethos:

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