1. RonTEX says

    THAT is so unintentionally hilarious it’s not even funny. What the hell was his campaign team even thinking? Or maybe they’re sabotaging him?

  2. says

    In the realm of political advertising this counts as true entertainment.

    Funny how the Mitt stand-in couldn’t figure out he WAS hitting Santorum every time – you just couldn’t tell, writing black words on black paper & all …

  3. gr8guyca says

    Is this an intentional reference to “santorum” and are they trying to link Romney to the “santorum” definition?

    Or do the projectiles represent mud that Romney is slinging at Santorum? In which case, it’s unintentional. And the people who will not get the reference to “santorum” are the Republicans they are talking to. They probably don’t know about Dan Savage’s “santorum.”

    But why not use orange, the color that’s most associated with paintball? That would seem the obvious thing to do. And they wouldn’t open themselves up to these comments.

    So, probably, this is just fantastically stupid. It was sold as “mud” without realizing the other meaning. And someone should get fired…right away.

    Can’t wait until Rachel Maddow gets hold of this!

  4. Kevin_BGFH says

    It’s so surreal. I just can’t imagine that absolutely NO ONE involved saw the connection? Maybe the campaign thinks that by playing with the joke they get more buzz on the Internet or something? It’s either that or a secret saboteur within the campaign, because I cannot receive how no one within the campaign noticed this.

  5. Eddie says

    Looks like santorum. Walks like santorum. Acts like santorum. Quacks like santorum.
    Must be Santorum.

  6. Mary says

    Folks, let me assure you that Santorum’s people knew EXACTLY what they were doing with this ad. They picked mud rather than orange paint precisely because it resembles “Santorum.” And why was the Romney look-alike “shooting” mud instead of flinging it? This commercial was designed to cause people to talk about the hilarity of Santorum getting hit with “Santorum.” His people know that the more voters learn of what Dan Savage did to Rick’s name, the more Rick gets sympathy. The person in that ad may have been made to look like Romney, but it is really Dan Savage the ad creators are referring to – Mitt is just being used here. The reason the faux “Mitt” is shooting instead of flinging is to conjure up images of some kind of Weather Underground 1960’s style activity. I almost expected to hear “In a gada da vida” playing in the background.

    I actually think this ad is a little over the top and is unfair to Romney. It’s subtle message is that Romney will do to socially conservative values what Dan Savage did to Rick Santorum’s name – defilement.

    But hey if the froth fits……

  7. Didaskalos says

    Oh, HAIL Yeah this got me laughing! I’m as hot for Santorum as Dan Savage is, and Rick sure knows how to hire a FUNNY commercial team! They must be gay, I’m thinking. The strategy here is the oldest trick in the book, singing Yankee Doodle back to the Brits, or, as Dan Savage says, “owning” the word “faggot.” What you just saw, was Santorum OWNING “Santorum.”