1. Zlick says


    I really admire most of Joss Whedon’s work – but let’s not forget what a hot mess most superhero movies become when they include anything more than 2 villains. (Most, not all).

    So the thought of handling this many “heroes” in a superhero movie makes me wary of boiling hot molten mess.

  2. Marty says

    Cue some moron whining about how this post isn’t about gays or some nonsense. Three, Two, One…

    I used to find the reader commentary here on Towleroad pretty interesting, with interesting points across the spectrum of liberal to conservative, but in the past year or so it’s become deeply stupid. Self-loathing right wing trolls. “Progressives” attacking our detractors based on their looks. Dorks thinking they can decide what’s appropriate for the site, and what’s not. I keep telling myself to stop reading them. Don’t you? And yet here I am.

    Andy, either get a rein on the commenters and start blocking the clowns who bring nothing worthwhile to the conversation, or just block commenters altogether. Seriously. The whole situation is just bringing this site down.

    And, also, can’t wait to see the Avengers. Geeking hard over here.

  3. Marty says

    And I’m not responding to ZLICK – hadn’t seen his comment when I posted. I think Joss has great skills handling an ensemble of characters – so I have high hopes he can nail this as a big fun summer popcorn movie. Not hoping for anything more than that.

  4. says


    I am desperate to see more of these trailers and scenes, but I don’t want to know pretty much everything about the movie before I step into the cinema (and let’s face it, most of today’s trailers are basically short versions of the entire movie).

    I’m feeling like this trailer, combined with the others, is descending into the latter territory. Come on, Joss… Tease me… but don’t show me all the good stuff! I can’t help myself but to succumb and watch all these things about 20 times each…

  5. Rin says


    I am a super huge comic nerd. Mike Mine Marvel! I do, however, respect the DC icons: Batman, Superman, etc. I think the problem in the past has been the writer/director chosen, not the abundance of villains. Yes, the Schumacher Batman sucked, but the Nolan one didn’t. Batman Begins had both Scarecrow and Ghul…it was fantastic.

    Give the writer/director of Firefly a stab at it.

  6. endo says

    This looks ridiculously bad. Dumb, explosivey action from the school of Michael Bay. The costumes look cheap and fake. And Loki from that horrible Thor movie is a dumb villain to bring back.

    It’s going to be a fantastic year in movies: The Dark Night Returns, Prometheus, Hunger Games, The Hobbit. The Avengers is not even in the top 5 must-see films.

  7. RandySF says

    @ZLICK: Yawn? Are you kidding me? That was awesome.

    I’m not an avengers fan (keep your big government off of my super hero teams!) but my lord this trailer made me want to watch more. For those hating on ensemble hero flicks, don’t forget that X-Men and X-Men 2 were pretty darned good. X-Men 3 never happened.

  8. Blaine says

    Does anyone else think Captain America’s uniform looks a little ridiculous next to all the others? (And probably even by itself?) His colors are a little too ’70s-Superman bright blue and red. I know he’s Captain AMERICA, but does he have to look like he’s LITERALLY refashioned the flag into a costume?

    This is my opinion. I am not a troll. Thank you.

  9. Michael W. says

    I think this looks incredible! All of you Debbie Downers must be real fun at parties. Jeez, it’s an action/superhero movie. Don’t expect Schindler’s List and you won’t be disappointed.

    @Blaine: I agree about Cap’s uniform. I liked the WWII one much better.

  10. Zlick says

    If this weren’t Joss Whedon’s film, I wouldn’t bother seeing it. I think Nolan and even Burton handled multiple villains well, and I’m willing to give Whedon a decent open-minded shot at handling multiple heroes. But there sure are an awful lot of them.

    And this particular trailer? Yeah, lots of explosions and superhero posing. Maybe I should have watched it on YouTube instead of embedded all tiny. Oh well. Not interested in seeing it again. At least I don’t feel like it’s giving away the entire film … unless the film has no plot at all.

    As for Captain America’s costume – the conceit here is that he’s been transported from the 1940’s – where that time period allowed for him to have the best superhero movie tone of any of them. So let him wear the retro costume! 😉

  11. Kevin_BGFH says

    I think it looks great. The trailer itself looked a little too frenetic with so many characters competing for a few seconds of screen time, but a 2 hour film will resolve that.

  12. endo says

    “All of you Debbie Downers must be real fun at parties.”

    If I go to a party and all the people there are fans of movies like Transformers and Fantastic Four, I usually just leave.

  13. gino says

    It’s strange when people say this movie looks terrible. It looks exactly like it should: a super big budget action film with lots of CG and explosions. This isn’t The Kings Speech. This isn’t The Artist. This is a comic book movie and only needs to live up to that standard. It’s fine if this type of film isn’t the kind you like to watch, but that doesn’t mean it won’t or can’t be good on its on terms.

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