Supreme Court Refuses to Hear NOM Appeal to Keep Donors Secret in Maine

On January 31st, the National Organization for Marriage lost an appeal to keep its list of ballot question committee and donor names private, so it appealed to the Supreme Court.

Nom_maineSCOTUS apparently refused today to hear the case:

…the Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a constitutional challenge to a Maine law that requires those seeking to raise and spend money in state election campaigns to organize as a political action committee for that activity, and make significant disclosures about their financial operations.   That was challenged in a petition, National Organization for Marriage v. McKee (11-599), after the state law was upheld by the First Circuit Court.  The NOM is an organizations set up to promote the traditional view of marriage as being reserved solely for opposite-sex couples.  It argued in challenging the PAC requirement that states do not have the constitutional authority to impose such obligations unless an organization has election campaign activity as its “major purpose.”

(h/t Joe)


  1. StraightGrandmother says

    We have been waiting on this for SOOOOOO Looong now. I can’t wait to lift up those white hoods and see who is sending all those millions to NOM.

  2. says


    we have to Come Out to claim our lives and personhood and if they want to deny and limit our worth and equality then they should have to put themselves up to the *same public scrutiny* as the rest of us.

  3. Dearcomrade says

    Look for the list of names or for some people going to jail for contempt of court real soon.
    I’m laughing in your face NOM!

  4. Derek says

    Wondering how long they will defy the Supreme Court on this.. since they’ve defied every other court so far…

  5. bw430 says

    I hope there troops on the ground in Maine to enforce the First Circuit’s ruling. Based on NOM’s past behavior it’s pretty clear they have no intention of abiding by the law’s mandate, court orders be damned.

  6. simon says

    It is not KKK. They should be proud being a NOM member. Why are the donors so ashamed of associating themselves with the “cause”?

  7. Bill Michael says

    If you truly believe in a cause and if you believe it is just, you should have no trouble showing your face. Only cowards who know they are wrong try to hide.