1. BobN says

    Here’s a thought. I promise to donate $1 to Romney’s campaign (shudder just went through my spine) if he agrees here and now that, upon his defeat, he will spend the next four years living on the ‘ample safety net’ afforded the Vietnam vet living in the bushes in my neighborhood park.

  2. Brian says

    I think there’s so much to attack of substance in Romney that I hate when we make issues up (not just here but this “I don’t care about the very poor” thing is everywhere now). Taken in context, what he really said is that the very rich don’t need anything, obviously, and the very poor have welfare etc to help them, and if they need more help (he said if the safety net needs fixing) he’d fix it. But the middle class, the middle 95% are really struggling and don’t have any safety net or programs, so that’s who he’d focus on. You can argue with this statement on several levels, but at least it’s the real statement, so let’s not just make up issues to attack him on.

  3. says

    It’s amazing that in this country’s greatest economic calamity hitting the American people since the Great Depression, the Republican Party is about to nominate the most over-privileged a-hole we’ve seen in generations attempt to run for national office — and one who is gleeful about insulting the middle class and working poor. Is there a more thoughtless, out-of-touch person alive? I wonder.

  4. Ricco says

    I agree with you BRIAN, in part, that people are taking Romney’s statement out of context and making much of it.

    It must be obvious to everyone the context he meant to frame, but it is quite awkward to hear such clumsy words coming from the mouth of a presidential candidate. And this is not, for Romney, an isolated gaffe, therefore, whatever his intent, easily overlooked.

    One can only listen to a very rich man chronically make so many egregious statements about the poor and the middle class, and not conclude that his clumsy, undiplomatic words actually do reflect the feelings of the man, Mitt Romney, that he is a man who is “not concerned with the poor” . . . nor the middle class, as he has imbued corporations with personhood.

    Luke 6:45
    45 A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

    I am not big on quoting scripture, as a rule, but find it acceptable and relevant to do so with religious people who use scripture to formulate political philosophy.

    The thing is if Romney is so out of touch with his own, less fortunate countrymen, and cares so very little for them, as seems increasingly obvious from the abundance of insensitive words pouring from his mouth like a fountain, how will he, as a world leader of one of the most important nations in the world, identify with the people of other nations?

    While it may be true that the United States does not care what the other nations think, and does not mind bullying, even bombing other countries unprovoked, we still have to pretend that we do care, and that we do listen.

    If people are quick to criticize Romney’s gaffs it is only because they are realizing that he really does not care about their struggles.

  5. Brian says

    Agree with all of that Ricco, I just think this gaffe is probably one of his most liberal statments (which is sad in itself). He does say he’ll fix the safety net for the very poor if needed, and wants to really focus on the “middle” 95%. We all know he’ll just focus on the top 1% as always, and will of course find that the safety net for the poor is just fine the way it is. And I agree his many gaffes show that he’s really not concerned with the poor or middle classes, just seems a waste to stretch the truth on this quote just to score some political points when the truth is plenty bad already..

  6. Ricco says

    I read an excellent comment on Huffington Post where it was suggested that Romney live outside in an alley for four years, like a veteran the commenter knew, and see how he likes that safety net.

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