‘Ultimate Fighter’ Contestant Says ‘Gay for Pay’ Past was Mistake

Ultimate Fighting Championship has come under fire in recent months for its homophobic past, with LGBT groups calling on Anheuser Busch to drop its sponsorship of UFC over the organization's failure to address homophobic behavior by its leaders and athletes. Which may be why Dakota Cochrane, a former Sean Cody actor who has reportedly been in more than 16 gay adult films and is now a contestant in the reality series The Ultimate Fighter, is getting attention. Cochrane, who performed under the name "Danny" for Sean Cody, says he is straight.

CochraneMMA Fighting reports:

"It's definitely a decision I regret," he told MMA Fighting. "If I would have known what would happen I definitely wouldn't have done it. But I had money issues and I needed help. I went there to do pictures, and they started throwing pretty high numbers in front of me. I didn't really think. It was a big mistake."

But no matter the size of the mistake, it was one he made no effort to escape on the eve of his biggest opportunity. On his audition tape for TUF, he included an introduction that mentioned all about his past. Everything.

"I think it's a little bit courageous for both of us," he said of the UFC's decision to include him on the show. "I could just hide in a hole and no one would know except for the people close to me. And to them, I was up front. I let them know right away so it wasn’t anything that could come back and bite them in the butt. I think maybe they respected that a little bit. I think some people judge against it, some people will be OK with it. Some people will want me to get my butt kicked, and hopefully others will respect what I'm trying to do."

Said UFC Dana White last October: "I'll tell you right now, if there was a gay fighter in UFC, I wish he would come out. I could care less if there's a gay fighter in the UFC. There probably is and there's probably more than one."

Yahoo! Sports asks: "What will be the reaction from fans, hardcore and casual one this blows up on the blogosphere? The 25-year-old Cochrane is 10-2 in MMA and posted a win over former WEC lightweight champ Jamie Varner in September."

Dakota Cochrane Discusses Controversial Past as He Prepares to Chase UFC Dream [mma fighting]


  1. ratbastard says

    Sorry, I find it hard to believe a ‘straight’ dude would do the stuff he did just because he needed the $, unless he had/has a serious drug problem…or he’s really gay or bisexual.

    Otherwise, I of course don’t care. He does have balls to do what he’s doing.

  2. Paul R says

    16 movies are “a decision”? I’ll have to remember that.

    “Yes, officer, I killed that guy. And the 15 others. Over many months. Well, years. But it was just a bad decision.”

    Not that I care. But I would like for spokespeople to know that it’s “I couldn’t care less.” Drives me crazy.

  3. jim says

    Oh yeah, DANNY! You can tell he’s 100% str8 by the look of total disgust on his face in the scenes where he’s bottoming for Cody’s boys. Right, whatever. Doing work for Cody might be a decision he “definitely regrets,” but he made that same decision many times over–the guy did a LOT of work for Cody!

  4. MikeH says

    It is slightly irritating to read his “mea culpa” over his gay porn past. His performances were good, he made good money and from the number of vids he done it didn’t appear that he was suffering in the least. Why is there such a stigma? Obviously he is a good fighter, he shouldn’t apologize. Degrading his former employer and calling making 80K for a few vids “a mistake” is absurd.

  5. Luke says

    ANother closeted gay that spit on hte ones so proud to stand up. On my point of view there is no such called “gay for pay” at maximum they are bisexuals in denial.

  6. Francis says

    Dakota AKA Danny may regret what he did now that he’s becoming a big time UFC fighter on a national stage but to say he made a “mistake” is BS. He knew what he was doing and he willingly chose to have sex with other men on camera. Whether it was for the money or not is irrelevant; he did what he did, instead of trying to push it aside, own up to it. And the “shamefulness” aspect to the entire article is offensive, as well. There isn’t anything shameful in what Dakota did, he shouldn’t think he did something wrong.

    I will say, though, that UFC fans are handling it better than many would have probably expected, at least based on comments I’ve read regarding this story. A majority seem not to care. We’ll see how long this support lasts if/when Dakota starts beating some of the top UFC fighters around, and if the UFC organization steps in if things start getting out of hand. That will be the test to see if Dana White and others who say they are in favor of openly gay-fighters within their ranks and support the gay community, actually mean what they say or are all talk.

  7. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    say what you like, boys, but I don’t think any amount of money would make me straight for pay. You know what Jesus said: the spirit is willing but your c**k just won’t get hard.

  8. BEAHBEAH says

    Meh, this doesn’t bother me at all. Actually kind of refreshing that he owns up to it and hasn’t denied it. And gay for pay has been around for ages, why is it still upsetting people? Sexuality is gray, stop trying to box it in.

    And so what if he regrets it, I regret some of the things I did sexually when I was younger. Thankfully, mine weren’t filmed.

  9. says

    refreshing? this isnt’ refreshing – this is pathetic. not because he did porn, but because he’s being such a little apologetic wimp about it.

    newsflash: doing male on male porn does not mean you’re gay. at all. just as not all women who do girl on girl porn are lesbians, or even *true* Bisexuals.

    so, gay for pay = a mistake. beating the crap out of people = a noble profession a man should be proud of.


    heaven forbid a guy be comfortable enough in his sexuality to enjoy getting off, and with, other guys. heaven forbid they be filmed for the sexual benefit of others. no, better to engage in violent hand to hand combat for sport, for the benefit of neanderthals who vicariously live through it.

    there is a massive cultural disconnect in terms of morality, here.

    a fight between players at a sporting event? the camera Zooms in to get all the action. a tit was displayed? get that camera OUTTA there! that tit might harm people!

    condemning people for sex tapes. lauding people for publicity photos glorifying gun use. shaming a man for being sexually progressive. heralding a man for his skill at knocking out another man using mixed martial arts.

    if aliens are watching us they’re thinking we’re freakin’ bonkers.

  10. RG says

    I will bet you dollars to donuts after a fight, he goes home and jerks off thinking about the guy he just fought.

    The only different between a televised UFC fight and gay porn is a bottle of poppers.

  11. Rob says

    Wow I remember him on SC; yes, he seems to be enjoying himself, far too much to be 100% straight. Maybe he is bi; who knows; hope he’s happy with what he likes, who he is and what he’s accomplished.

  12. The Milkman says

    “The only different between a televised UFC fight and gay porn is a bottle of poppers.”

    Best comment of the week. I’m going to embroider that sentence on a pillow and sleep with it daily.

  13. Christian says

    Okay, is he sorry he was involved in pornography OR is he sorry that he was involved in something where he might be deemed as gay?

  14. Dean says

    I completely agree with BEAHBEAH’s comment. I could care less how he regrets it now, still nice vids to watch. =)

  15. daftpunkydavid says

    +1 to what beahbeah said… the guy is not gay. and he’s entitled to regret having done porn. since when is that equivalent or being anti-gay or even closeted??? just get over it, people. so much wishful thinking. yuck.

  16. daftpunkydavid says

    imho, this constant need to label everyone gay is kinda pathetic, as though you need some sort of exogenous validation. so sad. there are bigger problems in the world. and we lgbt folks have bigger fish to fry.

  17. Gregv says

    @Little Kiwi: Good points. Every time I see them pounding fists into each others’ heads and faces and drawing blood for the entertainment of others, it seems wrong that anyone deems this to be “sport.”. It’s exploitative to pay money specifically with the goal of watching people get injured (and potentially to die early deaths due to repeated brain damage.
    UFC is all the things the anti-porn types say about porn, except that porn doesn’t necessarily actually harm anyone.
    So while he continues to pound concussions into others’ heads on camera, he’s apologizing for having pounded his penis in a much more innocuous way?
    The reverse might make more sense –apologizing for a UFC past and vowing to keep a porn future confined to safe sex.

  18. says

    i’m not irritated because “i think he’s gay” (because i actually dont’ think he’s gay), i’m irritated that in 2012 a man who engages in (let’s be honest) a violent combative sport has to “apologize” and “express regret” for participating in consenting sexual activity with other males, produced for the sexual gratification of others.

    it’s not “hey, btw, i made some adult vids”
    it’s “Hey, btw, i made some adult vids and i really regret it, because the last thing i want my fans to think is that i’m comfortable enough with myself to enjoy sexual contact with other males. i hope they’ll see that despite my shameful past i’m dedicated to kicking ass, rather than licking it, in the present and future”

    no thanks.

    anyone else looking forward to the day when a guy like this will just say “yeah. i did porn. it felt good? got a problem with it?”

  19. Gregv says

    @Paul R : That phrase always jars my ears (because the speaker who “could care less” obviously gives no thought to what the words mean.) but in this case, I thought, well, it’s clearly true that he COULD care less of someone’s gay, because he cares enough to want them to come out.

  20. Malcolm says

    His response is not particularly enlightened or progressive. He claims to be straight, which is ridiculous, considering the number of male-male acts and same-sex partners he had onscreen. Moreover, in most people’s mind, the fact that he was penetrated by a male onscreen for all the world to see in perpetuity is indisputable evidence that he is not straight. Bi, probably, but certainly not straight.
    Further, he claims that he was miserable filming the scenes. I know he was paid 80k, but he is not that good of an actor. His performances did not reflect any significant discomfort; in fact, they reflect his pleasure. He looked pretty engaged in his consensual hardcore male-male scenes. It seems he is trying to distance himself not just from adult movies, but specifically from same-sex identity and activity, which is not admirable. He needs to be called out for that homophobic response.

  21. Malcolm says

    Oh, and he was not just penetrated by any male. He was penetrated by huge musclebound, well-bounded strapping dudes, at that.

  22. says

    guys, come ON – enjoying anal sex doesn’t mean you’re GAY.

    it’s not as if only gay or Bi men have prostates, you know. we’re all capable of finding pleasure in these acts.

    guys should be able to get off with other guys without the fear or societal implication that they’re GAY or BI.

    straight men know what a hard penis looks like. and feels like. they’re surrounded by images of highly-aroused males in straight porn. locker rooms. their own mirrors. simply put – there is no “ick factor” in real straight men being sexual with other males – why would there be? a straight man cannot be “turned off” by seeing other aroused naked males because the sight of HIMSELF would then also turn him off! this is why it’s a different situation with gay/lesbian people and members of the opposite sex – the reality of Foreign Anatomy comes into play. it doesn’t come into play with straights.

    i was very sexually active with females during my adolescence. i also went to more than my share of bar mitzvahs. neither things made me straight, nor bi, nor jewish.

  23. David says

    Honestly, I remember him well from SC and was never a fan BECAUSE it was quite clear to me that he was gay for pay. But I agree with the others who are disappointed that that he felt the need to apologize or regret that he made 16(!) films. Dude, suck it up, no pun intended.

  24. Gregv says

    To the numerous commenters who claim he’s gay or bi:

    I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to stretch your imaginations to see how a man can have sex with a partner whose gender is inconsistent with his orientation.

    I’ve done things with girls in the past knowing full well that I was gay. At a certain point, it doesn’t work. Maybe with viagra it could. But I have gay friends who have had sex with their wives for a decade. All they had to do was fantasize about a man. (I tried that when I was younger and sometimes with the lights off it could work, up to a point, for me. But I couldn’t have pulled it off for a decade. Maybe some of my friends have a more vivid imagination or are more susceptible to purely physical stimulation without being as turned on as I am by actually being attracted to someone.

    Some straight guys can get an erection with each other when they have certain kinds of stimuli. Maybe for him, watching girl porn, taking viagra and getting 80,000 dollars was enough to achieve a hard on.
    That shouldn’t be such a surprise to anyone.

  25. Malcolm says

    Gregv, why is it so hard for you to see that, while there is strong societal pressure for men to have sex with women and identify as heterosexual, there is no such analogous pressure for men to have sex with men or identify as bisexual or gay. People who compare gay men who have sex with women/girls to men who have sex with men are living in another word, deluded, not wisely accessing the realities of society. Men who have sex with men or are attracted to men (bisexual or gay) routinely go to great lengths to deny and suppress their same-sex interest, from childhood to elderly age. IN fact, the pressure to not identify as gay is so strong that men in many cultures still identify as straight even though they habitually have sex with; many cultures devised a way to say that men who only penetrate men are not gay/bi; and men like Larry Craig deny being gay even though they have been caught in the act and subjected to public exposure. Finally, the stigma is so great that people kill themselves for being gay/bisexual and not being able to handle it more than just about any other reason. There are no comparable forces working against heterosexual identity and activity. Get real, apologizers of the gay-for-pay myth.

  26. BEAHBEAH says

    Just because a man has sex with another man does not make him gay. You’re coming from the point of view that people only have sex for pleasure, when in reality, people have sex for many different reasons. Whether it be financial, situational, or for security. Studies have shown that most heterosexual men get aroused at the sight of an erect penis, that does not make them gay or bi.

    Gay for pay is a reality, whether you want to believe it or not. Just because he had sex with men and appeared to enjoy it means nothing, just that he wanted money and has the ability to act. Heck, I’m gay and I’ve acted my way through a few sessions myself.

  27. Robert in NYC says

    I’m sorry but a straight man getting an erection in not just one gay porn film doesn’t make any sense. Just as many of us couldn’t get an erection for a hot looking woman. There’s something else going on with him. He’s either bisexual or gay and refuses to accept it.

  28. Malcolm says

    Beah, again your analogies to gay men acting heterosexually is inapposite. As stated, there are huge, overwhelming, institutional incentives for gay men to do heterosexual things and act heterosexually. It is foolish to even compare the two situations.

  29. V-8 says

    I find it peculiar, and weird, and somewhat disturbing, definitely amusing and complex, that this guy is into putting his body in potentially abusive situations, or situations that would not provide him pleasure… or what we all traditionally understand as pleasure…

    even more so, he does these things while being documented and broadcast, all for a financial gain, allegedly….

    gay straight bi, whatever, he is probably, above all, a masochist with exhibitionist tendencies… not saying this in a judgmental way at all, to each it’s own…

    one more thing, I think the response the UFC person gave was way more satisfactory than his apology…

  30. BEAHBEAH says

    And for a broke straight man who wants easy money, there’s a HUGE incentive to do gay porn. Because it pays far more than straight porn.

    The same goes for stripping, escorting and hustling.

    Straight men do these all the time for the financial incentive, capitalism at its finest.

  31. daftpunkydavid says

    hahahaha malcolm: so, based on what you write, you agree then, in principle, that someone gay can have sex w/ the opposite gender.

    why is it then oh soooo hard to understand that, upon high enough pressures, for instance money issues, some straight men will have sex with someone of their own gender????

    i really fail to understand what seems like a desire for validation from other people’s behaviors.

  32. atomic says

    I think this just goes to show that you’re more of a real man to take it up the rear and make no apologies for it, than to be a UFC fighter.

  33. says

    the reason that straight men can enjoy sexual activity with other men while it’s DIFFERENT for gay people is simple: gay people interacting with opposite-sex partners are dealing with FOREIGN ANATOMY.

    men have no reason (other than societal pressures) to be “turned off” by other aroused males; it’s not foreign, all (ALL!) males have a phallically-focused sense of arousal – look at straight porn.

    if seeing another man naked was a turn off for straight males then all heterosexual porno would simply be made up of females.

    it’s not. why? hardons are contagious.

  34. anon says

    I don’t think we have enough info make an informed decision as to his motives here. The pro wrestling world used to be filled with guys forced to have sex with promoters in order to get a chance in the ring. I don’t know about the UFC, but perhaps there is pressure on guys there to do the same and he’s trying to ward that off.

  35. Gregv says

    @Malcolm: I am very well aware of the pressures society puts on gay men to pretend to be heterosexual, and never suggested otherwise. Everyone is an individual though, and that pressure will be exerted upon, felt and dealt with differently for each individual, even for different gay men growing up in the same town.
    That’s why someone like Little Kiwi felt confident enough to acknowledge he was gay as a teen while another guy who went to high school with him might keep up a straight charade until their 30th high school reunion.
    Likewise, every straight person is an individual. Some react to homophobia by adopting violently homophobic attitudes and others by standing up for their gay friends’ rights.
    Some straight guys are terrified of sex with a man, and some would try it just like they’d try brocolli with chocolate sauce if a friend offered it.
    Some grew up absorbing homophobic messages and for others they barely registered. I’ve had some straight friends who are terrified of gayness and others who really couldn’t care less if anyone mistakes them for gay.
    This guy is an individual and it doesn’t matter how much pressure the average straight man from Peoria feels, he is subject only to the pressures he encounters.
    For him, those pressures have included a large sum of money. I wouldn’t do what he dis for that much money with a guy OR a woman, but that’s not because it wouldn’t turn me on, it’s because of pressures I’m reacting to which clearly weren’t such a factor to him.

  36. michael says

    No amount of money would make me straight for pay. I don’t get it. No wonder people think gay is a choice, when what it’s really just bisexuality.

  37. Joey says

    Seems to me this guy is an exhibitionist. He gets off on people watching him. So it really doesn’t matter if it is gay or straight sex or nearly nude fighting. It is in the being watched that his sexual thrill lies. There are more orientations than just the few we acknowledge.

  38. DRG says

    ok people, do some research into the porn profession. gay for pay does happen…some may be bisexual but others might be able to have sex with anything. how many guys out there have sex with really unattractive people just to have sex? i can’t do it, but some people can. There have been straight guys doing porn for ever…not even gay for pay, but full blown porn stars. they keep female fluffers on set for that purpose. once erect, a penis can do anything. there is always straight porn in the back group, fluffers on hand and some guys get off on pure voyeurism.

    if this guy that has been over 16 gay for pay videos says he’s not gay, i think he’s not. he’s at least tried it…which is more than i can say for not being straight. he could be bisexual, but again he doesn’t identify that way. Who are you bitter queens to tell someone how they should identify?

  39. DRG says

    also, how many guys wrinting in these comments are gay? how many have had sex with women? how many times? guess a lot of you must be straight…

  40. Hollywood, CA says

    Dear Queens: If someone offered to pay you over $80,000 to be in straight porn films and have sex with girls, and you did it, you would not be “straight.” You would be “straight-for-pay.” many, many, many of us were “straight-for-pay” throughout High School, but instead of cash the currency was acceptance and peer status.

    Granted, not everyone can do it, but I had no problem sleeping with girls in school. I was thinking about the Varsity baseball players at the time, so it wasn’t difficult. The best litmus test would be if offered the same amount of money to sleep with women or men, which would he choose? It sounds like he would have chosen women, which makes him straight. same with escorting, the hookers don’t always enjoy it, it’s a job. The fact that he got it up could be a good imagination, pills, or both.

    Kudos to him for being up front. NO ONE wants to do porn and everyone probably would be ashamed of it if they became a big star afterwards.

  41. sugarrhill says

    Please don’t feed the trolls, everyone. Malcolm is just Rick/Jason under a different moniker.

  42. Javier says

    Despite the gullible adherents of the Gay-for-Pay Myth on this thread, the reality is that the huge majority of people, whatever their sexual orientations, would laugh in disbelief and ridicule if a dude who has had sex with multiple dudes over 16 times claimed to be hetersexual. Especially a dude that has had his ample buns poked by huge penises on camera for the all the world to see forever! There is a reason why he is trying to claim he is straight. The only widespread-held, logical conclusion is that he is not.

  43. says

    …so….as pretty much every female in the adult film industry does girl-on-girl scenes is it also your belief that all of those women are lesbians or “true bisexuals”?

    how, then, do they engage in female-male scenes?

    sexual activity with someone with the same anatomy as you doesn’t make you gay. or even truly bisexual. you’re familiar with the anatomy. straight men are not repulsed by penises. that would make no sense.

    come on, folks.

  44. Javier says

    Again Little Kiwi, do you think the stigma regarding male-male sexual identity and activity is analogous to female-female sexual activity? Do you really believe they are viewed the same in society? Just wondering…

    Further, your theory about “same anatomy” is novel and suspect. I have never heard it before, particularly from an authoritative expert on human sexuality. In fact, the expert consensus contradicts your unusual theory.

  45. says

    then you haven’t consulted enough experts on human sexuality, Javier.

    it’s that simple.
    male-male, female-female. are they seen as the same in society? nope.

    male-male sexual activity is seen as males being “traitors” to their gender. female-female is not because, drumroll please, women are still seen as sex objects. nothing more. two women going at it is no “betrayal of their gender” because it gets men off.
    this is why anti-gay straight men have no problem with two smokin’ hot lesbians going at it.
    do men freak out in public showers when they see other men naked? do they freak out when they see themselves naked in the mirror? no. but many men feel a need to “express” disgust, lest someone think that they’re “gay”. but there’s no reason to assume a guy is gay for enjoying such stimulation.

    it’s no “theory” about the same anatomy, it’s reality.

    men know what a penis looks like. what it feels like. what it looks like in a state of sexual arousal. this is why straight porn contains phallically-focused content. closeups. if seeing another man in a state of arousal was a true turn off for straight men then porn for straight men would feature no other males at all.

    as we all know this is not the case.

    reach-around buddies, anyone? even oral sex. doesn’t mean you’re gay, nor even a true bisexual. it merely means one is comfortable enough with their own sexuality and sense of self that they’re able to enjoy physical sensations and sexual contact. with members of the same gender, there’s truly no actual “ick” factor: we all have the same equipment – we all know how it works and how it feels.

    now, if you can cite the “expert consensus” that contradicts what i’ve said, i’d love to see it. because that would contradict everything else i’ve ever learned about human sexuality.

  46. says

    @BRAINS, you mean like how straight people are always appalled at how straight porn stars…uh…exist?

    heck, being in Straight Porn means you get to be famous.

    heck, flash your beav’ in Playboy and you get your own primetime tv show(s)!

    i’m not sure what you’re freaking out about, saying “connected to us”…. gay porn exists. as does straight porn. i’m not sure why this upsets you…..

  47. say what says

    porn doesn’t pay unless you are the producer so either he is bull shiting or he was just a cheap whore

  48. Billy says

    With so many “gay for pay” guys out there, I wonder who’s going to be the first to hit it big off of their work. Like Kim Karbashian style.

    I actually think this guys is straight, it doesn’t make you gay to enjoy a penis in your butt.

  49. Syrax says

    I don’t buy that, kiwi. Just because I don’t freak out at a public shower doesn’t mean I’d be OK with other guy touching or sucking me.

    I can only say for myself but I’m not really focusing on the guy when I’m watching porn. My focus is that the girl is being penetrated.

    IMO if you have to think in a woman to have sex with a man, you’re straight. To women it’s more easy to disguise cause they have no easily identifiable way to tell they’re aroused like an erection. If you’re aroused by someone of the same gender then you can’t be really heterosexual.

  50. Randy says

    It’s not just the UCF. What about the WWE. When I worked In Orlando, FL at Fairvillia Adult Entertainment store, I worked with one of the girlfriends of a very high profile and very popular WWE wrestler. She said that most of them would get together and have fisting parties, and that while alot of the women that they were with were just escorts, they always had sex with guys. She told me who all they were, but I will not mention them here. It’s just another example of where there is a stigma if you are gay. If someone in the WWE were to come out, then it would be a different story. But these people have this macho image that they have to project, so it’s hard for them to do it. You want to know what a real man is, one who can take a painful c**k up his ass!

  51. says

    you’re not being aroused by the person of the same gender, Syrax, you’re being aroused by arousal. sexual energy.

    but hey, maybe you’re one of the minority that never had a j/o buddy at some point in your life.

    you can absolutely be heterosexual and aroused by someone of the same gender. i think you, as a straight man, don’t seem to understand that orientations are not just about arousals but romantic and emotionally reciprocal connections.

    i’ve had sexual contact with guys that are straight. i knew they were straight. they knew, and know, that they’re straight. but the reality is that two guys can get off together and it not mean that one (or both) is gay. or even bisexual.

    erections are like yawns. they’re contagious. giving a reach-around, or getting one, doesn’t mean you’re gay or bi. at all.

  52. jack says

    Dakota, good luck on The Ultimate Fighter. You are a good looking hot and strong young guy. Don’t regret what you did on Sean Cody. You did a lot of great work. Nothing at all to be ashamed of. Only prudes, straight guys insecure in their sexuality and gay guys who don’t believe that really straight guys can “be gay for pay” will criticize you. Ignore them all and do your thing!

  53. Syrax says

    Yep, never had one. Don’t think I’m the minority though, at least where I am. Granted, the ‘macho’ stereotype is much more prominent here.

    I do understand orientation is not only about arousal but one wouldn’t be there without the other.

    Or maybe I have a problem… I had a gay roommate and everyone thought we were a couple. We were together all the time and, at least emotionally, very dependent on each other. A guy even broke up with him once because of how close we were. I never thought about having sex with him. And his always present morning wood never ‘yawned’ me. I don’t consider myself entirely heterosexual cause if I felt for a guy the same way I did with the girls I’ve been I’d have no problem going forward with it. So far, that hasn’t happened. That’s why I can’t see someone claiming to be straight while being aroused and having sex with someone of the same gender.

  54. says

    that’s what i mean, Syrax – this “macho” idea is what would absolutely hinder that.

    the thing is this – a society where people aren’t throwing around negative fear-based stigmas of “what gay is” or “____ means you’re gay” would change things, absolutely.

    i wasn’t Bi when i was sleeping with girls as a teen. i was simply a walking hormone.

    physical responses and sensations are physical responses and sensations.

  55. anony6 says

    It would not surprise me at all if he is actually straight like he says is. Gay for pay is a real thing, and money can move mountains. Some mountains are better characterized as hills though.

    Anyway, I have no respect for this guy. He should just own his past. His insistence on categorizing his “gay” past as something to be regretted, shameful, something to be hated, is pretty low. He did gay porn, so what, own it. The very mindset that makes him ashamed of gay sex is the very mindset that perpetuates homophobia. And it is the “gay” aspect of his past, not the porn aspect of his past that he is ashamed of.

    He is no friend to the gay community, and will and has thrown us under the bus when a gainful opportunity arose for him.

  56. Hugh says

    Whether you like it or not gay-for-pay is as old as the industry itself. If you don’t believe me look up “Matt Ramsey” (aka “Peter North” in straight porn). Also a lot of gay sites nowadays are produced by umbrella studios that also make straight porn; all it takes is a google search to look up a G4P actor’s straight and gay scenes. Just compare the two and feel your world crumble a little. (BTW, an awkward and shallow blowjob is usually a good indicator of a G4P actor.)

    What’s observable on a lot of these gay sites is this phenomenon of gay guys who’ve just accepted their sexuality, loving it, and being a tad overly defensive about it. If they see anything that might seemingly throw their world view into disarray, it’s like they start going through the “5 Stages of Grief”. The most vocal ones on the comment sections are usually somewhere between ‘denial’ and ‘anger’.

    The irony of it is that the way these guys feel threatened about another person’s sexuality and sexual activities is a lot like the way bigots harp about their marriage being threatened by other peoples’ gay marriages.

  57. Daddy Todd says

    $80,000 for doing 16 scenes. He got paid 5 grand a scene? Somehow I doubt it.

    That’s probably 5-10 times what he really made. He doesn’t want to admit he was not only a whore, he was a cheap whore.

  58. chrissy says

    The last time this guy was outed, there were a few people on some of the blogs who claimed to have hooked up with him via craigslist.

  59. Rob says

    Big deal- he used to do hard core gay porn, and now he does soft core gay porn. Pro wrestling is nothing more than homo-erotic soft core gay porn that the whole family can enjoy.

  60. Hugh says

    Does anyone really think he’s a homophobe b/c he says he regrets it?? Come on! He was hard up for money, so he took his clothes off and had sex on film, now he has a chance at a career that thrusts him in the spotlight; in his position I’d regret the former, too.

    Hell, how many of you here are even that comfortable looking at your own naked body in front of the mirror let alone doing something that leaves you so vulnerable as doing porn.

    Regretting the decision doesn’t mean he’s a homophobe. The fact that he’s so honest & upfront about it despite the flack he knew he was going to get, suggests otherwise. When he starts pulling a “Dustin Zito” and playing victim, then, by all means crucify him as a hypocrite.

  61. Lucas says

    Little Kiwi, are you contending that most dudes have jerk off buddies? I think NOT. I certainly have never had one, never thought of it.

  62. jaragon says

    If someone is paying you to have sex with a man you are going to pretend to enjoy it- after all porn is business.

  63. Javier says

    Danny, I mean Dakota Cochrane, is a bisexual “gay for pay” porn actor turned MMA fighter.

    The issue is that for publicity reasons he most likely needs to distance himself from his past and call it a “mistake” because he does not want to alienate certain aspects of his fan base that perhaps are homophobic?

    A “mistake” is something that we do once or twice, but can we honestly say that a mistake is something that you do 16 times? He’s most likely bi and wants to make a “fresh start” at his new career.

    For marketing purposes though he might get more press by becoming a born again Christian.

    What people will do for publicity these days it’s entertaining… LMFAO.

  64. Michael says

    Why don’t we take a poll then? How many 100% guys would rather eat a women out for a few hours or go work 40 hours at the local coffee house? If you say you would rather have eat a women out let’s go film the experience and see just how good of an actor you are.

    These GFP guys are full of crap. If you are 100% straight, sex with men repulses you, just like the thought of going down on a woman would make a gay man gag. These guys either deserve an Oscar or a reality check.

    Btw have you noticed some of the GFP guys have more tattoos on them as the more films they end up making? As in they’re only GFP but spend the money on shite like tats.

    I hooked up with a GFP guy via craigslist years ago. It’s just obnoxious to think you could make the same mistake 18, or whatever, times. The only mistake he made is not having the balls to be like “f#ck u, deal with it.”. The one thing he is doing is proving you should be ashamed if you’re gay.

    F#ck him.

  65. jack says

    I like you Dakota and wish you all the best. Be strong because you are going to be criticized from all sides. Do what you think is right for you and f**k the critics.

  66. nikko says

    Great comments everyone, and yet I’m still left wondering…and confused both for him and me. Where I lose respect for any Gay-for-pay performer is when they can’t even say they’re bisexual. WTF?!

  67. RDUB says

    Every macho self-proclaimed straight guy I’ve been with has turned into a big ol’ bossy bottom once the light go out. Call yourself whatever you want, I got yo’ number hussy… 😉

  68. Michael says

    This wouldn’t be a big deal except that it’s gay porn. He’s having to apologize to appease either himself or the large portion of UFC fans perceived to be homophobic.

    That’s all. If it was straight porn, UFC/fans wouldn’t blink. “Yeah, bro! Go for it!” But because it involves another man, it’s a big deal.

    And let’s be clear: It’s being made a big deal by either media/bloggers who know it’s a story that will get people reading, or at the request of fans/UFC.

    He might regret it now, though I hope he doesn’t. We need to get over our fear of sex and pornography in this country. Either you’re looking at it or you’re making it. Maybe 1 percent of the male population doesn’t look at porn. Maybe. There should be no shame in getting paid through a legitimate, legal business as long as no one’s getting hurt.

    Phew. *stepping off soapbox*

  69. Peter M. says

    I dont’ understand all the positive comments he gets from people here.
    I mean he didn’t just say that he is straight and that he did it for the money.
    He’s ashamed of it, says he hated doing it every time (all the 16 times), basically saying that gay sex is icky, while appearing to have enjoyed himself in the movies. I don’t have a problem with him regretting it, it’s that he doesn’t seem to regret so much to have done porn but to have done GAY porn (and that someone could think he’s also attracted to guys, heaven forbid!). Instead of fighting homophobia, with his statements he perpetuates it. As another one wrote, he’s certainly no friend to the gay community.

  70. Contrarian says

    The real elephant in the living room regarding GFP porn is the shrieks that go up from gay porn consumers if an out man performs. If the performer is slightly effeminate or metallic-edged in voice, the hate e-mails to the porn company go viral. So, the Danny’s of this world are there because dear queens, it’s what you want. You want performers who are ambiguous or can be fantasized as the straight guy you lusted after in the college locker-room. So come down off your preaching platforms and stop the hate directed at this young man. He’s want you want after all. If gay and proud sold in porn, “Danny” and his kind would be sweeping the floors at Wal-Mart.

  71. says

    excellent point, contrarian.

    people seem to be forgetting that pretty much ALL females in the adult biz do girl on girl scenes, and they’re not lesbians. or even really actual bisexuals.

    the gay for pay biz? demand and supply. so many gay men still have that insecure knee-jerk reaction to “obvious gayness” and they need to see what they think THEY are: straight guys having sex.

    projection and fantasy. and it doesn’t even have anything to do with degrees of “femme” or “masculine” energy – “fem” gets thrown onto anyone and anything that is Identifiably Gay, which makes no sense as one can very well be visibly, obviously identifiably GAY without being ‘fem’.

    there’s a reason that a lot of porn centers on ‘faux-straight’ fantasy: lockerrooms, jocks, frat dudes. it’s as if some men never outgrow their adolescent desires and continue on being gay adult males who can’t actually ENJOY being a Gay man. it’s all vicarious stroking to straight men.

    but No, being straight doesn’t mean that gay sex repulses you. the “repulse” response is an affection by insecure people who dont’ want people to think that they’re gay.

    i’m not repulsed by straight sex, nor women, nor lesbians and i’m as GAYYYYYY as they come. I’m Gay Gayerson.

    the shame of this piece is that he’s apologizing and expressing regret for…..what? enjoying sexual stimulation with other guys?


  72. Hugh says

    I just read the comments on the MMA sites, and overall they’re way more supportive than the comments here.
    Gay porn IS NOT the gay community; stop equating the two! His regret of one, does not necessarily speak to his opinion of the other. He did porn for chrissakes! Gay or straight, porn is understandable enough of a regret.

    To all those trying to qualify his sexuality for him, just STOP! Considering we’re a community marginalized for our sexuality w/ a lot of us not being taken seriously, you’d think we’d be more sympathetic when other people define theirs.

    Instead we say things like, “oh he must be bisexual…” when what you really mean is, “I’m really insecure about my sexuality so let me qualify this person’s sexuality for him and label him confused b/c it somehow undermines my sexual identity and struggles.”

    As for gay-for-pay, here’s a few google suggestions:
    – “Caverject injections”
    – “Matt Ramsey” / “Peter North”
    – “Matt Hughes” / “Danny Dong”
    – “Dennis Reed”
    – “Hungary gay porn bodybuilding scandal”
    – “Nextdoorhookups”/”Nextdoorbuddies”
    – “Corbin Fisher” / “American College Sex”

  73. rayrayj says

    All this arguing about whether he is straight, gay or bi is hilarious. We don’t get to decide how he labels himself. He acknowledges he had sex with men. He acknowledges he has sex with women. His self-identity apparently is “straight.” There is a difference between his behavior and his identity. The terms gay, straight and bi have meanings that go beyond one’s sexual behavior. They include preferences for affection, preferences for relationships and in some instances even have political meaning.

    I identify as gay. When I engage in sex play that includes women, that does not make me straight or even bi. It does mean I am a man who has sex with men and who has sex with women. The label “bisexual” just does not feel right for me. I can enjoy sex with a woman but I don’t want to date or be in a long-term relationship with a woman. I date and form relationships with men.

  74. Michael says

    Someone being GFP is like saying, “I’m a vegetarian unless you pay me to eat a hamburger.”

    Would we still consider that person a vegetarian?

    btw, so either these straight guys are the best actors in the world, because not once do you think they’re straight men being naturally repulsed by it, or they’re not straight and are complete cowards.

    Let me ask this again, how many 100% gay men could go down on a woman for a couple hours much less act like it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever done?

  75. Hugh says

    @michael, you can’t use assumptions as your argument without supporting them with something real; you’re vegetarian analogy doesn’t count b/c it’s frickin’ ridiculous. It’s also ridiculous that so many gay guys still believe your sexuality makes certain sexual activities impossible, despite the fact that a lot of us have had sex with women!

    As for acting, most G4P actors are terrible! There’s a reason why you’ll almost never find a gay scene that’s filmed in one near-continuous take with one camera (which is relatively easy to find in straight porn). Heavy ‘post video editing’ is common in gay porn; it’s usually a bunch of 10-20 second scenes edited together to look continuous. That’s why porn scenes take hours to shoot. And guess what they do between takes? that’s right, look at straight porn. Hell, some sites don’t even bother; you can see the straight porn playing in the background, usu. on a tv or a laptop. If you’re wondering why the top keeps looking off screen a lot, now you know.

    I suggest reading biographies and literature by gay writers like Christopher Isherwood, Tennessee Williams, etc. G4P is not exclusive to porn and G4P prostitutes have existed for a long ass time.

  76. JH says

    OK, I could buy the regrettable mistake line if you were only in one video. I have a few of his movies and he is either really enjoying the other guys cock in his ass and mouth or he is a remarkable actor. Gay for pay means you are gay!!!

  77. Bryan says

    Hmmm, I’ve seen his vids and he does a really good job and looks very into it for a G4P star.

  78. Gregv says

    @Michael: Vegetarianism is a dietary choice. Sexual orientation is a natural hard-wiring that may or may not be consistent with who someone actually chooses to have sex with and, in fact, doesn’t even determine whether a person has any sex at all.

    I have a lot of friends who are vegetarian and I suppose some of them would, if you paid them tens of thousands of dollars, eat a hamburger (and then maybe donate all the money to an animal rescue). They could go back to eating a vegetarian diet an hour later because dietary choices, unlike sexual orientation, can be chosen and switched at will.
    If you paid me $10,000, would I be willing to cut a piece of paper with the scissors in my left hand? Absolutely! Would I then be a “left-handed person,” either during that moment or for the rest of my life? No! I’m not even ambidextrous. I’ll do it for pay, but left-handedness is NOT my natural orientation.
    As far as the question about cunnilingus, it’s really not that gag-worthy as far as I’m convened Michael. I’d sooner get paid to do that than do to do analingus on a man. And yes, I’m gay. Not bi, not straight. Gay.

  79. TJ says

    GREGV – preach it, brother! Having done both, I’d rather do the former than the latter, for health reasons. I also find the idea of both highly erotic. We’ll call this my TMI moment of the day.

    An amusing moment in a grad school sexuality class was a discussion about this topic (not for pay, but about responses). A straight friend suggested that if you rub something enough, you’ll get a response. I dubbed it his “A hole is a hole is a hole” theory; much laughter ensued. But seriously, enough stimulation, including money and even doing something taboo, can do interesting things to one’s willingness to be rubbed the right (or “wrong”) way. Once you lose yourself to sensation, you are okay with the sensation continuing. Heck, consider electric/vibrator stimulation. Sensation takes over. No fantasy required.

  80. Ish says

    Well for someone with money issues, he sure enjoyed all the times they stuck it up his behind in those videos. Pleasure like that wasn’t fake. What a hypocrite.

  81. TJ says

    ISH – um, newsflash: All men have prostates. The area responds to appropriate stimulation. All depending, I’ve found the experience to be a spectrum on either side of the flip-flop, anywhere from “STOP!” to “Oh god please don’t stop!”

    And I thought I was done with TMI today…

  82. JayKingOfGay says

    so he’s regretful that he pleased and was pleased by men…so is he now proud that he beats and is beaten by men instead?

    Seems like he should be ashamed of the violence and proud of the sex. But that’s just me.

  83. DJ says

    First off, why are all these GLBT groups so up in the air over this? I’m gay, I could care less if ANheuser Busch sponsors the show with him in it. It’s no big deal- AND FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY DON”T BELIEVE STR8 guys do gay porn–You’re totally wrong- the majority of gay porn stars are actually str8! they do it because the money is10-20 times more than they can make in str8 porn. Don’t believe me, look it up. It’s very true. Many are married to female porn stars even. Get a life- Live and Let Live and you hate discrimination? Quit doing it yourself then!

  84. billmiller says

    In this day and age there is a huge blur in sexualty in general. Sex is sex is sex. Period. For money or not.

  85. stranded says

    Had he made straight porn, would he be calling it a mistake? I don’t think so. For all the homoerotic undertone that the sport has, it’s ironic that homophobes consider he’s not worthy of joining the ranks of these athletes.

  86. Allen Zbranek says

    Of course he liked it.. he loved it. They all love it.. Until they have to explain it to their straight friends…..

  87. Michael says

    Yeah, straight guys do gay porn… And pigs fly. What I love about these ‘straight guys’ is when they start kissing on one another. Anyone who has hooked up with a straight guy knows kissing is the last thing a straight guy is willing to do. As for him “enjoying” it because he’s getting paid… Have you seen ANY bisexual porn? Those guys are getting paid and you can tell they are NOT into going down on the woman (ie, they are gay, gay, gay). Maybe all those “straight” guys should be nominated for Oscars.

  88. gustav says

    If he had done *straight* porn…..would it still be a decision that he regrets?

    This is why I hate *gay4pay* porn. I want my money from porn consumption to go to OUT and PROUD homosexuals and not to straight *tourists* who are slumming in the gaytto.



  90. maxxx says

    His UFC moniker, Dakota Cochrane, is a much better gay porn name than his Sean Cody ‘Danny’ alias.

  91. humdeedo says

    REAL GAY MEN would not/could not go down on a female it would make us wanna puke!! PERIOD!! This Cochrane as*hole is merely spouting BS because he wants to make it in a hetero athlete’s world and so he f*cks over his own community to get what he wants!! Sounds like he’d make an awesome log cabin hypochrite or an even more awesome GOProud activists! Sh*t, I bet he’d even say he had sex with closet case lez Ann Coulter if the price was right and it would boost his ratings! This clown is NOT to be trusted. AT ALL!

  92. Aerialgreen says

    Did you hear that? yeah, that was me breaking the sound barrier searching/downloading all things “Danny” over SeanCody…. mmmm, niiiice mistake dude

  93. M2Vegas says

    Why is it so hard to accept that ‘acting roles’ can extend to the realm of porn? Since when does someone’s job define who they are as a person? If someone offered me the right amount of money to have sex with a woman, I would. There would have to be a hot gay porn flick playing in sights view and some Viagra handy but I could totally do it. And, with the right kind of editing to eliminate all the times I got limp and took cigarette breaks to calm my nerves, the final cut would probably be seamless and very hot. In fact, you might even think I was straight after watching it. But, would I ever have sex with a woman for free outside of work? Mary, please!!! Same thing goes for these straight guys doing gay for pay.

    Try to always remember that a person’s sexuality is not defined by what they’re doing while having sex. It’s defined by what they’re thinking while they’re doing it :)

  94. Ryan P says

    I have a theory that everyone is bisexual and we just need an excuse to exercise it.

  95. Jaroslaw says

    I personally do not know if he is Gay, Straight or Bi and don’t really care. What bugs me is this “I needed the money” excuse to make Gay porn. Hmmmm. We all need money to pay the bills, unfortunately, I don’t have his looks so I had to make money in more traditional ways. (that pay a lot less too.)

  96. says

    It seems there is a lot of confusion among even the performers in the porn industry when they talk about the gay for pay issue. Opinions vary widely, depending upon who you ask.

  97. Classic says

    I still don’t understand how he can fight with such an enlarged faeces-hole. Imagine the defecation spraying out when his bowels give way following a swift counter punch to the stomach! Lance Bertram signing out.

  98. g.strathmore says

    I think a lot of people gay/straight male/female end up regretting being in porn. Just sayin’.

  99. John Kinslow says

    I highly doubt his claim to heterosexuality; just like ALL other gay for pay actors. As to Dana White being open to a fighter being openly gay in the UFC…it will NEVER happen. White will do everything on his power “legally” to rid the UFC of any gay fighter that comes out. As the old saying goes ” Actions speak louder than words” (eg his actions in the Dennis Hallman situation)