Virginia Senate Passes Adoption Bill Allowing Agencies to Deny Gays Based on Religious Beliefs

The Virginia Senate today gave final passage to a bill that allows private adoption agencies to discriminate against gays:

McdonnellThe Senate voted 22-18 Tuesday to pass legislation allowing private agencies to deny placements that conflict with their religious or moral beliefs, including opposition to homosexuality. The House had already passed the bill, which only needs Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell's signature to take effect July 1.

North Dakota is the only other state with such a law.

Democrats Charles Colgan and Phillip Puckett joined all 20 Senate Republicans in voting for the so-called "conscience clause" legislation.

McDonnell (pictured) has promised to sign the bill.


  1. says

    …wait….does this mean they’re protected from denying adoptions to Jews? Atheists? Unitarians? how about those whose religious scriptures contain admonishments toward black people?

    are those forms protected, or just “the gays”?

  2. Rance says

    We are now seeing laws being written to exclusively discriminate against the Gays (of course couched in general language of religious discrimination). These people are quite serious in their goal of a Final Solution to the gay problem.

  3. Bart says

    The American concept of liberty and justice for all is mortally wounded.

    America is turning into a rotted theocracy that will strangle actual freedom in this country. Nice to see Virginia leading the way on this anti-American (mostly Republican which is now the party that stands in direct opposition to old-fashioned American ideals and principles. They have sold their souls like Judas for money and have replaced fairness and goodness with hate) platform. Good job, you’re killing what was best about America and turning it into a religious dictatorship.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    LITTLE KIWI, they can not discriminate against any religious person based on the religion. Those are protected classes. But being Gay is not protected and it is perfectly legal to discriminate against Gay people for being Gay. So we learn that if you want to discriminate against someone, use your faith and conscience as the bases of your discrimination and you’re home free. But be sure to discriminate against a Hetero because sexual life style is a choice and fair game.

  5. Mickey says

    Anyone who claims that they are out to “protect children” by baring them from being adopted into loving homes and rather see them kept in the system isn’t just anti-gay they are anti-family and anti-American.
    This is repulsive. Hiding behind a cross doing evil, hateful things does not make you “christian”. With “christians” like this we do not need any satanists!

  6. Peter says

    BOYCOTT VIRGINIA NOW! Tell all your families and friends, straight and gay, not to spend their hard-earned money by travelling to VA this summer. Va is not for lovers but for disgusting hypocrites of a hate-filled state. The only way to beat them is by hurting them in their almighty bankbooks.

  7. Michael says

    Gee, how long do you think it will take for this law to backfire? Don’t like black people? Jews? Women? Religious hypocrites? It’s all right there in the Bible telling you how morally inferior they really are.

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