1. Charlie says

    Unfortunately, where voters are given the choice they usually vote down civil rights laws. In New Jersey voters repealed a law giving women the right to vote, and in California and Maryland voters voided measures banning racial discrimination in housing. This is one reason the Freedom to Marry withheld support for marriage equality legislation in Maryland. They feel that the statewide LGBT groups have not done enough of the footwork to protect it from repeal by a referendum. However, Washington State successfully defended it civil unions law from voter repeal so it is likely they have the networks to defend the law. Plus voters will see that all of the dire predictions of what would happend should civil unions be recognized have failed to happen so the electorate will be less swayed by the demagoguery of opponents.

  2. JFE says


    The problem with that is that they will double down hard on collecting double the number of signatures for the “only one man, one woman” type of ballot initiative, and I think we have a better chance with the “approve of same-sex couples” initiative.

  3. Chris says

    Honestly, in a presidential election year, with younger liberal voters in WA mobilized (I’m a Washingtonian), I think we’ll win with either the referendum or initiative. I’m cautiously optimistic about the whole thing.

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