Washington State Senate to Vote on Marriage Equality Bill Tonight

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, the Washington state senate is scheduled to vote on a marriage equality bill tonight, in a potential victory that would position it to be the seventh state (New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Iowa, plus D.C.) to legalize same-sex marriage.

WashingtonReuters reports:

Democratic Senator Ed Murray, its chief sponsor, said last week proponents had secured the 25 votes needed for a simple majority in the 49-seat chamber. Murray has said he hoped to end up with 27 or more votes, though the controversial issue was likely to result in a lengthy floor debate that could last well into the night.

With passage in the state House of Representatives already seen as virtually assured, opponents of same-sex matrimony say they will seek the measure's repeal with a referendum asking voters to reaffirm marriage as being exclusively between one man and one woman.

To qualify for the November ballot, they would need to collect at least 120,577 signatures of registered voters by July 6.

The Washington House could vote on the measure as soon as February 8.

Tune in here this evening for news on the vote…


  1. says

    i look forward to two things:

    1. the anti-Equality voters who won’t have the orbs to explain themselves

    2. the anti-Equality voters who will open their mouths and prove the rest of us right by doing nothing more than spewing baseless, unfounded bigotry and prejudice and earning themselves a recorded place in the losing end of history.

  2. Stefan says


    The governor will likely put off officially signing the bill until the last possible moment. She did the same thing with the domestic partnership legislation back in 2009.

  3. KP says

    I really hope the anti-gay crowd is unable to get enough signatures, like what happened in California with the gay history bill. I really hope the voters do not overturn this bill like they did in ME and CA.

  4. says

    But remember, JAVIER, they failed to sto DPs with vote. I, in my Seattle bubble, do feel that the game is pretty much over on this one. I think most Washingtonians are over this and want to move on. In addition to liberal dems, we’ve got a fair number of moderate repubs (shocking!) and libertarians.

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