1. jaragon says

    Spectacular presentation from her Cleopatra entrance to her spiritual vanishing act- the woman still knows how to put on a show! And best of all Eli’s sexy goofiness beat Brady’s plastic model – Go Big Blue!

  2. mike128 says

    I thought it was AMAZING.

    As they say: those who can, do. Those who can’t, critique.

    If you can’t recognize the amount of work that went into this performance, you’re just plain mean. Madonna brought energy to that stage.

  3. Nat says

    I am not a Madonna fan at all, but I thought she, the other performers, and the team that designed the light show delivered a damn good halftime show. Nothing too over the top, nothing too bland.

    And I’m not normally one for Schadenfreude, but as a Giants fan, I can’t wait to rub this one in some peoples’ faces. Not really Pats fans so much, but all those twits in general who thought Manning wasn’t in Brady’s class. No he’s not as versatile, but he damn well delivers every time he needs to. As GQ put it the last time this happened: a great victory for the beta male.

  4. jason says

    So Milli Madonna lip-synched an entire performance, did she? What’s new?

    The woman is an entire fake. Nothing about her is genuine. She distracts from her complete lack of talent by hiring people to distract from her shortcomings. The dancers, the acrobatics…they are all part of the distraction.

    Oh, and there was nothing in it for gay guys. So much for her love for us….

  5. Adam says

    Madonna was once the definition of “Diva”… now she lives on her past glories, leeching off the cultural relevance of guest appearances by current artists, and snide commentaries about other artists who have taken up her mantle and moved on with it. I love Madonna for the work she once did but it becomes sad when all she seems to do is try to relive the days when her music shaped the industry. I honestly can’t remember any of her music after the Immaculate Collection and yet she seems to think that she’s still producing that level of work.

    Sad… just sad.

  6. ElCid says

    Jason, what you just said is laughable. What did you expect? Two guys making out?! She brought an army of male dancers and you’re not satisfied with that?!
    Yeah she lip-synced the whole thing, but come on do you want her to dance or to sing? When the lady sings some would complain because she doesn’t dance, if she dance an insufferable hater will complain “she lip-syncs”. So I really don’t know what some people wants.
    Of course, some entertainers would jump and down the stage and then have pitch issues all over the place (is that you Gaga?).
    Now, in terms of talent, she is talented. It is true that she surrounds herself with hyped producers, but there is cohesiveness in her music. There is a “Madonna sound” that she carries with her from one producer to another… so that is her blueprint. She’s also a lyricist, and sometimes she screw lyrics but sometimes she comes with very personal lines as well.
    I am not a fan of hers though, but I find annoying some of the criticism here without even a single clue of what is required to be 30 years in the business, even worse, 30 years in the business trying to impress the gay market.
    So, shshh haters.

  7. uffda says

    But what does Rick think? He’ll let us know if she is in any way newly worthy of our adoration. All I know is that I totally had myself as she stomped her boots among all those soldiers in their awesome uniforms.

  8. Graphicjack says

    Lol@Jason, once again. He clearly feels that all artists must have “something for the gays”, like they all owe us something. Pretty sad. For me, there was great music, theatrics, seeing my girl put on a half time show like no other, dancing, great new takes on old songs, and an army of hot gladiator dancers. Guess that’s not enough for Jason. Boo hoo. Haters gonna hate and no one can say she didn’t live up to the hype. It was a great show.

  9. Graphicjack says

    And by the way, I think parts of Vogue, and all of Like A Prayer, were live vocals. Music I dunno, but definitely Gimme All You Luvin’ was synced for sure.

  10. jason says

    I didn’t expect to see two men making out but a little bit of male-male sensuality would have been nice. There’s lots of ways you can do it without it being rude.

    Madonna’s failure to put even a little bit of male-male sensuality in her show proves how much of a fraud she is. She’s like a politician – says something gay-friendly when it’s going to produce a dividend, avoids showing male-male sensuality when it collides with her greater goal.

    How anyone can still admire her fakeness is beyond me.

  11. jason says

    Since when are gladiators “gay”? They’re just gladiators. The mere fact that some gay guys think Madonna catered to us by showing gladiators simply proves how idiotic and servile you’ve become. You’re like the blacks who accepted sitting at the back of the bus during the pre-Civil Rights area because, hey, I still got a seat.

    Face it – Madonna is a fake. She fake sings. She fake supports us. Fake, fake, fake.

  12. TJ says

    Um, my understanding is that they all lip-synch because of all of the echoing in the stadiums. But whatever. I watched, out of curiosity. I was entertained. That’s the most I hoped for. I didn’t go in with the magnifying glass, seeking flaws or perfection.

  13. ElCid says

    @ Jason,
    I see what you mean. I do not agree though.
    I happen to think that her entire body of work holds as expressions of “gay” art (sort of). Her music, her esthetics, even her lifestyle.
    I have witnessed her evolution as an entertainer since 1984, and I don’t think she’s fake just because there is no male-male sensuality in a given show. By the way, you should have noticed that there were no male-female sensuality neither (prime time tv?)

  14. Jake says

    The hole performance outshines her, the worst part was her new single when she was dancing like a cheerleader at age 50something, was a little pathetic. Lip syncing was just horrible, why didn’t she sing it all live? I really liked Like a Prayer part.

  15. Adam says


    She didn’t perform anything from those CD’s you mention though… she stuck with the same music she’s been known for performing over and over again for the last two decades. Don’t get me wrong… in her heyday she was a pioneering icon. I just feel that she got stuck in the mid-90’s and has been treading water ever since.

  16. jason says


    You are easily fooled.

    When I see a MALE singer having the same success as Madonna, and being allowed to use MALE bisexuality in his marketing, I might be a little more charitable to Madonna. The way it stands right now, Madonna is symptomatic of the fact that only women are allowed to be ultra-successful while claiming to be bisexual and using it in their marketing.

    Please don’t insult us by claiming that Madonna expressed gay art. She expressed the sleazy straight guy fantasy, that’s all.

  17. dctopman says

    Too bad M.I.A. gave the finger during her performance (at 8:11 in the clip above) Even sadder that even with tape delay the people at NBC still couldn’t bleep kit in time!

  18. uffda says

    Seriously, the last song (I’ll take you there?) was great, with its warm revival air, and all the nightime lights and flashes of 60-thousand fans swaying in the background, the whole roaring glamor of it, the giant undertaking itself, all so electically American, joyful and rolicking. What a hoot.

  19. ElCid says

    @ Adam,
    I think the reason why she didn’t do Ray of Light is because that album is not well remembered in the US (even though it was huge in the rest of the world). Same goes to Hung Up. She sang “Music” though…

  20. jason says

    Madonna is symptomatic of the bisexual double standard in American society. If you’re a woman, it’s fine. You’ll be supported, you’ll be glamorized, you’ll have number 1 hits.

    If you’re a man, ewwww and double ewwwww. You won’t get support, you won’t be glamorized, and you certainly won’t get a recording contract if you go there.

  21. ElCid says

    @ Jason,
    I am 100% with you on the last comment Jason.
    Is she to be blamed for that though?
    I understand now that maybe you expected her (as gay Icon that she is for some) would restore the dignity of gay men.
    Probably Kylie and Gaga are the only female divas who have done that in the past.
    Madonna has always chosen the path to vindicate herself as diva above anything else. And gays have condoned that in the past not only coming from her but also from old days divas like Cher, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, and the like. Even Britney is going that path too…
    But, you are right in what you expect. Here’s a rabid KYLIE fan by the way…

  22. Jay M says

    Not gay enough… she started out with Vogue, what’s more gay than that?? Half-naked men carrying Cleopatra on her throne, enough theatrics to make a queen scream. It was a gay-palooza.

  23. jason says

    Jay M,

    There was nothing gay about it. Maybe camp but definitely not gay. Vogue is camp, not gay. Half-naked men don’t have a sexuality.

    Again, there was nothing remotely gay about Madonna’s show.

  24. Annoyed says

    She was performing at the Superbowl… Not a Pride parade. If you expected a spectacle of gay/man-on-man porno sex then you should have tuned into a live stream of a porn site. Yes, she lipsynched… Just like every performer has at the last decade and a half of Superbowl performances. As someone in sound design/engineering, a live set of this scope with an arena/stadium setting, it seems to be the smart choice. If she sang live, the audience (and the viewers to some extent) would hear the reverb and delay. By the way, even most of the American anthem singers use some form of backup lip synch. You probably don’t notice it though. It’s a live telecast and it’s here to stay. I thought she was entertaining and utilized her backup cameo performers well. I’m not sure what her nay-sayers expected: her to ride in under a rainbow flag with bullied children while singing her obscure hits that only they like while her backup dancers (all male and gay) make out and preach LGBT rights at the camera…. That sounds entertaining…..

  25. jason says

    Puh-lease, now you’re clutching at straws. Desperate, aren’t we?

    The simple fact is that Madonna is a symptom of homophobia, and not a fighter against it. Her very success is symptomatic of the fact that only a WOMAN is glamorized and promoted if she says she kisses girls. As I said earlier, no such luxury is afforded to MALE singers who say the same thing regarding guys.

    Some of you seem to think that having Madonna out there is good for us. I say the complete opposite. She’s there because she exploited the homophobic double standard I mentioned. She’s there because the music industry heartily accepts only WOMEN, not MEN, who promote and market same-sex sexuality.

    She’s there because your liberal friends, including females, accept only female-female, and not male-male, sexuality in the arena of mainstream commercial success. Think about it, and think twice about supporting Madonna.

  26. Paul says

    Sorry Markus and Mike128 – the actual quote is: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, lip-sync.”

    And I’m no bitter queen but a lover of genuine talent.

  27. Rovex says

    Jason.. Will you stop trying to own ‘gay’. What does it even mean anyway? I hate the whole ‘gay’ music thing. Nothing she has ever done has resonated with me, neither has Gaga or any of the others. ‘Certain type of Gay’ would be a better description.

    I actually agree with you about Madonna, she does owe ‘certain types of gay’ men a lot, but these days is just corporate sterility and mild conformity. She is a has-been, but at least she has been, unlike most of her contemporarys.

  28. Rovex says

    I loved the BBC breakfast sports bulletin this morning here in the UK. The SB was mentioned in passing after Womens Hockey. Thats grass hockey not ice hockey and hockey has about 3 fans in the UK, womens hockey has 1.

    Kind of sums up our thoughts on a bizarre American ‘sport’ that is basically Rugby for big men who dont want to spoil their make-up.

  29. Paulie says

    I’m convinced that some people live to complain and look for the negative in everything. No performance by anyone could please them. They’re joy is in the criticizing. I’ve even seen some comments about Madonna slipping on a step (even though she caught herself) and making ageist jokes about it. Nevermind that Beyonce, Gaga and many others have fallen during their concerts (it happens, folks).

  30. jamal49 says

    @JASON Madonna did a Super Bowl half-time show, probably one of the most-watched events in the world. She’s sold tens of millions of records, has had an enduring impact on popular culture and is as famous as anyone can possibly be. So, what’ve you done lately?

  31. Mike says

    It was a great performance. I was in a gay bar and it was pretty clear that everyone there thought so as well. It’s too bad some of the ageist and sexist commentators on this thread couldn’t relax and enjoy an entertaining performance by a talented and hard-working icon.

  32. Paul R says

    @Paulie: your conviction is correct. And she barely slipped. That’s what the Internet reveals: petty people with small lives who make themselves feel big by posting absurd comments to rile up other people.

  33. Graeme says

    oh god peice of grizzle in a costume with a blonde wig her dancers where better than her – and man she cant sing live its a joke.. britney speaers is the same i seen her at the o2 in london she mimes arrrggghhhh

  34. endo says

    Will you people stop responding to Jason? Obviously, you’re new here. He’s our resident troll, and he thrives on getting you worked up. STOP FEEDING THE TROLL.

  35. Dback says

    Infinitely better than the Black Eyed Peas disaster, and probably matched (in a completely different way) Bruce Springsteen from a couple years ago. Not that many women headline Superbowl half-time; Madonna did, and never flagged in energy or commitment. She wanted to give the audience a great time, and she did. Kudos accordingly.

    And Nat is right on–I was thrilled that Eli Manning came out on top! (What a cutie.) The way the media and announcers had been gently kissing every inch of Tom Brady’s naked body for eons was beginning to grate on me, so New York’s victory was oh-so-sweet.

  36. tommyboy10 says

    you know my partner and I talked about this…we grew up with Madonna, not Gaga so we are more inclined to like her, yet we still like Gaga…but these are two extraordiary artists…both have talent and vision. But, the reason we are so inclined to give Madonna props is because she paved the way for other artists…she struggled, she was protested, MTV wouldn’t play certain videos…so she packaged then and sold them herself and made a ton a money. Pepsi pulled out of her ad campaign because she used “black Jesus” in the Pepsi…of course this is before most of you were born so how would u know all of this…so I will give that break…but don’t hate on Madonna!! she is still here, she is still revelvant and she isn’t trying to steal anything from anyone else!!

  37. Joe says

    I don’t get why everyone hates her so much. does she represent your youth?
    She’s still popular and youthful looking, and your old looking now and forgotten?
    I don’t get it.
    I thought she nailed it, and hit it out of the ball park. What 53yr could do such
    And entertaining show like that for the entire world. If she lip synched who cares.
    And it’s known fact you can’t sing live at these things, cause of the sound quality.
    I was nervous for her, But she pulled it off. One of the best half time shows ever!

  38. Henry Holland says

    “I don’t get why everyone hates her so much”

    FFS, get a grip! People criticizing her isn’t “hate”, you debase that word by using it like that.

    “does she represent your youth? She’s still popular and youthful looking, and your old looking now and forgotten? I don’t get it”

    You sure don’t! I’ll lay out for you:

    We as human beings and particularly as gay men are under NO obligation to give a damn about Madonna. Yet, for close to 25 years –25 YEARS– I’ve been told things like “You’re not really gay if you don’t like Madonna/Cher/Diana/Judy/Babs/[whatever female is held up as a gay goddess]” or “You don’t know anything about music if you don’t like Madonna’s music” (Hahahahahaha) and rubbish like that.

    It’s the groupthink and conformity and the clique-ish exclusionary vibe that I detest, not some dancer who can barely sing, hires people to write the music (yes, she writes lyrics, got it) she puts out under her name and at this point is mainly famous for being famous.

  39. Keke says

    Wow, What a bunch of bitter old nasty hags!
    Date much? are in love? have many friends?
    have love in your heart?
    Main reason why I stay away from you people in the 1st place, and enjoy the company of my str8 friends more. your all a bunch of 2 faced, catty, back stabbers hateful people. couldnt just lay back and enjoy the show. you had to knock the hell out of her.
    Harry Hollard are you serious? I’m embarrassed for you for even saying that…WOW!

  40. Exile says

    I only caught the tail end of the performance, and from what I saw Iliked it!! What I dont understand is all the comments about her not catering to the gay community. Throughout her career she has supported and promoted the gay community! As THE gay community I am sure that we all saw Truth or Dare. A woman cheering on two gay men kissing. The coming out of Sandra Bernhard. I am not sure what people want from her. I know what I want from her. To be entertained. And that what she akways gives me.

  41. Henry Holland says

    “Harry Hollard are you serious? I’m embarrassed for you for even saying that…WOW!”

    And you’re NOT embarrassed by totally hypocritical tosh like this:

    “Wow, What a bunch of bitter old nasty hags!”

    Yeah, feel the love.

    “your all a bunch of 2 faced, catty, back stabbers hateful people”

    Right, because simply expressing an opinion is catty and backstabbing? Whatever. Oh, and again, feel the love.

    Love that, you rip people for being mean via….insults. 3/10 for you.

  42. says

    heaven help the lame homosexuals who can only find any sense of individuality by letting everyone know that they hate madonna.

    i’m sure talking about disliking madonna makes your dad oh-so-proud of you.


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