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Brandon White's Attackers Were on the DL and Worried He Was Going to Out Them, Says Rights Group: VIDEO


Some new developments in the case of Brandon White, the 20-year-old Atlanta man who was attacked by a gang earlier this month in a video that went viral. In the video, several men pummel White as he is leaving a grocery store, calling him "faggot" and taking his cell phone.

Now, LGBT rights advocates that stood by White after the attack say he needs to come clean because they believe his attackers were gay men on the down low who beat White over concern that a video White had on his cell phone would expose them.

White had previously claimed he did not know his attackers.

White's attorney Christine Koehler denies he knew them and is furious:

"The thought that we would watch a video that speaks for itself, and somehow flip it so that the men that beat my client are somehow victims of fraud is frustrating," she said. "Brandon stands by his assertion that he doesn’t know these gentlemen. It’s irrelevant because they won’t be prosecuted by a hate crime law that does not exist in Georgia."

Watch a CBS News report via Project Q Atlanta, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. I hope I'm reading into this article a tone which isn't really there, because it sounds like the author believes that beating and robbing someone to keep your sexual identity a secret is justifiable, possibly even the right thing to do. Is that what the author is implying?

    Posted by: Bigg | Feb 27, 2012 11:38:07 AM

  2. @BIGG. That's what it sounds like the news people are telling us!

    Posted by: zeddy | Feb 27, 2012 11:45:30 AM

  3. You left out the word ALLEGEDLY "Now, LGBT rights advocates that stood by White after the attack say he needs to come clean because ALLEGEDLY it has been revealed that his attackers were ALLEGEDLY gay men ALLEGEDLY on the down low who beat White because they were ALLEGEDLY concerned that a video White had on his cell phone would ALLEGEDLY expose them."

    Posted by: OccupyEquality | Feb 27, 2012 11:49:45 AM


    That is pretty much what I am getting out of this as well. It is perfectly fine for folks to beat someone, film it, and post it to the internet if it is to defend one's alleged heterosexuality or DL status.

    The fact that LGBT activist groups are the ones making the assertion that the victim of a filmed, premeditated attack needs to "come clean" about knowing or not knowing his attackers and whether they were closeted or not is pretty reprehensible. Regardless of the acquaintanceship, he was attacked by a group of people using anti-gay slurs who posted that on the internet, people who if they are closeted likely identify as straight, regardless of their DL status or not. And regardless of their closet status, this remains an horrific event, rainbow on rainbow violence is still violence.

    Posted by: Duck | Feb 27, 2012 12:44:27 PM

  5. Of course the attack is not justifiable. But the activists are asking the victim also to tell the truth and not to lie to the world in saying he doesn't know the attackers. Both are wrong.

    Posted by: simon | Feb 27, 2012 1:03:55 PM

  6. It is for the victim's own good when he testifies in court. Perjury is a criminal offense.

    Posted by: simon | Feb 27, 2012 1:20:19 PM

  7. As it says at the end of the clip, "The police say that no matter the motive, a crime still took place." That's all there is to this. No one deserves to be assaulted like that.

    Posted by: JC | Feb 27, 2012 2:37:27 PM

  8. So, where is this new info, that he knew at least 2 of the attackers, coming from? The activists seem pretty adament that it's fact, but what's the source? Why don't reporters ask this kind of stuff?

    Posted by: jim | Feb 27, 2012 4:02:35 PM

  9. IF true, it should come as a surprise to nobody that the fiercest ennemies of gay people are closeted gay people. Look at all the fiery anti-gay preachers and politicians who have been outed.Look at the homophobic catholic church which is filled with closeted gay clergy. The closet is a very unhealthy place to live. It turns you into a hater or a coward.

    Posted by: jack | Feb 27, 2012 6:39:49 PM

  10. I am a black gay man who lives in Atlanta. Change Atlanta is not a known entity in Atlanta. In fact, they only have a facebook page. This screams a stunt to get some publicity for a small organization getting off the ground. From a few of my activist friends, I also learned that this group appears to have turned their back on Brandon when he no longer wanted to be put in the spotlight. There is a lot of underlying issues with this story. At the heart of it, a young gay man was clearly beaten on a tape and was called gay slurs. There should be retribution in the court of law and not turning the accused into victims.

    Posted by: TruthHurts | Feb 27, 2012 6:46:25 PM

  11. If Brandon does previously know his attackers, he should say this. It's integral to the prosecutions case and it could cause the whole thing to be thrown out if it came out afterwards, and they would walk free.

    He's also perjuring himself, if it's true.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Feb 27, 2012 7:03:38 PM

  12. It's disturbing that the Change Atlanta activists were so quick to throw Brandon White under the bus when it was alleged several days ago that he "knew" his attackers.

    Let's keep in mind that at the end of the video the reporter said, "the police say that no matter the motive, a crime still took place".

    Posted by: elg/edwin | Feb 27, 2012 7:57:48 PM

  13. Well, since the race card isn't going to work against a black victim, they have to try something else equally as stupid. It doesn't matter *why* they attacked him, just that they *did*. Lock them up.

    Posted by: Max | Feb 27, 2012 8:41:44 PM

  14. Let's bottom line this incident :: Brandon White was the Victim of a vicious ambush attack on the streets of Atlanta and while the attack took place it was video taped while anti-Gay slurs were being lobbed at Brandon. The perpetrators of this heinous act of aggression should be punished to the fullest extent of the Law.

    It is unfortunate that here in Georgia we do not have a Hate Crime Statute and even more disturbing that some members of the LGBT community have muddied the water by portraying Brandon a Liar in the news media and going on the record appearing to speak for the entire LGBT Atlanta community by saying that "they" do not believe this rises to the level of a Hate Crime.

    I hope the FBI stays engaged and I personally believe this does rise to the level of a Hate Crime and that the Shepard-Byrd Act should be brought to bear.

    Posted by: Paul EQuality Schappaugh | Feb 28, 2012 4:17:01 AM

  15. Meanwhile, in a related essay I find to be much more compelling and important in its implications and that I find to much more emblematic of the lives of black gay men who are bullied and physically attacked and that I challenge any and all of the mainstream white gay male dominated blogs (like this one) to reprint:

    Posted by: sage | Feb 28, 2012 11:06:26 AM

  16. If he knows them, if he doesn't know them - NO ONE deserves catch a beat down like that, PERIOD. I personally think that the 'DL' excuse is being to lessen the severity of the situation, as to somehow equate to just a random act of gang violence or something along those lines.

    I truly hope that those ass-hats that partook in the beating TRULY get what the deserve.

    @ Sage - good read from Kirk!!

    Posted by: mykos | Feb 28, 2012 4:39:18 PM

  17. Christopher Cain Third Suspect
    In The Attack of Black Gay Man Scheduled To Appear In Court

    Brandon White’s Hate Crime Case Fact Sheet

    (1) Brandon White did not know his attackers.
    (2) Brandon White attackers testified in sworn statements to the FBI they did not know Brandon.
    (3) Brandon White had never seen his attackers.
    (4) Brandon White did not know and have never met his attackers to know anything about them being gay. The false rumor was is was going to “out” them. This was not possible.
    (5) Brandon White did not have any pictures on his camera.
    (6) Brandon White did not make any advances at the guys before or after living the store.
    (7) Brandon White never had a conversation about threatening to out any of the guys.
    (8) Brandon White was and never has been a male escort.
    (9) This was not a gang initiation but a hate crime. They saw Brandon and attacked him because he was a gay man.
    (10) LBGT/Same Gender Loving leaders across the country were divided on the incident and revictimized him all over again. These actions fed into the stereotypes because you are a LBGT there is some places you should not be and violent crimes against the LBGT community are rationalized. If a person does not have a video it will be challenging to get community support.
    (11) This incident put in motion for us to develop The SpeakOut Georgia LBGT Anti-Violence Initiative. The initiative is currently developing an online reporting tool, resource network and building infrastructure to provide direct services, prevention and education.

    For Immediate Release: June 7, 2012
    Contact: Greg Smith
    C: 404-707-0864
    Twitter - @SpeakOutGeorgia Facebook “SpeakOut Georgia LBGT Anti-Violence”

    Christopher Cain, the third of four Atlanta gang members that viciously attacked Brandon White is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, June 11th 9:30am, at the
    Fulton County Court House – Justice Center Tower Judge T. Bedford Jackson
    185 Central Avenue, SW Courtroom 4F Atlanta, Georgia 30303

    Christopher Cain is expected to plead guilty to all charges. Last week Dorian Moragne and Dereal Williams pleaded guilty the assault and battery of Mr. Brandon White.

    Mr. Cain is the suspect that allegedly accused Mr. White of making a pass at him but has since recanted that statement. Brandon White has repeatedly denied ever knowing and speaking to Mr. Cain before entering the store and after leaving the store.

    Mr. Cain was also the attacker that met with the group of black gay men who originally were advocating to help bring attention to the violent attack of Brandon White but later recanted their support claiming he lied about knowing them. Mr. Cain is currently on probation from a previous case from July 2011 of robbery and aggravated assault.

    The fourth suspect Javaris Bradford has not been captured but local law enforcement are confident he will be captured soon.

    Since the attack Brandon has working his therapist, preparing to start a new job and helping to launch an gay and lesbian anti-violence initiative called SpeakOut Georgia. The initiative is being designed to give a victims and concerned citizens of the community a safe place to report Hate Crimes, Bullying, Police Misconduct and LBGT Partner Violence “anonymously” or “confidential.” They are currently seeking funding to provide victim advocate services, prevention & education. If you would like to help with donations please visit their website People can visit also call or text (678)310-7642(SOGA).

    Posted by: greg smith | Jun 9, 2012 3:07:44 PM

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