1. Jeff says

    I wouldn’t really say he got “boos”…most people were clapping, and many may have been booing because they don’t like Rachel Maddow. That’s a pretty disgusting thing to say. And this conference only serves to detract from what we really need to do, which is unite our country and regain our momentum as a world leader.

  2. Paul in Canada says

    Yet just another of the myriad statements made by ignorant and bigoted Republicans. Sadly, this is displayed on the global stage and the world is laughing at the US.

  3. Bart says

    A smug, fat piece of sh*t. He wouldn’t have the balls to say that to her face. I personally would like to run into him and as a generous gift to Ms. Maddow, punch him in his face and watch the little pig cry.

    I’m over Republicans playing the victim as if their way of life is being threatened because they can’t tell everyone else how to live their lives. They’ve crushed the idea of liberty in this country and have attempted to transpose it with theocracy and using the Karl Rove method of turn-around whining that everyone is trampling on thier rights to be hateful bigot assh*les.

  4. anon says

    Nixon’s pathologies extended to the people he hired and they’ve been living off the power they once had now for decades, particularly the ones that moved into press roles. The only other administration that had a similar cast of second-career characters was the Kennedy administration, and they were mostly celebrity academics. The fault really lies with the press for giving these people a microphone. Even worse, of the Carter, Clinton and Obama administrations, the only one to land a permanent press role is George Stephanopoulos, and he’s largely mute on ABC.

  5. Mary says

    I’m not surprised. As a Moral Majority member in the 1980’s I had some contact with Cal Thomas by mail and phone. He was a conceited jerk then and he’s a conceited jerk now (I won’t go into the details, they aren’t important.) He also trashed Falwell when he started getting paid by his neocon masters – a real sellout. Also, his opinions are standard fare and not especially original in the context of the cultural right.

    I’ll never forget the 3 minute radio commentaries he did for Moral Majority (I still have several audio cassettes of them.) While they were generally well-written and delivered smoothly, I’ll never forget one he did in 1982 or 1983 on April 1. He talked about news reports regarding the number of AIDS cases and how these people were getting sick because they were violating God’s will. Then he ended the report with something like this “So congratulations all you violators of God’s will. You really ARE fools!”

    I was stunned at the callousness of this comment. Although I was more homophobic then than I am now, congratulating people on getting a life-threatening illness was not what I considered moral behavior. Maybe he just had a weird day. But I never saw him in the same light again.

  6. Dback says

    This is the guy who writes the “Common Ground” column in USA TODAY every Thursday debating a liberal friend of his on various issues–just yesterday we was whining about how “partisan” Obama is, and how he’s completely failed to “change the tone” in Washington. Then you see and hear something like this, and you realize how full of crap and hypocrisy he truly is.

  7. MCnNYC says

    To anyone who’s aware of the ugly vitriol that escapes from the mouth and mind of this bigot Cal Thomas this is not surprising.
    In another decade he would have been wearing a white robe and hood what’s surprising is now he is not-he gets applause and laughter as well as a salary and the silence from everyone of the “conservative” & Xistian who shared that stage shows that they are in fear of even calling him on his comments.

  8. Redebbm says

    Keep in mind anyone who wants to vote for “Conservatives” this is what they stand for. Utterly mean and disgusting ways of treating those around them. No matter on what level, increasing taxes on those who aren’t rich, Denying healthcare to many and especially to women to which they brag about now.

    Luckily Maddow graciously replied on her show “I’m glad you were born,” she doesn’t mind engaging the other side while they try to hide and sneak behind their “Values.”

  9. Dave says

    The day that the “gay gene” is found these haters will do an abrupt about face and be, not pro-choice, but pro-abortion. I give you exhibit A, the words of that man and the overwhelmingly accepting reaction of the “Conservatives” in the lynch mob.

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