Bret Easton Ellis Blasts Dharun Ravi ‘Witch Hunt’, Blames Parents


Bret Easton Ellis chimes in on the Dharun Ravi trial:

"Dharun Ravi might be a jerk but if a jury convicts him because Tyler Clementi killed himself then the US justice system is seriously f**ked…If Tyler Clementi had not killed himself we would have never heard of Dharun Ravi. This is a witch hunt pure and simple and it sickens me…Bullying=Suicide? Personally I blame the parents and an entire culture that indulges a childproof world where pain and losing doesn't exist….I was bullied. It was awful. But I learned a lot. I learned how to cope. It taught me things: people are cruel, the world sucks. I grew up."

The jury deliberated for four hours today and will begin again on Thursday morning.

Jury Deliberations Begin in the Case of Tyler Clementi's Roommate, Dharun Ravi: VIDEO [tr]


  1. Craig says

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. At a time when I was recovering from being almost murdered by a child molester, and dealing with the impending death of my abusive father from cancer, I had to go through six years of daily gay bashing in high school and junior high. I was suicidal from it the entire time – but what Ravi put his victim through was over the top! This guy is a complete jerk – I’m sorry. He needs time in jail for his role. If you cause another person’s death in a vehicle, you go to jail. Doing something this stupid, you’re absolutely right he belongs in jail.

  2. John Equality says

    (1) He wasn’t charged with bullying. He was charged primarily with invasion of privacy and bias intimidation (and other charges related to evidence tampering). The evidence is indisputable on invasion of privacy and is pretty compelling on bias intimidation.

    (2) Who the f**k is Bret Easton Ellis?

  3. endo says

    Bret Easton Ellis is my favorite author (if you don’t who he is, you’re really not well informed).

    I don’t dispute that he’s an utter assshole though.

  4. Dave says

    To answer John and TMT, he is a sad closet case who can only chase his former fame through manufactured controversy. He is like a less famous and less interresting Ann Coulter, if that is even possible. Just ignore his inflammatory statements and he will fade back into irrelevance.

  5. D Battler says

    “grew up”??? possibly in his imagination. He’s confused the issues of privacy and intentional interference by Dharun Ravi with parental instilling of self-worth by Tyler Clementi’s parents. Two separate issues. Separate issues collision resulting in suicide. Where’s the responsibility of Ravi’s parents in this if you want to go down the road of parental responsibility? interesting where there is a clear and proven connection to devious action – unknown and uwanted exposure through predetermined and intentionally maneuvered technical means – someone would place blame on the victim. “Grew up” … not likely. Sounds more like sour grapes for not being in the spotlight. Write another book if you want attention. Spouting off with this incoherent childish babble isn’t garnering you accolades from your readership.

  6. says

    He just entered the “old dinosaur that needs to go away” territory.

    Bullying is horrible, ruins lives. Yeah, ultimately it’s the kids who commit suicide who are ultimately to blame, but that doesn’t mean the bullies are blameless.

    In that regard, Rhavi isn’t being tried with murder. He’s being tried with things he’s (allegedly) done, including harassment and targeting someone because of their sexual orientation.

    Everyday, we ask straight people to try to remember that our brains work differently, and that just because they’re attracted to the opposite sex, it doesn’t mean that everyone will.

    Well, people need to remember that about everything, not just sexual orientation. Just because Ellis, or I, could overcome that bullying, it doesn’t mean everyone can. Some people’s brains just work differently and make them more at risk. That’s why we need to ensure that we stop bullying, because all too many people *can’t* just brush it aside.

  7. Robert says

    “I don’t think it makes one “uninformed” to not know the author of American Psycho off-hand…”

    You can ignore the book nazis. They can turn something as personal as reading a novel into a statement on intelligence. You’ll never win with them.

    Secondly, he’s going to be found guilty. Because this is not just a simple case of “Oh, I webcammed my gay roommate!” It was borderline obsessive. Like, Dharun got SERIOUS kicks out of watching this stuff. Sick closetcase.

  8. Robert says

    I wish people would take the time to brush up on the facts of the case before they starting running off at the mouth about witch hunts and injustice. SMH. That sickens ME.

  9. Zlick says

    To find the kernel of sense in those tweet rantings, I suppose it’s true that if Clementi hadn’t killed himself, Ravi would never have been tried with a crime. The most he likely would have gotten was college discipline, perhaps up to being expelled.

    But oh well, them’s the breaks. Every umpteenth bullying episode is going to be the one that leads to someone’s suicide, and Ravi took his chances with his despicable acts. I’m not sure the evidence painted him as a raging homophobe, but I hope the rather obvious guilt on the invasion of privacy and obstruction of justice counts gets him deported from the U.S.

  10. Ray says

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that, as poorly worded as his statement is, Bret Easton Ellis is kind of right.

    If you go and read through what actually transpired between Ravi and Tyler, if you go read the messaging conversations that Ravi and Tyler had with their friends online as the New Yorker has published, if you look at the actual timetable of events… It doesn’t look as though Ravi committed any crime other than being an idiot with little respect for anyone’s personal boundaries who took almost took an awful prank too far. While Ravi advertised on his twitter account that on the second night of Tyler’s tryst with an unnamed man he would make the stream available for more people to see, he never actually went through with the mass viewing. It doesn’t seem from the testimonies of those close to Ravi that he was particularly homophobic, but rather socially dysfunctional and would’ve treated a straight roommate in a similarly invasive way.

    After the first night of Ravi and his friend briefly spying on Tyler, Tyler was well aware of what happened and though he complained to a friend who urged him to take the issue to his R.A., Tyler did not feel threatened or in need of a room change at that time.

    I think perhaps because the media initially reported Tyler’s suicide as cause by Ravi’s taping, broadcasting and outing of his roommate… I’ve felt pity for Ravi. The reality was there was no taping, there was no broadcasting in the most general terms and there was no outing. Tyler was already out. And in the wake of all those suicides by gay teens that the media gave attention to, it was too easy to lump Tyler’s case in with the whole lot.

    I hate to throw the “i tried to commit suicide so listen to what i have to say about suicide” card out there, because I feel like most gay men can identify with those emotions, so instead I will say that suicide is an irrational action. We, those of us left behind, try to make some sense out of what caused this young boy to end his life prematurely, but frankly we will never know Tyler’s mind as he jumped to death. Tyler’s suicide is tragic and Ravi’s actions unquestionably wrong, but they don’t seem criminal.

    But it is not for me or any of us to determine criminality, we just must trust that the court will do the right thing, whatever that may be.

  11. says

    Ray, he would be right if Rhavi were being tried for murder or something like that. Rhavi’s not. Rhavi is being charged with intimidation and charges of bias, not murder.

    The court gets that Rhavi didn’t push him off the bridge, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t break the law and set off a vulnerable teenager through bullying and intimidation.

  12. says

    Bret is no longer in the closet. He finally came out about three years ago when his lover died.

    He should have stayed in.

    He describe wathcing “Glee” as being like “stepping into a pool of AIDS.”

    Charming fellow, no?

  13. Jose S says

    Under that logic so when we torment children with sexual abuse we are now to call the prosecution of their perps a “witch hunt?”

    In this particular case, Ravi is guilty of invasion of privacy not of bullying or the suicide of Clementi. In fact bullying is more like harassment. And you can get fired from many places if you harass other employees. But in Ellis’ logic such employees shouldn’t complain and they should learn how to deal with the bully, which is somewhat true, but that doesn’t mean that the bully is allowed to continue the harassment.

  14. Ricco says

    I do not know who this Bret Easton Ellis is, but he does make, I feel, a good point, but only to a point.

    One cannot . . . well one can, but probably should not, compare Dharun Ravi to other typical bullies we have heard of in stories where gays were murdered, or hospitalized; that he is any more homophobic than the typical ignorant American who asks stupid stuff like: “Which of you is the girl, and which is the boy?”

    Manifestly Ravi is a jerk, and I think he had every intention of humiliating Clementi, but those intentions may have been based more on intolerance and ignorance than actual hatred . . . in short he is a huge JERK.

    Can malicious intent be proved? Gross disregard for the feelings of others? That would be easier to prove, and likely much closer to the truth.

    I very much doubt Ravi is gratified that Clementi killed himself. He should do some sort of time for invasion of privacy ( I hope for at least two to three years) . . . but ten years seems a very long time for just being an insensitive jerk.

    There is an ongoing campaign telling kids that Things Get Better . . . a campaign that is directed primarily to high school aged kids. Clementi had already gotten through the worst of it.

    If it took so little for him to sacrifice his life, having already been on the further side of the night mare called “high school’ what other obstacles in life might he have encountered where suicide would have, once more, been his solution?

    Should everyone go to prison because they were clumsy enough to push Clementi over the edge?

  15. says

    Bret Easton Ellis has a lot at stake if juries begin tossing assholes behind bars. Based on his past statements, he’d be going down for life.

    I, too, am surprised a largely gay or 100% gay group of commenters isn’t 100% informed of who he is, but then again, he’s never been a judge on RuPaul’s show…YET! There are lots of things I think everyone must know then I realize I’m older than I thought, etc.

    If you’ve never heard of him, you are not missing much. Terrible writer. TERRIBLE. And lots of people think I’m terrible, so terrible X terrible. They did make a great movie out of his atrocious AMERICAN PSYCHO novel, though…

  16. TomJck says

    I echo ZLICK’s last line. I hope Ravi is deported.

    Abuse like his has gone the “wink-wink, look the other way, “boys will be boys” for a looong time. This is why Ellis is taking the “tougher” stance. Ellis can’t bear to accept that he was bullied in a WORSE manner than other forms of bullying.

    I hope they make a humane example of him, but I doubt he’ll go to jail. His life is already pretty much ruined here in the US. Send him back, and the message will be clear and he’ll still have a chance back in his homophobic country of India.

    There are SO MANY Indian natives here in the US that are so grateful, humble and improve our lives in huge ways. He’s a disgrace to them.

    By the way, Ellis is a semi-closet case. I met him in a gay bar, The Bar, on Second Ave in NYC years ago with his friend, a lesser known author who’s name I’m trying to find on the internet. It was in the mid-1990’s, and his friend had just published a novel (the jacket was yellow). Anyone know of this book?

  17. Hue-Man says

    After reading the New Yorker article and having had a college roommate, I concluded that technology has made a shared room into a battleground. Rather than working on a relationship face-to-face, they electronically investigated each other and drew conclusions before they’d even met. If that is standard behavior, I fear for all college freshmen. Regardless of the verdict, the jury and the judicial system are doing their best to deal with a rapidly changing tech environment.

    For those of us who were bullied either recently or a long time ago, we can describe our experiences and express how we survived. Those who committed suicide don’t have that luxury and sadly, we have no way of knowing what caused them to make that final fatal decision – and we’ll never know.

  18. TJ says

    You know, I get really annoyed – no, frustrated – no, exasperated – with ANYONE who says, “I survived (whatever), so just suck it up, learn and grow (ad nauseum).”


    Infect two people with the flu virus. How they react and cope will depend not only upon whether or not they had the vaccine that year (and how effective that particular vaccine is that particular season), but also upon age, general health, specific stressors, genetics, etc.

    The possible does not guarantee the probable.

  19. mike flower says

    I still think the Ravi-cam caught Tyler uploading his “contribution” to a live action wank web site. The embarrassment drove T.C. over the top. His involvement w such a site was detailed in the most early Towleroad postings.

  20. Dan4444 says

    I’m shocked at how terrible people are on here. Have some compassion. Read The New Yorker article on this whole scenario. Then think about yourself as a teenager and the stupid things you did. I hope Ravi gets off for these crimes, but I hope that he learns from it and becomes a better person. He still has a chance to become better than a lot of you folks who are so overcome with rage, bitterness, and misplaced anger that you would want to lock someone up in a terrible prison system and destroy his life because of terrible choices he made that had dire consequences. It’s no wonder we have such a sad criminal justice system if it is expected to express the collective feelings of society.

  21. Lucas says

    First off, how have people not heard of Bret Easton Ellis? Have none of you been to a library in your life? Apparently not…

    Second, he has a point. If I set up a camera on my roommate, which is definitely invasion of privacy, then I would expect to be reprimanded. Now, if said roommate starts making out with another dude, how is it MY fault that he kills himself? That’s absolute lunacy. This guy’s life is ruined now because some stranger decided to end his life. If anyone’s to blame, it’s society, particularly American society, which clearly made Tyler feel as though being gay is wrong. Perhaps if homosexuality was embraced more then he wouldn’t have offed himself. People are just always looking for a scapegoat.

  22. No kidding says

    A homophobic society is the real root cause of this tragedy, and so many others. Being homosexual is not a problem but living in a homophobic society is, especially if the homophobia becomes internalized. Very sad, but I think Bret Easton Ellis is just saying that some are stronger than others in dealing with it.

    BTW, Bret also wrote Less Than Zero, a long time ago, very gay. I don’t know how anyone who read his books could have thought him straight. He is (or, at least, was) a brilliant writer.

  23. aaron says

    Thank you, Ray, for some thoughtful comments. I think Ravi’s actions were wrong, but I don’t think they amount to bias intimidation. I think this case cheapens the charge. What happened was terrible. Ravi behaved poorly and may have broken the law by invading Tyler’s privacy, but I don’t think it amounts to bias intimidation as intended by the law. The jury will decide, of course.

  24. Bill Michael says

    No, it is not a witch hunt. It is justice being applied to a person who stalked, tortured and humiliated his weaker victim into taking his own life. Dharun Ravi is much more than a “jerk”. He is that little psycho that sits in a corner and tears the wings off of flies.

  25. TJ says

    “If I set up a camera on my roommate, which is definitely invasion of privacy, then I would expect to be reprimanded. Now, if said roommate starts making out with another dude, how is it MY fault that he kills himself? ”

    Duh, because other people view what you filmed, without that person’s permission, and what you filmed is not for the general public, and because the nature of what you are posting is hyper-volatile due to its nature, and because the embarrassment caused due to your actions reasonably precipitated overwhelming embarrassment and shame upon the victim of you perpetration.

    LUCAS, you soulless, self-centered piece of excrement, I hope we never meet. I’d vomit all over you.

  26. Sam says

    Regardless of the gay nature of the trial, a sane jury will still convict him of invasion of privacy and tampering with evidence/lying to authorities and he will be deported because of that. With felony charges, he would be banned from US soil.

    I still think he will be found not guilty of the “big change” of bias intimidation. Sadly, Tyler’s homophobic parents sealed that charge.

  27. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Bret Easton Ellis spent a lot of ink in his writing career pretending that gay people don’t exist–or that the ones who do are deserve to be victims. His is one of the most malign, shrouded homophobias I can think of.

  28. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Tha book of Ellis’ about the modeling world absolutely pretends that most models – men and women – are straight. The few gay people he portrays connected with that world are disgusting slimes. What a fraud–and with serious issues to be worked out. Reminds me of Woody Allen, who, similarly, pretends there are no gay people in show business. And the gay people he portrays are disgusting cartoon-esque stereotypes. Both of them deserve to have their eyes blackened.

  29. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I agree with Rico that Ravi is a jerk–but he’s the kind of jerk one typically finds by the score among late-adolescents in America. His actions were those of a privileged little smart-ass who doesn’t trouble himself to think his actions through. Meanwhile his tweets reveal that he was back and forth between being okay with a gay roommate and being unsure about it and looking for feedback from his peers to see if it’s really okay. He was in a social setting that was ultimately going to teach him that it – and he – were gonna be fine. Unfortunately, that lesson didn’t reach Ravi in time to save Tyler’s life.

  30. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Mr Ehrenstein, I didn’t know that about Ellis but I’m not surprised: his writing amply demonstrates a deep distaste for gay people. Well – now he justly gets to live in the head of one.

  31. david kaufman says

    It’s interesting that folks here feel the need to discredit/disavow Ellis’ career simply because they don’t like what he has to say. Regardless of your OPINION about him, Ellis was one of the most important contemporary writers of the 1980s who sold millions of copies of his books — more than one of which was made into a movie. He’s hardly a nobody or obscure and suggesting as such merely suggests the commentator’s own myopic ignorance. Ellis has repeatedly suggested that the the anti-bullying movement dominating LGBT discourse may in fact cultivate an atmosphere of weakness and victim-hood. I say he has a very strong point. As Ellis once note — it doesn’t necessarily “get better” — people simply get stronger. I could not agree more.

  32. don says

    No one should comment on this case without going back and reading the New Yorker’s amazing account of what actually happened, complete with relevant emails and texts. (it was published about a month ago). This case is far more subtle and complicated than the media (and some vocal gay advocates) made it out to be.

  33. JSH says

    “In Awe” by Scott Heim had a yellow cover, IIRC…

    And Matthew Rettenmund — BEE may have had a movie made out of his crappy novel, but you had a movie made out of yours too, and the movie of your book is far superior! :-)

  34. mike/ says

    pretty much explains how Ellis was able to write “American Psycho” with his comments, that was made into one of the most hideous movies ever made.

    why would Ellis even be making comments on this? i wonder how personally this touches him? an exposes nerve? a new book, perhaps?

  35. Jack M says

    If Mr. Ellis would shut up and write something good for once in his life perhaps he wouldn’t have to tweet such inflammatory garbage just to get attention. He’s a third-rate writer and probably always will be. Oh, and a bitter queen besides.

  36. Get Real says

    Yeh, Matthew Rettenmund’s movie plays at 4AM on Logo. Yes, Logo. One of the four movies made from BEE’s novels was directed by the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Pulp Fiction.

    Sorry, I can’t help but laugh at the author of Encyclopedia Madonnica calling Bret Easton Ellis “terrible.” Seriously, Cheerios coming out my nose. Ellis is a fantastic writer with a unique point of view who doesn’t churn out the same call-boy novel that every gay hack has written.

    He may be a curmudgeonly jerk (like many brilliant authors), but Ellis’s caustic tweets don’t diminish his contributions to literature.

  37. DrJWL says

    Bret Easton Ellis is someone’s favorite author?!? Less Than Zero was a seminal book of the 80s and American Psycho was a very interesting book, but ive got fifty people I’d call a favorite author before him.

  38. says

    dear bret, things have changed drastically since the decades before when you were a “young” person.

    you, yourself, were a grown-@ss adult Closet Case until very recently. What would you have done had the internet been around when you in your post-adolescent “who am i?” phase and a sexual liaison with another male was broadcast to your schoolmates on the as-yet-imaginary internet?

    yeah. didn’t think so. so shut up.

  39. Henry Holland says

    Get Real | Mar 15, 2012 9:39:37 AM


    “I, too, am surprised a largely gay or 100% gay group of commenters isn’t 100% informed of who he is, but then again, he’s never been a judge on RuPaul’s show…YET!”

    Zzzzzzzz. C’mon, “American Psycho” was released 21 years ago, “Less Than Zero” 27 years ago, that’s a millennium in pop culture terms; none of his other books since have had the same impact, he’s a nostalgia act like Blondie is.

    Just because he was popular when you were in your 20’s doesn’t mean that someone who’s in their 20’s now is required to know who he is. And the commenter who warned about book snobs is right. I read voraciously, I have 6 books waiting to be read on my nightstand, but I don’t read fiction, I read history and biographies.

    “There are lots of things I think everyone must know then I realize I’m older than I thought, etc.”

    It has nothing to do with your age. News flash for Matthew Rettemund: we don’t all live in your pop culture soaked world, we don’t all live in the (212). Jeebus, how easy it would be to be a snob because people like you don’t listen to modern classical music or watch uber-obscure Polish avant-garde movies or whatever, but that’s just as lame.

  40. says

    ….”every gay hack”?

    Edmund White. Armistead Maupin. Ethan Mordden. Andrew Holleran. E. Lynn Harris. Gore Vidal.

    Ellis? Ellis writes miserable vanity-snark novels for the “i wish i was actually straight” dude that lives in some people.

    Ellis writes as a man who desperately fantasizes about the straight world. It’s kinda sad, in an “Ayn Rand was a good storyteller, shame she doesn’t understand her own theories” kind of way.

  41. endo says

    Yes, Kiwi, Ellis belongs on that list of great gay writers… no matter how much you want to hate on him personally because he doesn’t live up to your ideal of the
    proud gay man in lockstep with the gay status-quo.

    And to be certain, Holleran has written 1 fantastic novel (I’ve read it 4 times now, it’s probably my favorite book ever), and nothing else he’s published has come close. Ellis has written at least 3 classics.

  42. says

    i have no desire to hate him based on any “gay lockstep”.

    i was responding to some commenter’s assertion that Ellis’ writing is different/better than “every other gay hack writer” and then something about callboys.

    That’s why I listed the authors I listed.

    nothing to do with any so-called “ideal of the proud gay man in lockstep with the gay status-quo”.

    some of us, believe it or not, simply find Ellis’ writing trite.
    i’m not saying he’s without talent, i just don’t tend to enjoy what he does.
    i’ll take Mordden any day. I’ve read every single thing that genius has put out.

  43. ratbastard says

    It is a witch hunt and Ravi is being railroaded for political reasons. He’ probably guilty of relatively minor technical violations of various laws, but we all know he’s really being tried for bullying, which many assume caused Tyler to kill himself. I think that’s highly doubtful, IMO Tyler killed himself for other reasons, that had little to nothing to do with Ravi or the webcam incident. Why can’t some people deal with this?

    Ravi appears to be a D-bag, but that still doesn’t make it OK to railroad him with the criminal justice system.

  44. Ricco says

    According gto Gabriel Zaid, author of “So Many Books”, a good general book store carrying 30,000 titles still stocks only one percent of all the books available . . . the point is why are people here incredulous that not every one here knows who Bret Easton Ellis here is?

    Even if I confined myself solely to the reading of gay literature, or gay authors, he still might not appear in my literary celestial skies.

    I am certain I could name authors of a more memorable caliber than Mr. Ellis, not merely good writers, but writers whose work have and will continue to stand the test of time, and there would be people who have not heard of them.

    There are far better writers than Mr. Ellis in the literary skies that go undetected, even by voracious readers, so do not try to shame us that we are unaware of a mediocre writer, or that our first introduction to him is due to some provocative twittering reported here, on Towleroad, which most likely boasts a far greater readership than Mr. Ellis.

    And if that shocks you literary giants, then here is one more shocker: I am meeting people all the time who have not even heard of Towleroad. Think of that! If not for Towleraod, I (and others) may have remained blissfully ignorant of Mr. Ellis’s existence the rest of my life.

    So what? Am I supposed to return my Masters degree in literature, or shred my Gay card?

    LOL . . . whatever!

  45. Jordan says

    I agree with David Kaufman.

    People here are claiming that Ellis is somehow homophobic and that in his writings he says that models are all heterosexual and that’s not true, and they’ve clearly never read anything he wrote. In Ellis’ writings he frequently does have gay and bisexual characters.

  46. James says

    Gore Vidal is apparently bisexual and not gay.

    The rest of the writers: Edmund White. Armistead Maupin. Ethan Mordden. Andrew Holleran, and E. Lynn Harris.

    Are all boring, not talented, and washed up. I enjoyed Holleran’s very early writings but that was before he started writing about AIDS nonstop and stopped writing anything else. Edmund White is the definition of a troll and he’s HIV+ and into barebacking, and a completely boring writer. He’s also completely warped from having incest with pretty much everyone in his family.

  47. Tonic says

    Why don’t people educate themselves on a case before making comments/tweeting etc. instead of appearing like idiots?

    From what I’ve read, the jury weren’t allowed to know that Clementi killed himself and Ravi was NOT being tried for murder. The invasion of Clementi’s privacy was a serious, calculated set of events. Why should it go unpunished?

    As for Elli’s dislike for the “It Gets Better” campaign because he says one often only gets stronger – how would getting stronger not be getting better? Ugh. Any writer should be able to make the connection. This guy has fallen but he can’t shut up.

  48. says

    I’ve, personally, never understood the criticisms of the It Gets Better campaign.

    ANYONE can make a video. literally. ANYONE.

    if you feel a message isn’t being given, MAKE A VIDEO.

    nobody is stopping you from making a video wherein you show or explain exactly HOW one can make their own life better, and indeed help better the lives of others.

    Perhaps some people only searched for “famous celebs” videos. That’s odd – there are thousands made by your everyday average joes and janes, LGBT people and non-gay allies who made videos that gave specific hope and direction.

    what’s to complain about?

  49. Seattlequeer says

    Let’s also not forget that Dan Savage has been a bigot for decades and a total hypocrite. He’s still biphobic, racist, and transphobic in 2012, and he completely supported the 2nd Iraq war!

  50. Seattlequeer says

    Those of us in Seattle and other areas of the Pacific Northwest know that Dan Savage is an opportunistic parasite who will not hesitate to throw you under the bus if you don’t fit into his vision of right wing Log-cabin-lite politics. The It Gets Better campaign does nothing to empower queer youth. In fact, we are seeing a whole generation of LGBT kids make these videos and then kill themselves, while Dan Savage tells them to pull themselves to up by their bootstraps and he profits off the dead by hawking his self-help books. what we need is action and strategy, a battle plan to help LGBT kids survive, and deal directly with the homophobes (for example, how to file a complaint and lawsuit against your school district) and not snake oil charms like the It Gets Better media sham.

    Dan Savage only started the it gets better project not to actually help LGBT youth all while practicing his right wing bigotry and hypocrisy of being transphobic, biphobic, and racist; but to self promote and get a reality TV show on MTV.

    LGBT youth are not watching the it gets better videos and we’ve seen LGBT youth who actually made videos who kill themselves.

  51. sd92103ca says

    Bret Easton Ellis, you should know better… your comments are seriously stupid and show your age. Maybe that’s how it was for you back in the stone age, but today, we expect more from others. Just because you came screaming out of your cramped closet doesn’t mean it’s everyone else’s experience. You’re just one person- less than that if you’re counting IQ. If anything you should have respect for Tyler, his family and their loss. You are a loser jerk, so sorry I ever read your crap books. No talent hack. I lament.

  52. Dylan says

    Bret has the balls to say what is true. This case is clearly wrapped up in some kind of collective gay catharsis and we should recognize that. We should not excessively punish this boy, who I’m sure has already suffered enough, for his foolish and immature behavior. Put the pitchforks down.

  53. Gabriel Russo says

    If Clementi had not killed himself we would have never heard of Ravi and if your parents had not gotten together we would have never heard of you. Sh*t happens, take responsibility and deal with it.

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